Tribute Wall

" To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die "

Pancreatic cancer takes 68 lives every week in Australia. So this September, we're remembering those we've lost and standing with those fighting to survive.

Foster family of Gladstone Qld

In memory of our dear friend Troy O’Connor Taken way too soon by this horrible disease

Debra payne

Thankyou to everyone who sponsored me, we raised $ 605 and in a town of only 464 people I think that's is great ☺️

Dinah Boswell

I was inspired to do this challenge by a very special relative and dearest friend who is fighting magnificently against pancreatic cancer. We are just lucky it was found early but the battle is still the same. Best wishes to all doing the challenge and especially those who have been their inspiration!


My dear father Jack who left us in March 2017 He is dearly missed. Think about him everyday. Hope this research will help save others

Theresa Painter

6 years ago my Nanna was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, she got very sick, lost a lot of weight, her liver started to fail and she ended up with Jaundice and nearly died, this is when we found out she had cancer. She decided she didn't want treatment, she just wanted to enjoy the rest of her life surrounded by family and friends. She was a beautiful person who lived a different life growing up in England She started a new life in Australia She always has been and always will be an inspiration to me and I thank my nan for working so hard to provide for her family, for everything she taught me, her strength, determination, patience, kindness, love . I miss her each and everyday. My dad and I walked throughout September in memory of my nan who we lost 5 years ago to this terrible cancer, she never gave up ever


In love if memory of my Dad, Gary who passed away 20 years ago this year after a short battle. Miss him every day. Thank you to beautiful family and friends who have supported me and for your kind donations!💜

Kate Currall

Remembering Aunty Margie A HUGE thank you to everyone that has donated $$ or even helped me with a few km’s 🏃‍♀️when I was unable to walk. (Wendy, Will, Archie & Mia) Thank you to Alex & Dennis + Will and the kids for helping me to stick to my commitment. (Extra points to Will for organising amazing team Margie shirts)

Chelsea Smiles

What a month #pankind and #strosforcliffy doing it for my Dad a current fighter! We love you! 125 klms + our team raised over 5 grand

Sandra Klein

Wow, I did it! I walked 137kms which I didn't think I would get there. Thank you to everyone who cheered me on or donated. Now for a big rest and a soak in the bath if I think I can get out of it.

Jacqui ROSER

For my mum, I miss you every minute of every day. I love you more, I love you most, I love you mostest ❤️

Karlene Shadforth

Enjoying all the walks for my Mum Claire.

Karina Baro

I lost my mum at 55 years old 8 years ago 6 months after diagnosis. It's not fair that this horrible disease robbed her of doing everything she wanted to do and robbed my kids of their nanny far too early.


To our amazing Son Brett you inspired all your family and friends throughout your life especially your courageous fight to live. Like to many you lost that fight your going has left a void that will never be filled.

In memory of Bernie murray A great man taken to soon

In memory of my strong courageous Dad.


Remembering our beautiful mum, Your battle was brief and taken so soon. This is so important to get awareness out there of this awful disease. Always in our heart and thoughts .

In loving memory of our son and brother Troy,we love and miss you so so


You inspire me daily. Never alone, I will continue to walk by your side always and forever

Alexandra Pappas

Rest in peace, Dad. I love you always.

Briony Smith

I'm doing this is memory of my beautiful 💜Aunty Rob 💜who fought the toughest battle with this horrid cancer. Hoping to see more finding into research and detecting early signs 💜💜


I’m doing this for my uncle Manuel. We found out that he had this horrid cancer in May of this year and he passed away two short months afterwards. He always put a smile on everyone’s face and didn’t deserve to be in the amount of pain that he was in towards the end. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to honour him by doing this challenge 💜

Although I do not personally know anyone who has pancreatic cancer, as a science researcher in the medical field, I understand the importance of funding for research. From friends in the cancer field of research, I have learnt about the difficulties of treating the disease and its severity. I wish to contribute to the development of treatment for those suffering. My heart goes out to all the families who have lost loved ones and those with the disease.

Sally Dribbus

To my Mum and Dad ❤️ I lost my dad to Pancreatic Cancer on the 25th June 1987 too young and too quickly ❤️ and then sadly my mum was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in 2008 and passed away 9th April 2009. It was so sad to see them both pass away from this terrible cancer. This cancer takes too many with very little survival hope, so I am passionate to be able to help in anyway! What a great fund raiser! Thank you

Linda french

#Doingthisfortheoneivelost #Doingthisfortheonethatsfighting

Gaye Hardaker

In memory of my dad Frank Weaire who died of pancreatic cancer 5 years ago. Miss him so much. I hope this research will help people in the future.

Nathan Power

In Honor of Mum, and the hope that research will improve outcomes for those to follow.

Rebecca Sekulovski

In loving memory of my father in law and for all those lost💜

Brad Van der Drift

Miss you Dad, life isn't the same without you, hope this walk can change the lives of other family's to stop this horrible cancer

Jennifer Deakin

My mum Roslyn has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just recently You don't know much about pancreatic cancer until it hits close too home I am walking in September for my beautiful mum Roslyn

Noel & Jan Green

We have done the walk in loving memory of our son Jaycen . We lost our son to this disease on the 22 September 2018.Always on our mind forever in our hearts ❤️

Garry Sharp

In memory of Joan Miller (Mum) passed away in 2007 from this insipid disease. It has been wonderful to complete 176 kilometres of 204 and raise $740 so far.

Carol Ray

I lost a dear friend to this insidious disease and hope and pray for a cure. I miss her laughter and out catch ups over a glass of red. I have almost completed my 100km for Sept and still hoping to secure more donations to reach 100% of my fund-raising target.

Kezia Stott

In 2007 the most beautiful and caring women lost her battle to pancreatic cancer, my loving nana. As I was only 4 I didn’t know the concept of death or cancer, I didn’t understand, as I got older I realised she was no longer with us and it hurt, I wish I got to spend more time with her. Even though I was very young I still remember all the memories I shared with her. She was a big part of my life and it hurts that I’ll never get to see her. So when I found the fundraiser to help find a cure for this terrible disease I immediately signed up as I don’t want anyone to feel the way i felt when I lost one of the most important person in my life.

Kerryn White

My dad Alexander Dodds, Ax to his friends was a wonderful man who lost his battle to pancreatic cancer on 7/11/2009 He was a fit as a fiddle until 9 months earlier when Pancreatic Cancer took over our world. He tried so hard to fight but unfortunately Pancreatic cancer seems to be an unbeatable battle. He is very much missed by his wife, 4 children, 11 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. Taken to young and way to soon. miss you Dad❤️

I am taking up this challenge initiated by a colleague because we lost a good friend, a mentor and a mother-figure in our lives to pancreatic cancer. Rest in peace Lynne

Ronald Biema

Dad had a brief battle with pancreatic cancer - his goal was to make it to one more Christmas. On Christmas Day he summonsed the energy to stand up from him wheelchair and give one last piece of indoor cricket advice to his grandkids and the next day he was taken to palliative care. He was a man with strong values and passion who faced the end of his life with great courage and love, leaving personal letters for everyone he could think of. I miss you, dad.

Julie Lindsay

My beautiful DAD who fought this terrible battle for nine months, it broke my heart to lose such a strong, caring, loving family man 💜 passed peacefully 10/11/21


In loving memory of my Nanna - Audrey Mary Wall. 1933 - 2013.

Jan Theobald

Remembering the most amazing Dad, Bill (Mac) McLachlan, who we lost in 2007, only 5 months after diagnosis. We remember you every day. Your life was lived with such grace, dignity, generosity and love💜💜💜. Miss you always


I am running this September for my friend who is fighting pancreatic cancer. Love you Krystal 💜

Rad You gmsn

Completed the challenge for you Dad xxxx You were brave and uncomplaining through your short battle . We all miss you every day xx

Sandra Klein

I am doing this walk for myself as I have been having chemo for Pancreatic Cancer that has comeback in the Liver after my initial Cancer in the Pancrease, Spleen and main veins was successfully treated and removed in 2020 and for my Step Grandmother and Step Mum as well as all those who have been diagnosed with it or have passed on from it. Everyone is doing so well, it gives me encouragement to keep going even if I can only log the few kms I walk for the day since I have Neuropathy in my feet and this week's chemo treatment has affected me.

Kim Elledge

In memory of my soulmate Brian I am walking 136km I miss you everyday xoxoxo


I'd like to thank everyone that helped me raise just over two thousand dollars and complete my walk I did it all in memory of Sherri "LOVE YA BUBS"

Little Sister

Clay Went to war with Pancreatic cancer and won. 4 years in remission and a lifetime to go. Love you my brother xx


💜 Honouring your memory is all we have now 💜

Today I completed my 68km. We lost dad after just a 4 month battle with pancreatic cancer. As everyone on here knows …. a terrible disease that is devastating to all it affects . Dad was brave and uncomplaining throughout his battle . It been just 8 months since his passing and I miss him everyday . This little challenge was just a small thing to do to honour his memory and to provide some extra funds for research . So Dad .. this was for you xxxx

Doing this for my dad. Good luck to all with your fund raising

I'm walking this month and raising money to remember my Dad that died from this 12 years ago. If I can help funding, to save lives so other family's don't lose their dads its worth it.

Cindy lee

At a time when I feel that there is nothing I can do, I can do this! Every dollar raised, is one day more I get with my dad.

Doing it for Joshua Paul Gardner Passed after a short 7.5 month battle with PC one week ago today. ♥️


Walking and cycling in memory of my Dad Greg who passed away 10 years ago with pc, 3 months from diagnosis. We are a team walking in solidarity and memory - The Sisters - sisters and friends all affected in some way with family who have passed away. And I am also walking for David and Rowena recently diagnosed too. Wishing them a recovery supported by research and insight.


Nearly reach my goal Bubby doing for you and everyone else who is or was affected by this horrific disease love you miss you 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Sandra Campbell

We walk for Sandra Campbell our much loved wife, mum, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. It is still unfathomable that someone so young, healthy and full of life could be given the news of stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Sandra didn’t let it change her positive outlook on life. She lived like every day was her last, but never really believed it. We all witnessed the most extraordinary fight right till the end.

I miss you mum 💜

Vikki Robertson

Miss you so much my baby brother. My heart breaks every time I think of you!

Gary Lawrence

Chick Elliott Buddy I miss you and was proud to be able to raise money and walk 100km in honour of you. Love you champ 😘

Chick Elliott

Buddy I miss you and was proud to be able to raise money and walk 100km in honour of you. Love you champ 😘

Noreen Benham

Honouring my husband Colin and his sister Marilyn who passed 14 months after Colin.

Donna McCune

Today is 12 months since my husband passed away from this awful disease. He had 5 weeks from diagnosis to when he passed. Such an aggressive cancer. 💜 He was 53yrs young


Larry James Deblaquiere

Don’t Remember Me With Sadness, Don’t Remember Me With Tears, Remember All The Laughter, We’ve Shared Throughout The Years. Now I Am Contented That My Life It Was Worthwhile, Knowing As I Passed Along The Way I Made Somebody Smile. When You Are Walking Down The Street And You’ve Got Me On Your Mind, I’m Walking In Your Footsteps Only Half A Step Behind. So Please Don’t Be Unhappy.💗🕊️


Mum, this one is for you….. we stand tall and walk beside you and will be there to hold you in our arms, thoughts and prays throughout this journey we also fight to raise awareness for those lost too soon x

Alice Morrissey

Doing this Remember September and raising money in memory of my amazing Mum. Hoping with research that this dreadful cancer can be cured or treated easier and diagnosed faster. My Mum deserved to live a long life, unfortunately pancreatic cancer halted that. Wish I could just hold you one more time and hear you’ve wisdom of life. Love you always. xx

Kate Mundy

Dear Lynne, It has been 5 days since you became an angel in heaven. You were also an angel in life. I feel so honoured, humbled and grateful that you picked me all those years ago. The number of times I have wanted to hear your voice and think I have heard your voice the last few days is countless. I know you will always be a part of who I am today. I am so proud of how you fought. I hope you can watch over and guide me in heaven like you did in life. Thankyou for being my everything.

For Wayne.

Doing it for you mate. We miss you mate.


Im walking in memory of my father inlaw Ken u may be gone but never forgotten dad ♡

Margaret Camp

Walking in loving memory of my sister Loretta. Photo taken when she was on her way to Townsville for successful wipple procedure in May 2022. A few months later we sadly lost her. From diagnosis to her passing it was just 5mths. I pray a cure or a test to detect pancreatic cancer is found through this amazing fundraising.

Leonie Kawamoto

I'm walking in memory of my darling husband, Kenji, who passed away in June after a 10-month battle, and for others who have lost their lives to this insidious disease. I pray that the collective fundraising will find a cure or ways to detect pancreatic cancer early to give others more time and treatment options.


In my brother's honour, I am proud to be raising funds for a 2nd year. Last year was to support his battle and this year in his memory after his battle ended on September 12th one year ago.

I miss you everyday. I wish I could tell you about all the wonderful things that have happened in our lives since, it would have made you very happy and proud of me. I really miss that dry sense of humour of yours, and how you were able to see things so clearly that I could not. Your voice is always in the back of my mind. Even though you’re not here, I still feel the comfort of your guidance and support. I hope you’re in a better place and at peace. I love you dearly mum.

Wendy Kelsall

My inspiration person for me to do the September walk is my husband, Kevin. He was diagnosed in December 22’ and in February 23’ the doctors gave him 6 months to live, no treatment as it’s to far advanced. Here we are in September 23’ and he is still battling with a few pains but is quite well in himself, never complains and is very historical. I love him with all the stars in the sky.

Elise Cunningham

In loving memory of Leonie

Adam Lewis

Supporting Suttons on this journey has been an honour and a privilege. I support this cause to stand with anyone who is honouring a loved one.

Emily McClurg

Supporting our team here at Suttons. Have enjoyed the comradery, support and positivity this initiative has brought to our team.


Walking to remember my amazing Dad, Frank. I’ll love you forever and miss you every day for the rest of my life

For Vera who's fighting now!!

Loved one

Remember September is about taking time to remember our loved ones and come together as a community to help as many as we can in the future💜

Julia Trinidad

My second year raising much needed funds . Walking in memory of two beautiful souls Scott and Margaret 💜💜miss you both


My legendary Mum didn't just mother myself she was a loving mother figure for my friends, her friends and to people she barley knew. The most caring and hard working person I'll ever know. In November of 2018 Mum wasn't well but we couldn't figure out why and within 4 weeks it was apparent

For my nanna 💜

John Marshall

I am very sad to report that my good friend, Peter Cox, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in June, passed away last weekend . His memory and influence on thousands of students, actors, musicians and artists will never be forgotten.

Costello Emma

Doing this for you mum . And today being your Birthday Happy Heavenly Birthday ❤️

Jill Van Der Ross

For you mum. Miss you dearly ❤️

Cara George

In memory of our matriarch BERYL IRENE LEE you were IRREPLACEABLE love you mumma xx

Coop-O'Connor Liz

I do this walk in honour of my hubby who lost his battle Oct 23. If I can help 1 person it's worth it, helping to get the knowledge out there for early detection.


For all my lovely patients

Dawn van den Oever

For you Elaine xx

Elise Saunders

For my mum 💜

Vicki gough

The odd bunch doing this for a special friend Monique who was very lucky and Mel’s dear dad that lost his battle to pancreatic cancer


I am walking in the hope that through research a less invasive cure for pancreatic cancer can be found. I walk in the memory of our beautiful sister Sandra, She fought a brave battle always thinking of everyone around her. She was a loving, caring person who was a partner, mum, daughter, auntie, sister-in-law, cousin, niece and friend to many people, Never forgotten, forever in our memories. 💜

Been there, gone through that.

Thinking and praying for cancer fighters currently going through their chemo treatments at the Gosford hospitals.

Christine Barron

I’m walking in memory of my wonderful Uncle Steve a man that gave everything for his family ,so kind and would make always make you laugh miss you Steve 🧡💜🧡💜forever in our hearts and conversations xx


doing this to raise money for all that has passed and currently going through pancreatic cancer

Melinda Watson

I am walking in memory of my beautiful Grandad and Aunty as well as a lovely friend Rudolf.


Walking in memory of two very special people, greatly loved and remembered xx

Carolyn Rennick

Walking this September to remember my wonderful Mil Hellie who we lost in 2021.

Vanessa Morrison

Happy heavenly birthday Kate, love you xxxxx

David Stokes

Sad weekend farewelling my youngest brother David. There was no fight. The cancer just wiped him out, a few days over a month after the diagnosis. I am raising money towards research into early detection. Finding out you have cancer when the tumour is already 8 cm and your pancreas is basically obliterated, is just crap! RIP David, you are loved and missed.

Jessica Scicluna

My nannu died of pancreatic cancer. Fought every day until he took his last breath. I miss you so much nannu and think about you everyday. This is for you 💜


Doing this challenge in loving memory off Aunty Irene and Uncle David. Loved and missed xx

Dianne Abboud

I am participating in Remember September in memory of my much loved husband Alfred who passed away in July 2021 from Pancreatic Cancer 7 months from diagnosis, missing you my darling.😂

Joss for Gae ❤️❤️

Joss Nyhuis I am doing the 68km challenge in memory of my beautiful wife Gae, who passed away in June this year. Gae fought hard and had so much help in her battle with this horrible disease. She tried everything that was available but the pain became too much. Some of her treatments were experimental but they did give her some extra time to be able to say goodbye. I miss her every day. And she will live in my heart forever. Love you Gae ❤️❤️❤️ Also in memory of my Brother in Law Paul A

Nyree Elliott

Doing this run for my beautiful sister Karan

Melissa D

Dad you were and are still my hero. Best dad and Pa ever.You fought hard. Gone too soon 😢 I lost my Dad (Pa my daughters) june 2011.


I am walking 68kms to support all those families and friends who have lost someone to this terrible disease. I am honoured to be apart of this fundraising. I am here to remember all those who have lost their lives to pancreatic cancer.


Today we farewelled my Uncle David. Gone too soon, forever remembered.

Diane McColm Lense

In memory of Jean our past president of Logan Community Centre at Logan Central. Jean was a truly inspirational person, she showed up to the centre even if she was not feeling well. Jean had time to talk to everyone that was there. Jean also made sure she came to see us at Meals on Wheels every day she was in. We were all proud to call her our friend. Thank you for your years of service Jean. Jean also told great stories about her life in England and in Australia. I am doing this walk to raise money for pancreatic cancer research. The third biggest cancer disease.

Gabby Poe

Where would I even begin? When people ask me about my mom I often say she was a "Snow White". She had this rare ability to love and be loved by all kinds of creatures, big and small. The same goes for plants. The woman could create a garden more beautiful than Eden. Mom had a way of calming people that I've never found in anyone else. She was far from perfect, like the rest of us.. but she was MY person. Morning, noon and night, she was there. We had about 9 months with mom after being diagnosed immediately at stage IV, and they were ugly. She had already done chemo previously for breast cancer, so she knew what was coming. We need early detection, we need awareness. After seeing how quickly my mom deteriorated, I promised I'd fight this cancer for as long as I live. If you knew kindness, you knew my mom. If you knew sacrifice, you knew my mom. If you knew a crazy football who only wanted one more season, you knew my mom. She is why I'm strong. She is who taught me to keep fighting. She is also who taught me to be generous, kind and empathetic. She is irreplaceable.

Jane Lawrence

I’m walking 136kms in memory of my mum who passed just 8 weeks after diagnosis in 2006. I miss being able to call her and just have a chat, update her on what her grandsons have achieved etc. Picture is mum, me and my sister (L to R) on my hens night 28 years ago!


This is my 2nd year of doing this amazing challenge for pancreatic cancer research. I’m doing this in honour of my ROCK, my father, who grew his beautiful wings on the 4th of March 2022, just 7 weeks after my beautiful wedding. He got to walk me down the aisle, my dream came true that day and I will forever cherish that moment. A little bit about my father, he was a single father to just myself, he was truly the best dad I could ever have asked for truly. He was a hardworking man and an even better Grandad. His Grandad kids where his complete world and everyone around us new it too. I'm so so grateful that I got to be there with my father to care and love for him till the end of his beautiful life. I will forever cherish those memory's I keep them so close to my heart. I want to share a poem for my father with you all. Dad in heaven Although you sleep in heaven now. You're not that far away. My heart is full of memories, and you are with me every day. You lived your life with meaning and with a smile upon your face. A world that was full of happiness is now an empty place. People say only time will heal a broken heart. But just like me and you, dad, it has been torn apart. I know you are at peace now, and in a place where you are free. Meet me at the Pearly Gates when Heaven calls for me. RIP Dad💜


What a beautiful day to put smother 7 km in the bank today for my Dad xxx


I am doing Remember September in support of a close friend who lost her Dad last year. Sadly, though it effects so many people that almost everyone know someone who has been affected by this horrible cancer. You are missed everyday Gazza!!

Briony Thompson

In August 2006 my Beautiful Mum was diagnosed with this horrendous disease. She passed away only 6 short weeks after being diagnosed. She passed away on the 23 November 2006 , She was on 52 🕊️Always on my Mind🕊️Forcer in our heart ❤️

Darlene MacGowan

Remembering my mom, Sandi, this September.. We lost her to this horrible disease just over 8 years ago & not a day goes by that I don’t think about her & miss her. She was loved by everyone that had the good fortune to know her. Forever in our hearts 💜

David Wilkinson

This September, I'm doubling my walking distance from last year to 136kms. Walking for Adele 💜 #DoingItForDellie Last year I was walking to help raise funds to find a cure for my cousin Adele who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August 2022. She was fighting hard to bet this disease every day, and so I did to doing my bit walking the pavement and raising funds. She was doing so well and all was looking so good and promising.. my beautiful, caring and always had a gorgeous smile that lit up the room. Sadly we lost in July this year and so proudly I'm walking in her honour this September. My beautiful, caring, always had a gorgeous smile that lit up the room and sweet soul, cousin, is missed everyday. You will be forever in our hearts lovely. Lots of squishy hugs and kisses..💜💜💜 #DoingItForDellie

Debbie Johnson

I am walking in memory of Barb Ross who lost her battle 12 months ago on the 11/11/22. For ever in our thoughts and hearts ❤️

Ritza Driver. In loving memory of Maria.

This picture was taken 1 month before I lost my beautiful sister Maria. In the space of 3 days after given the official diagnosis, my Maria flew away on November 03, 2020. Not a day goes by without thinking of you sis. I miss you every day. This is my third year moving it in September; raising funds to Remember them, Honor them and fight for them.

Tracy Bull

I am honouring my Sister Raelene Barker and all those who have been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in the hope to find a cure. Raelene lived life to the full and with no regrets. She will be sadly missed by her family and friends🙏🏻 💜✨🕊️

Jenny James

6 years today since I lost my beautiful Dad. I still expect to see his face and hear his voice.💜


It is a privilege to take on a challenge to support a cause that has become part of my life as my wonderful Aunty was diagnosed and we have been hopeful along her journey as she is staying strong and doing her absolute best to stay positive by being in her favourite place - the kitchen and baking sweets for her loved ones. My Aunt is the last person who we thought would be untouchable with cancer and she has it as it does show that anybody in anyone’s lives can be diagnosed unexpectedly. But we are all holding onto so much hope and spreading our love for my Aunt and anyone else who is going through this tough time in their lives. ❤️

Lenora Dance

❤️ This is my Beautiful Sister Kathleen May Christie "Kathy". Sadly she lost her battle last year on 5th September 2022. She will forever be remembered and live within our hearts ❤️

Olivia Garner

Mum has been battling pancreatic cancer for over two years now. Surgery, chemo, radiation, a loving family and her positive attitude have got Mum to where she is today...creating memories and living life to the fullest. Mum inspires me every day, especially in September, when I walk the km's and raise some money for PanKind so that families in the future can realise a world without pancreatic cancer 💜


I am walking in memory of my little brother Bill who passed away in June 2020 after a short battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 46. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you! I often hear the kookaburras sing… I miss you every single day. You are forever in my heart 💜


Keep Fighting Grandma


I just wanted to say to take the small wins and keep fighting with what ever you can and to stay positive and appreciate the special simple moments. If you have a family member that is fighting this cancer as my Grandmother is where im honestly greatful that she didn't stop fighting to figure out why she was feeling the way she was last year to find out she's been confirmed with Pancreatic Cancer in the early start of this year, who knows where it'll be now if she didn't. To getting all tests having a stent put in to her having the major operation after her first lot of chemo to starting another lot of chemo soon. It has been challenging to see how much she has changed but her spirit hasn't gone away, but to be there on her bad days and good days too, no matter if we don't talk just to be by her side and know she's not alone in this is some of the best moments. To see her smile and laugh are the small wins I'll never take for granted, as one day I won't hear and see it. She hasn't and won't give up which makes me keep being positive and always check in and see her when ever it is, being in the hospital or at her home. Let us all be strong for those who have battled it, who are around and who couldn't beat it, im thinking of you all.

Robyn Miller

Missing you and still love you mire than ever Dazza. You left a giant hole in our hearts and not a day goes by we don't do a crazy song, dance, pull my finger, or joke about like a wally or maybe just have an odd quiet moment in the garden with a beer in your honour.. and Saige is growing up more and more like you every day 💙💚

As an oncology nurse, I see first hand the effect that all cancers have on my patients. Pancreatic cancer in particular is in desperate need of funding for research to develop more clinical trials and better treatment options with increased survival rates for patients. I am personally dedicating my runs to all my family and friends who have had to battle cancer.


I am participating in Remember September in support for my dad Dave. He was diagnosed in late May this year. He has always championed and supported me, my entire life and is my best mate, his a determined and positive fella and I’ll be right by his side every step of the way fighting, until we ring that bell… I am raising funds to assist in valuable resources, support and research to assist every family that receives this devastating news.

Catherine Kennedy

Robyn was a beautiful friend of 29 years. We lived together, travelled together, had our families together, talked and laughed so much together. She fought so hard and remained positive everyday. I will always think of Robyn and always miss her.


I am walking for my mum and grandma who we lost to Pancreatic Cancer. It is a devastating illness. Mum was 70 and my grandmother was 71. We miss them everyday. Can only hope that a cure is found.


I'm inspired by my sister in law Margaret who fought valiantly for about 3 years. I will walk every year for you Marg and sadly more recently, our dear Aunty Mavis.

Jo Pilgrim

I’m walking in memory of my GrannyJessie who died in 1990 after a short battle with Pancreatic cancer at 83 years of age. I also walk in the memory of my friend and colleague Rachael who lost her battle 23/12/2019. The most fabulous speech pathologist who brought light and joy to her clients’ lives. So very missed xx

I’m walking to honour my partner who passed in October 2023.

Jacob Doyle

I am participating in Remember September in honour of my dad Barry. He lost his battle with Pancreatic Cancer just over 6 years ago. He was the rock of our family and we miss him everyday. So I am raising funds in the hope that one day this awful disease won't keep tearing families apart. 💜💜💜💜

Remembering Trish our Magic Dragon, one year already. Sending love to all who are fighting this disease and to all who have lost loved ones xxxx

Jema Martin

I am participating in Remember September by walking this month in hour of my uncle Geoff that we lost to pancreatic cancer last year at a young age , now his brother currently is being treated for it as well .My uncle was someone that I looked up to and went out of his way for anyone he had a great soul. Miss him everyday 🩵


Thinking of anyone who has suffered this horrible disease and won or lost.

Thinking of anyone who has battled this horrible disease and won or lost.


Remembering my brother-in-law Michael. Served his life nursing others only to be taken way too early. I’m walking to raise funds for research to offer some hope

Liz Coop-O'Connor

In memory of 1 he'll of a man my hubby who put up a brave strong fight against this nasty disease.


This is in memory of my beautiful mum. Mum was my best friend and the rock in my life. She meant the world to a lot of people. There are never enough hours and moments with those you love - however, perhaps more research can help increase the lifespan of your loved one just a little longer. That's what I hope to achieve by walking to raise money for such a wonderful cause.

Colleen LaPorte

It was a mere six weeks …..You were unwell no one knew what was about to happen to our family, and in six weeks you left us.

Sue carroll

For our beautiful April. She touched so many hearts. So brave until she had to fly away. Love ya to the moon and back 💕

In memory of my friend Jo, battled hard, taken too soon. 48 years of life lived well.

Lyn Gehrke

I’m doing this Remember September challenge to honour my beautiful sister Lesley Rigby. With all the love and support from all of us, Lesley is being so very brave.

Karen Wilson

Walking in remembering family and dear friend’s

Mila Woods

Today my Marie and I were inspired to join the community and walked in honour of our beautiful sister Tess. We lost our sister 2 years ago today and miss her so much. I’m sure she was walking alongside us today. ❤️

In memory of our good friend David coming up to the 1 year Anniversary of his death next month


Don’t think a scuba dive gives you any distance so just did a 14 km cycle to add to my total


I am walking to remember my Dad who passed away four years ago. This cruel disease took him from us after 8 months, my sister and I nursed him at home until the end as he wished. As a nurse I am fully aware that survival rates for Pancreatic cancer have not improved anywhere near as much as for many other cancers and therefore more research is critical . We haven’t forgotten you Dad and hopefully in some small way I can help spare another family from going through what you did 💜💜💜

Ron Hollywood

Ron was my father-in-law, my friend and my mentor. Throughout his life, Ron displayed incredible strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Even as he battled pancreatic cancer, he maintained his unwavering spirit, inspiring us all with his courage. He showed us the importance of living each day to its fullest, finding joy in the simple moments, and cherishing the bonds of friendship and family. Ron's legacy extends beyond his illness. His passion for life, his unwavering optimism, and his ability to find beauty in the world around him remind us to appreciate the precious gift of life itself. He made me laugh and I miss him.

Sandra Klein

Hi everyone, I am walking in honour of myself and my Step-Nan(passed away 5yearsago) Step-mum who have had Pancreatic Cancer and still battling it as well as those others who have been just diagnosed, still fighting or have sadly lost their battle.

Diane McCol Lense

A lovely lady named Jean, who was the president of the Logan Community centre passed away from pancreatic cancer recently. I had the privilege of working with Jean for the past few years, Jean loved the work she did to help the Logan community. I have decided to do the 68K walk for the 68 people who have passed away from the disease. Please donate on my page to help a great cause Remember September. Also help researchers find a cure for the 3rd biggest cancer killer of Australians. Any donation would be appreciated. Thank you Di McColm Lense PLEASE SHARE THANK YOU

Tracy Bull

I am honouring my Sister Raelene Barker and all those who have been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in the hope to find a cure. Raelene lived life to the full and with no regrets. She will be sadly missed by her family and friends🙏🏻 💜✨🕊️

Jess galletly

Still missing my beautiful grandpa everyday


This will be my 3rd year joining in on the September challenge in honour of my mum, she was diagnosed back in jan 2021. She suffered for 11wks with it spreading throughout her body rapidly, it was the worst thing ever to have to watch. For everyone who has watched a loved one go through this dreadful illness, I feel your pain and heart ache. Good luck to each and everyone of you for stepping up to raise funds and awareness for pancreatic cancer.

Alison Hibberd

You"ll never walk alone..

Julia Trinidad

This is my second year , walking and remembering two beautiful souls that have succumbed to this insidious disease . Scott and Margaret never forgotten 💜💜 and always missed .


When I started the Remember September Walk, I was walking to support my friend, Helen’s, battle with Pancreatic cancer. Sadly Helen lost her battle this week so I will now be walking in her memory. Though my heart is heavy, I will continue to be inspired by her courage, positivity, dignity and grace. I will keep her family in my heart as they endure the pain of learning to live without her love and laughter. All those heartbreaking firsts- first night, first day, first weekend, first week and so it will go on… Thank you for your friendship Helen. RIP 😇💔

Janelle Edwards

When this photo was taken we could never have imagined that in 9 1/2 years this young man would no longer be with us. His new born son and gorgeous daughter (our grandchildren) when this was taken, were the light of his life. He was an amazing husband and father, and was so proud of the children, as we were, and still are, of him. He fought a very brave 27 days from his diagnosis until his passing. He is very much loved and we all miss him every day. This is our tribute to Craig Edwards, loved husband, father, son, brother, cousin and good friend to many. Now at rest with his beloved grandparents.


Today marks 18 years without my Dad. My heart goes out to each and everyone of you, losing a loved one to this horrible cancer is the pits. #wakemeupwhenseptemberends

Karyn Evans

This September my Mum and I are walking as a tribute to my pop who we lost to Pancreatic Cancer over 20 years ago. We love him and miss him every day!!!

I'm doing this for my Grandad who passed away last year. We will always love you and you'll forever be with us and in our hearts.

Honoring those lost, fighting and surging pancreatic cancer

Honoring those lost, fighting and surviving pancreatic cancer.

Lisa Griffiths

For my husband Griff who did all the hard yards in life & didn't get to reap the rewards of retirement. Taken way to early. There were still so many memories for us still to make.

Frank Van West

Stay strong Nellie Sutherland, you are an inspiration!

Di Lense

Jean a friend who I met years ago who was the president of the Logan Central Community Centre. Unfortunately passed away from pancreatic cancer, has inspired me to do the 68K walk to raise awareness and money for the cause. Jean never let her illness or other health problems she had deter her from soldiering on. She was an inspiration to those than had the privileged of meeting her.

Lyn Gehrke

I’m doing this challenge for my wonderful sister Lesley Rigby who was diagnosed with this horrible disease in May this year. She is still fighting on and is the most bravest and courageous person I know. I love her dearly. 💕


Im doing this for 2 people in my life. One of my old managers is going through it now and he's a great guy. One of my friends aunty's died from this last year.

Doris Dunstall

Too many people lost to this horrible disease, we need to find a cure.


Another 2km swim to add to my total … each lap is for Dad xx

Pili Robson

My beautiful husband David Patrick Robson passed away from Pancreatic Caner. Lets make this world a better one by donating towards research for a cure.

Leanne Whittaker

I’m proud to be supporting Pancreatic Cancer in honour of my friend Kevin

Leanne Whittaker

Feeling proud to be helping such a close to my heart cause, I’m fighting with you all to beat it.

Megan Warren

I started this challenge in honour of my husband Ken who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 18 months ago, sadly he passed away Wednesday morning. I am heartbroken but determined to complete the challenge.


Olga, my beloved mother-in-law, was the most generous and caring person I've ever met. She passed away in March, just two months after her diagnosis. Despite her active lifestyle, she succumbed to this cruel disease. In her memory, this September, I will be running 68km to both remember and honor her. My goal is to support research for earlier diagnosis, ensuring that no more families have to suffer the loss of their loved ones to this devastating illness. Olga, you will always hold a special place in my heart 💜

Larry James Deblaquiere

Don’t Remember Me With Sadness, Don’t Remember Me With Tears, Remember All The Laughter, We’ve Shared Throughout The Years. Now I Am Contented That My Life It Was Worthwhile, Knowing As I Passed Along The Way I Made Somebody Smile. When You Are Walking Down The Street And You’ve Got Me On Your Mind, I’m Walking In Your Footsteps Only Half A Step Behind. So Please Don’t Be Unhappy.💗🕊️


Another 2 km swim to add to my total

Rennie Hobbs

I am walking in memory of my mother Sharon, who passed away from Pancreatic Cancer in May 2022. Mum was my carer all my life and my best friend. I miss her terribly. I am proud to be honoring my Mum in this way and can't thank my beautiful community for supporting my first year walking for PanCare.

Owen Hera-Singh

My mum was diagnosed with Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma. The diagnosis came as quite a shock to the family, and to those around her. I'm doing this walk for her, and for the countless others who are going through the same tough times that my family have hit. Not more than 6 months ago we were out at a concert, having the time of our lives - now she is preparing for chemo and radiation therapy, in hopes of reducing the tumor to the point where it can be surgically removed. These donations go towards not only helping my mum, but the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, etc of so many other families.

Gone but never forgotten, not a day goes by the you aren't in my thoughts. I hope I am making you proud....🤍🤍

I am completing the walk in memory of my loving grandfather who passed due to pancreatic cancer in August 2021. He was the kindest soul and gave his family anything and everything he could.

Todd Pearce - Pearcey

I'm doing Remember September for 2 Mates who have lost their lives to Pancreatic Cancer and assisting their families in raising funds to find a cure. In Memory of Jaycen Green & John Strachan - Townsville, QLD.



Deb & Brooke

We are still numb after our Hubby/Dad was diagnosed in April. After a 'Whipples' procedure in May and 5 out of 12 chemo cycles down, Paul is facing the next 6 weeks doing radiation. We are all more optimistic than his Oncologist about his prognosis. He HAS to beat this horrible cancer! so we are so happy to be able to contribute towards research through the generosity of our friends and family. (And the amazing generous person who matched todays monies !! )


This is for you Nan. Forever in our hearts 💜

Matthew Ross

In loving memory of Mum Forever in our hearts

Madi Coleman

In loving memory of my beautiful Nana 🤍🕊️

Clocking the kms up with my boy in support of my childhood bestie viki that is fighting...

I’m walking to remember my beautiful step mum who sadly passed away recently!! 4ever 47

Jim Foster-Rooke

Raising money for you my Bubby and many others that have had or going through this disease

for all my patients taken too soon..

Paula Whitehouse

I'm walking to remember my dear Auntie Gaye, who passed away in March 2023 after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in early January 2023. Auntie Gaye was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, auntie, cousin and friend. She is missed greatly by all who knew and loved her. Taking solace in her faith in Jesus, she braved the final few months of her life with dignity, always concerned about others and sharing her faith whenever possible. You are missed, Auntie Gaye.

Belinda Williamson

Of all the luck… We lost Dad in June after battling pancreatic cancer for 11 weeks. My mum, sister and I decide we’d like to fundraise in Remember September to honour him… then what happens when September rolls around? I get admitted to RAH for Small Bowel Obstruction and my mums get admitted to St Andrew’s (SA) for her heart 3 days later! What more can life throw our way?!? Seriously! It’s unbelievable !!! While we’ve currently paused our walk, we’re aiming to reset our calendar and our challenge to honour Dad in October when we’re feeling better and fully recovered. Thank you to all those who have supported us on our journey so far xxx

Claire Batchelor

For my big sooky bear I’ll try for you


To my beautiful Nanna, I don't know how much time we have left, but i promise to make the most of every second we get together.. I didn't expect any of this, especially finding the outcome, i thought we could have made you better and look back to it all being a thing of the past. But your decision to not to put in the fight, is one i respect. Am i upset, of course, but i admire your bravery. Your life has been full of constant pain, more pain than i believe you let off. You hardly complained. I wish i could have taken away all the pain and suffering. You didn't deserve to live a life so restricted. I thought we had all the time in the world. And that was my biggest mistake. I thought we had so much more time... But i am proud of all the time i have spent with you. I always made the time to see you and take you out, they are some of my favourite memories. I must admit, I'm scared of all the first, the firsts without you.. The first Christmas, the first birthdays, the first family catch up, because its going to feel so empty and sad without you... Who will i get to talk to about my garden and the flowers i grow.. On the flip side, i am thankful that i can spend as much time with you as possible now. We get to celebrate your birthday next weekend and i'm going to put on an awesome Christmas to remember! I hate cancer, both my Mum, Nanna, Mother in-law and many of my friends have experienced a loved one tackle or succumb to the horrible illness. I love you so much Nanna, more than i can even describe. Your are and always will be my favourite person. All my love, Kari xx

Sarah Cultrera

I miss my dad, Big Gav, in a dozen different ways every day. ‘Those we love, never truly leave us’ 💜

Viola Lawson

I am walking for my husband, who died 10/12/22 My heart is broken 💔always together on inside❤️ Love you you Glenn Lawson

Chelsea Adams

I lost my beautiful nanny to this cancer 💜

Sandra Harnett

For dad 💕

Rebekah Heywood

My Nanna was always one you could call upon for words of wisdom or support, whether it was on the side lines of my tennis matches or helping me out with my homework, she was there. Many years have passed by but I’ll forever cherish the memories I have with her. I love and miss her so much and hope she is smiling down on me and my children 🤍

Gail Brennan

In memory of my beautiful mother who passed away from Pancreatic cancer aged 62. 39 years ago this December. Not a day goes by I don't think of you. Love and miss you. Xx


I am walking in memory of my husband Tony Amitua who passed away after a 6 month battle with pancreatic cancer in 2014 he was 49 years young.


I am walking to in memory of my sweet man Gavin who passed away at 52 years old in 2021. He was the kindest, loving and bravest person I have every had the privilege to have known. I miss him so much.

Cheryl Wiseman

Cheryl Wiseman My dad was amazing. He taught me what unconditional love looked like. As a kid he always had time for me. He taught me about tools, he taught me how to mow a lawn, he taught me how to check the oil and change a wheel on my car. He also bought me an electric mixer so I could experiment with my baking. As a grown up he was always there to support me. As a grandfather he was the best. He taught the kids how to cook raisin toast on the open fire. He would sit in the garden with them and dig for worms. He would take them for day trips on the town bus. He was always good for an ANZAC biscuit at 'smoko'. He would wear the birthday tiara at his birthday dinner. He will always be loved and never forgotten. As his epitaph states ... "He was silly. His joke were terrible. He was lots of fun."


Walking for my Husband Wayne who has been bravely fighting for 12 months.. 💜Be Brave💜 💜Be strong💜 💜Be fearless💜


My wonderful Dad. Taken too quickly by this insidious disease. Remembering him and all others who have gone too soo .


We think about you always We talk about you still You have never been forgotten and never will We hold you close within our hearts and there you will remain To walk and guide us through life’s journey Until we meet again


I’m honour of Stevo 💜 Been just over a year since we lost him, being diagnosed end of 2020 he made the most of his 18 months left. Retired early & found comfort in taking his best mate Loons on multiple walks per day, even up until his last few days with us Miss ya Dad 💜


I’m doing this in a honour and the memory of my Nannu (my grandfather) who was diagnosed and fought every single day until his very last breath. I love you Nannu and I miss you so much 💜


My mum was diagnosed with Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma. The diagnosis came as quite a shock to the family, and to those around her. I'm doing this walk for her, and for the countless others who are going through the same tough times that my family have hit. Not more than 6 months ago we were out at a concert, having the time of our lives - now she is preparing for chemo and radiation therapy, in hopes of reducing the tumor to the point where it can be surgically removed. These donations go towards not only helping my mum, but the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, etc of so many other familes.


I am doing this in honour of my beautiful cousin Kath, this terrible disease took one of God's angels way too soon. Kath was the life of the party a real social butterfly,


I am walking in memory of my kind and wonderful mother. I am hoping that research will provide others with the chance of early detection and cure that she did not have.


I'm doing this with my sister in honour of an amazing father and grandfather. We feel the hole that is left with you gone dad

Hannah Kozicki

I am walking for my Dad, Stephen Kozicki. He lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on the 1st of October 2020. He fought hard for four and a half months. I want to see a world where no other family has to experience this tragic loss. Always my best bud. Miss you Dad ✨

Karen crabb

Another 9kms done. Thanks to my walking buddy for a great trail to walk along. Even saw some orchids.


I'm doing the September Challenge in honour of my beautiful dad, John. Miss him everyday. Life is not the same without you dad.

To those we have lost along the way - we miss you and we think of you constantly. To those who are still fighting - keep fighting, tomorrow is another day and you never know what it holds. Stay strong.

Rachel McLaughlin

Walking in memory of my little sister who passed away at only 34 years of age. She left behind her wife and 2 amazing little boys. We are teamed up as a family to raise awareness of this awful disease that cuts some many lives short.

brenda hewitt

In honour of Adrian Hewitt a wonderful father and husband sadly missed

For Ken, Karen and Pete We will keep fighting

Liv Wills

In loving memory of our Dellie💜 Del was one of a kind, a person who would light up a room the second she walked in. She also never failed to make people laugh and smile through the good and the bad. We love and miss you dearly 💜

Emma Horton

Walking in memory of this wonderful Dad and Grandad- missed every day xo

Kate Baseley

Walking in memory of my beautiful dad, Kenny, who lost his battle to this terrible disease in May . My sisters and mum are also doing the walk. We miss him so much every day ❤️

Kerry Celona

I'm doing this in memory of my beautiful mum Joanne. My mum fought the battle for 5 year's. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her or miss her. Love you mum. XOXO

Belinda Danks-Woodley

Although it’s hard, it feels apt that Father’s Day is in September, at a time we are already stopping to remember and have in our thoughts all those battling and surrounded by this disease. It’s our first Father’s Day without Dad (Graeme) who valiantly lost his battle in May. Ironically from the disease he did so much to help raise money for with the Melbourne Put Your Foot Down walk and the original Avener foundation . We miss you so much Dad, but know you would be proud of all we are doing together. Miss you.

Steven Moye

Walking in memory of the greatest man I will ever know, Phil Moye.

Jeanine sandy

I’m remembering my mum Elizabeth Bougaardt. She was one of the strongest women I knew and the most hospitable. Every time I cater something now, I do it for her and know she would be so proud. They gave her 3 months to live - she fought for two and I am so glad we got that extra time with her in the end. This photo is an old one but one of my favourites.

Ben Rogers

Remembering my dad.... Over 11 years since passing from this disease.... Way to young, I was still in my late 20's and never got to meet our 3 beautiful children we now have :(

Karen crabb

Another few kms off the target. A walk we did often.

Pam Macleod

Thinking today of my wonderful husband John. Another Father’s day without him. People say it gets easier, it doesn’t. My children & I miss him today as much as we did when he lost his battle with this horrible disease in March 2018.

Joe Dieni

In loving memory of a much loved husband, father and grandfather. We miss you dearly, forever in our hearts.

Jan Theobald

I’m walking 68km this September in memory of my wonderful Dad Bill McLachlan. We lost him to pancreatic cancer in 2007 just 5 months after diagnosis. He was an amazing Dad, husband, grandad, friend. I miss him every day and remember him especially today on Fathers Day. 💜💜💜


We lost our Dad to pancreatic cancer in 2009. Losing him left a huge gaping hole in our family that will never be filled. To remember our Dad in 2023 my goal is to walk 102 kms, because that's how old Dad would've been on his birthday this year.

I lost my Dad 5 years ago. His lose has been felt greatly by not only by my family but by many. I wish my daughter could have known him she was 6 weeks old when Dad was diagnosed and 3 months when he passed.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.

We miss you every single day.

Tracy Hackett

Thinking of my father-in-law on this day, Father's Day. Lost him to this cancer just over 2 years ago.

Trysett and Typhoon

Remembering Dad and Granddad who put up a good fight against this dreaded disease. 💔

She was the glue, she loved unconditionally and her family were her world. We all miss you more then words can express. 💜


You were the best man and my wedding, God father to my children. You were larger than life. I am proud to be your friend that came as a package deal with my husband. You have been my shoulder, my strength, my combatant, my accomplance. You fought a courageous battle but the time came. Although it has been six months, I can still hear your word, feel your hugs. BJ you were a great man, and my life is so much richer to have shared it with you.

Joseph Falzon

It was never going to be enough time spent with you Dad. We held strong day by day, minute my minute. I am so incredibly grateful for the life you and Mum created for our family but I miss you so much. I love you Dad.

This is for Vera gone a year,longest year of my life. I miss her everyday


For my brother Beau x

Mandy McKinnon

This is for our beautiful mother Glenice xxx

Mandy McKinnon

Always in our 🩷 💜💙💛 xxx

Alan Butterfield

To my Dad, my hero, there’s not a day that goes by where I do not miss your voice, your smile and your warm hugs. Now in the arms of God with your best friend. This is for you Dad, Always your little girl ❤️❤️❤️

Raelene Cameron

My Dad has inspired me to do this challenge, he was diagnosed this year with Pancreatic cancer and now I want to do my part to help make awareness of this disease..

Ashleigh (Grumpette)

I am doing the 68km challenge in love and support of my amazing Grandfather Eddie "Grumps" Gallo 💖💖 You are so incredibly missed and are forever loved. I am so blessed to be your first Granddaughter, and to have shared 25 beautiful years with you. I will forever miss your singing and having to beg to play minesweeper on the old computer. I miss being allowed to sit on your comfy seat, and placing pegs on your shirts when we'd go shopping without you knowing. We shared so many amazing memories, like the time you ordered a chicken nugget on top of my burger because you knew I loved them so much 💗 The time you scored me a BBQ for my first big home. Letting us drive the punch buggy and mobility scooter. And the beautiful woodworks you made for me to keep forever. I wish we had a little more time to laugh, I miss you Grumps xx

Ashleigh (Grumpette)

I am doing the 68km challenge in love and support of my amazing Grandfather Eddie "Grumps" Gallo 💖💖 You are so incredibly missed and are forever loved. I am so blessed to be your first Granddaughter, and to have shared 25 beautiful years with you. I will forever miss your singing and having to beg to play minesweeper on the old computer. I miss being allowed to sit on your comfy seat, and placing pegs on your shirts when we'd go shopping without you knowing. We shared so many amazing memories, like the time you ordered a chicken nugget on top of my burger because you knew I loved them so much 💗 The time you scored me a BBQ for my first big home. Letting us drive the punch buggy and mobility scooter. And the beautiful woodworks you made for me to keep forever. I wish we had a little more time to laugh, I miss you Grumps xx

Fiona Sutcliffe

My mum was diagnosed last week and went into palliative care yesterday 💔💔😭😭 Mum I love you so much 💜💜💜💜💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭

Joss Nyhuis

I am doing the 68km challenge in memory of my beautiful wife Gae, who passed away in June this year. Gae fought hard and had so much help in her battle with this horrible disease. She tried everything that was available but the pain became too much. Some of her treatments were experimental but they did give her some extra time to be able to say goodbye. I miss her every day. And she will live in my heart forever. Love you Gae ❤️❤️❤️


She was the most courageous woman I know after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer she lived her last 5 weeks with dignity and her daughter was just amazing even though her heart was breaking for her mum. Sandy my best friend you will always be by my side. Your Angel wings were ready even though you weren’t. Love you forever 💔❤️

Carol McGowan

I am participating to remember a dear friend I lost suddenly very recently Paulette Wedmore


Im doing this with my son for my childhood bestie of 48yrs that is fighting pancreatic cancer..

Im doing it for my childhood bestie of 48yrs that is fighting it every day...


For my Mum Kathryn. So very much loved and missed.


I'm taking on this challenge in memory of my dad, Mario who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer 20 years ago (26.09). We never stop thinking about him and his presence is missed at birthdays, Christmases and special family moments. I hope the fundraising bring us a step closer to effective treatment so families can have their loved ones there for key milestones.


This year we remember mum on her first anniversary of gaining her angel wings

Sarah Burns

Every second of everyday I miss my Mum who sadly passed away from Pancreatic Cancer in November 2021. It was a shock to us all when we found out only 6 months before. This cancer is horrible, it takes away life way too soon. This is my 3rd year doing Remember September, I will walk everyday for my Mum and those many others who have lost to or fighting pancreatic cancer. Together we can all help make a change. My mum was the best! She was my best friend, I miss talking to her everyday. My kids miss her so much. This is for you Mumma Bear! 💛💫💜

Anna Murphy

I’m doing this for a lady named Shaz. She is a very special local who is currently fighting this big fight, occasionally swearing at it to just make sure it takes the hint she is not giving up! She’s a beautiful person, mum, grandma and friend x.


I would like to honour Lesley and the Rigby family. So brave and supportive for each other and those around them. Love them all.


I'm honouring my Mum Carol who lost her battle with this horrendous disease on 7/9/2020. This will be my 2nd year and will continue to do what I can to support and raise awareness.

Linda French

I am honouring my mum & my sister, I lost mum nearly 6 years ago to this horrible cruel cancer, and my sister is currently fighting this horrendous cancer. If I had a magic wand, I would fix them in a heartbeat. I completed this walk last year, and will continue to help raise money for research, I am so inspired by the strength of my loved ones, in fighting, spirit, determination and a positive outlook 💜


I'm walking for my Dad who passed away this year from pancreatic cancer. Gone but not forgotten. Forever in our hearts. x

Tara Sinclair

It's been almost 4 years since my beautiful friend Claire Roach lost her battle & I miss her every day. I will be walking to honour her courage & compassion & celebrate a life lived well. I love you Claire xx

Krista Young

My wife will forever be in my heart and the hearts of our two boys.


This is so hard to write. We have a dear friend fighting for life at the moment, and this is hard. Harder for her and her family. Why is it so difficult to find a cure? If we gain anything from all this, it's the incredible strength shown by Lesley in this time of grief and physical pain. An incredibly brave and beautiful lady. We must not forget that it is not only Lesley effected by all this, it is her family and closest of friends too. Let's find a cure ASAP

Gwendoline King

My mum inspires me to take this challenge of remembering her generosity, wisdom, grace and dignity. I will never forget her it’s been 18 years since I lost my mum to Pancreatic Cancer.I miss her every day. Her memory will always be there and I will always love her forever. I hope one day they will find a cure for this horrible disease. Who I also lost my Dad too 51 years ago as well. Thinking of them both forever. This photo was taken a month before she passed with my 8 month old daughter then, who is now 18.


I’m doing this for my Nena ♥️

Karen Zoontjens

I'm walking for my beautiful mother in law Marion whoosh her fight to pancreatic cancer in 2018. Gone but not forgotten. Xx


Hi I'm Julia I'm doing this for myself after getting the all clear from doctors that I am officially cancer free starting one year and hopefully many more.

Karen Wilson

It has been 17 years ago that I loss my brother David to Pancreatic Cancer he was only 48 years old and it was such a shock. I did not know anything about Pancreatic Cancer at that time that is why I have walked in honour of David to help awareness and to help research

Vanessa Smith

1 year ago today my darling husband Chris, tasted his last meal, and 8 days later passed away. Remember September will always be the month for us all to remember this very special man, who touched so many hearts. Always the optimist, he tried so hard to beat this terrible disease. I started my 200km walk challenge today and clocked up 14 of those, all the while knowing that he would have been right there with me. I miss him so much

Amber Potts

This month I walk in memory of my beautiful friend Jacqui

Jill Lawrence

Christine was the most positive person I had ever met. She was a spectacular friend. She will never be forgotten.


For Dad

Rad Youngman

First 3 km under my belt today … 3 km swim to start things off as that was an activity dad loved to do .

Joanna Patching

I am walking this year to honour my beautiful Mum and friend, Hazel Patching, who sadly passed away with Pancreatic cancer in 2007. She was the most amazing person - I could not have been blessed with a more loving and caring mother. I miss her every day.

Tracey Washington-Lacy

It’s coming up to 4 years since our mums time with us ended due to this cruel disease. Grateful for the wonderful memories we have of her as a friend, mum and grandmother. She loved a chat. Loved her family and friends. Enjoyed dancing and cheering on the Western Bulldogs AFL team. She loved roses and orchids. The colours purple and green. A busy person. Known to take an opportunist nap while watching the Aussies play cricket. Known for her successful pavlovas. No one dared compete. We miss her every day. Today September 1st also marks the 1 year anniversary of the death of our friend Chris. He is missed. He was a lovely man and we treasured his friendship over many years. Chris was a fun person and always willing to help us out when we needed help. When we moved house or moved furniture Chris had all the right tools and was uncomplaining about the size of some of my furniture. When tragedy struck he reminded us to “just remember to hug each other often and tell each other that you love each other as often as you can”. Chris was grateful. ‘A lucky man’ who had enjoyed his working life, his family and his travels. We were heartbroken to know that Chris was no longer sharing his love, kindness, wisdom and stories. The impact of Chris on our lives over many years will not be forgotten.

Kath Smith

My beautiful brother Gabriel. Passed away with pancreatic cancer

Karli Green

I am doing this challenge in honour and remeberence of my dad, Jaycen. He passed away in 2018 due to pancreatic cancer at only 48 years old. He was the most wonderful person, and the world seems a little less bright without him in it. I miss him so much🧡

In living memory of our best friend Lini. We miss you so much.

Amanda Hudson

This is for my Mum who has unfortunately been diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer . I hope that one day we can find a cure or at least find more ways to identify early. My mother is my world, My best friend. She is the kindest, most beautiful person I have ever known. I hope I turn out exactly like her. I do now and always will love you forever.

Rebecca Brimacombe

My dear dad, David Robson, passed away in August this year, from pancreatic cancer. I hope for a time in the near future when a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer will come with more hope; more chance of surviving 5 years. I love you, my wonderful dad xxx

Leanne Whittaker

Kevin Hayes is one of my Truck Drivers but also he is a very close, near & dear friend who is currently going through treatment for Pancreatic Cancer, he is one of the most positive people I know & I am very honoured to be supporting this charity! 💜💜💜

Julie Rae

Our beautiful Mum , Annie Kelly’ lost her short 4 month battle on the 21/8/2023 surrounded by her loving family . Mums love for life , genuine determination to live her life endless with passion and adventure will forever live within her 3 children , 13 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren and all those who were lucky enough to share time with her. Forever 68 years young , we love you endlessly.

John Strachan

A great man & friend who tragically lost his battle with this terrible disease. I'm lucky to still be connected with him and his family in his younger brother Mark being one of my best Mates.

Dianne Canning

In loving memory of Ben Flanagan. A kind and vibrant soul whose warmth touched our family. Forever in our hearts, taken from us too soon by pancreatic cancer in 2018. Your memory lives on in the love and laughter you shared with us.

Julia Tzavaras

I’m walking for my dear Mum who I lost to Pancreatic cancer 5 years ago. I also lost my maternal Aunt to the same disease and know of many others who have been impacted

Wendy Kelsall

I am walking this year to honour my husband that was diagnosed 10 months ago with pancreatic cancer plus our Labrador, Shadow, who past with pancreatic cancer in February 2023. My husband Kevin , was given 6 months in February, to far advanced for any treatment and now he has passed his 6 months and looking forward to Xmas. I hope to raise awareness and support Pankind , as they support people impacted by pancreatic cancer with resources and information. I hope the future to be a simple blood test, to diagnose this disease early.

Cheryl Wiseman

My dad was amazing. He taught me what unconditional love looked like. As a kid he always had time for me. He taught me about tools, he taught me how to mow a lawn, he taught me how to check the oil and change a wheel on my car. He also bought me an electric mixer so I could experiment with my baking. As a grown up he was always there to support me. As a grandfather he was the best. He taught the kids how to cook raisin toast on the open fire. He would sit in the garden with them and dig for worms. He would take them for day trips on the town bus. He was always good for an ANZAC biscuit at 'smoko'. He would wear the birthday tiara at his birthday dinner. He will always be loved and never forgotten. As his epitaph states ... "He was silly. His joke were terrible. He was lots of fun."


Walking in memory of my amazing Mum who passed away in June after a late stage diagnosis of pancreatic cancer 💗

Sandy Fitzgerald

My husband and I are doing this in honour of his mum (my Mother in law). I true fighter until the end. A loving wife, mum and nanny to all her grandkids. She was given 7 months, and lost her battle spot on 7 months later. We will be walking and raising funds in honour of her.

Dawn van den Oever

Day 1. For Elaine ❤️


This September I remember my Dad Terry

Jessica galletly

Remembering my amazing grandpa frank


I am doing this to support my friend who is fighting stage 4 neuroendocrine cancer. She is an inspiration to us all and I want to honour her and her journey while spreading awareness and raising funds for research.


My beautiful Nana past away from pancreatic cancer. She did everything to live for 18 months the test, clean eating, recommended surgery and so on. Unfortunately she lost her battle and rest in peace. This year I am raising funds for her and other so that in the future no one lose a love one to this

Jane Hall

I am walking for my beautiful Mim who was diagnosed in April and is now recovering from the Whipples surgery. She is a fighter and a true inspiration

Todd Osmond-Dreyer

Today I start my 68 km walk in honour of my amazing son who we lost on 8th Feb after a year long FIGHT...He was so strong, brave and determined and fully supported my walk last year..We lost him the day he was to start a clinical trial which could have been the answer ....I will fight on until there is an answer for all who battle this killer...

Donna McCune

I will remember my late husband Marty who passed almost 12 months ago from pancreatic cancer.


Walking 68 klm this month to support my husband and the many thousands who have suffered this horrific disease also to all families who are suffering as well. My Wayne was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2021 he underwent chemotherapy and had Whipple surgery, still smiling today and I’m so grateful he’s still with me, we laugh everyday, go for walks, fishing and playing Yahtzee oh and enjoying watching our team the Broncos 😁 we went for a cruise earlier this year and had a wonderful time looking forward to the next one and counting our blessings each day!

Clifford Smiles

Around this time, twelve months ago I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. My cancer was caught early after a visit to my GP, after suffering unusual stomach pain and what I thought was severe indigestion. I have also been lucky enough to be put into a trial to rid the world of pancreatic cancer. I am so grateful to have been placed on the trial as my tumor is shrinking. So please, if you're suffering from any unusual pain or discomfort in you stomach region, go visit your GP. Early diagnosis could save your life.


My beautiful Nana and my Best friend left us nearly 4 years ago , i miss her every single day ! Each year gets harder with out her , I miss our long chats , her beautiful smile , her ear of wisdom, her endless support and love and knowing she won’t see my babies grow up . Both my kiddies know their nana up in the sky though stories I tell them and memories I share .. I wish you were here with us nana xx

Corinne Matthews

Doing my own small part in continuing the work of my beautiful sister-in-law, Sandy Eglin, who lives in my heart and will always be one of my greatest inspirations.

Gaye Henderson

It's so hard to watch a beautiful friend and family go through the pain of receiving a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. We cannot do much, except, try to find a cure. This is the main reason for participating, to make this world Cancer Free.

Lorraine Rhind

My Dad passed away from this terrible disease, he was diagnosed on his birthday in the February and died April 26. It was so quick, my daughter and I were fortunate to spend a few weeks with him not long after the diagnosis (he was in NZ and we live in Australia).

Cat cudmore

I actually don’t personally know anyone who’s had pancreatic cancer before. But I know how horrible it is to be sick all the time, I haven’t had cancer but I am extremely sick and have been for over a year so I understand do an extent how bad it is. But my point is that lots of Australians go through this and it’s a horrible thing to go through and this is honestly the least I can do for them.❤️

Joanna Lim

I am doing this walk to remember my dad. He was the life of the party and always went by the motto of “never letting the truth get in the way of a good story”. He passed 6 weeks after his diagnosis which was so quick and sad to watch. I miss him all the time and wish he could have been around to see and know my children.

Lynette Hayhurst

My dad Jack Hayhurst faced the challenge of pancreatic cancer he so much wanted to get better but that didn't happen. He accepted it and chose no treatment. We love and miss him and look forward to a day in the future when this condition is beaten. He was a father if 7 children and a husband of Betty who loved him and often talked of him with deep live and affection especially after he died.

Maria Marychurch

My lifelong buddy and best friend Nick died in my arms 9 years ago in New Zealand It was so swift from the diagnosis until he passed, we barely knew what was happening He was so brave. I miss him every day, am so glad I joined Pankind and donated to this so worthy cause for research into this cruel disease Thank you for the tribute wall - It somehow helps to know you arent alone

Noel Pearce and Philomena Pearce

I am taking on this walk to honour not only my Dad, Noel Pearce, but my Nan, Mena Pearce, both of whom died of Pancreatic Cancer, 18 years apart, on the very same day.... My Nan's sister and three other members of the one branch of my family tree have also been taken by this awful cancer and I have a cyst on my pancreas.


Miss you so much Mumma! 💜💜


For my brother David, a gentle, loving and honourable man.

Lisa Griffiths

The 20th July 2021 is seared in my heart. It was the day my husband 'Griff' got his pancreatic cancer diagnosis...stage 4 & only chemo as an option to buy a bit more time. Given it was still COVID times, options interstate, trials & tumour profiling for immunotherapy were largely unavailable. The time the chemo bought him was priceless to me. For him, once no further chemo could be undertaken it was horrible. A hear condition also presented which made things more tricky, but thankfully somewhat easier at the end. Being a diabetic of some 10years, he was 6 times more likely to develop pancreatic cancer. What surprised all the specialists, was he had had the same scan 6months prior & nothing showed. He had worked so hard all his life, put things off until 'later' & then got diagnosed 3weeks post retirement. So much of that is not fair, but life is not fair! He missed out on so much & I miss all those things we were going to do together. Heartbroken, I now still do these things as I promised I'd would, but there's so much missing. He is always in my ❤️. I have said I'll always do Remember September in his honour while ever I can.


I am walking in honour of my Mum and Dad. This is my second year and I'm so proud to say they are still here, both are so incredibly strong! I am hoping to raise funds to help improve the outcomes for those diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer so they are able to spend more time with their loved ones.

In Honour of Robyn - Mum

44 Days without you. A soul who did nothing but give. Sadness and grief are just letters of an alphabet that just can't convey the void that your passing has left.

In honour of Kev

It’s been 5 heartbreaking months since the sad passing of such a strong, loving, thoughtful, beautiful husband, dad, son, brother, family member and friend. We miss you beyond words every single day and honour the strength and fight you gave to stay with us as long as you possibly could. We love you Kev. Forever in our hearts 💜💜💜


Remembering those who have lost their battle and supporting those who are still fighting

Thinking of friends and colleagues that have lost a family member to this disease.

Jacqui Roser

This is my third year of doing Remember September. I do it in memory of my mum, Zlata Roser. She was the best mum, my best friend, my closest ally, and the love of my life. Three and a half years has been too long without you already. I also have five friends that have lost a loved one to Pancreatic Cancer. It’s enough. We’ve lost enough. I’ll do what I can in my small life to try to help and make an impact. This is for you, Mummy. I love you, more, most, mostest. Forever and a day ❤️

Debra Parker

I’m walking in remembrance for so many patients I’ve cared for the past 28 years… their bravery and courage inspire me every day.

Sionea Breust

Dad, You are my hero. You always have and always will be. You are the strongest person I know. You fought to the very end, even when the pain was unbearable. You are a true fighter and I am so proud of you. No matter what life threw at you or how many times it pushed you down, you always got back up and kept going. I will forever be grateful for the unconditional love you gave me and the resilience you taught me. You have inspired me to work hard and be the person I am today. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have. I miss you every second of every day and I wish you could be here with me and watch me grow but I know that you are looking down on me and will guide me through life’s ups and downs. I’m doing this challenge for you dad. What you suffered is unimaginable and if I can raise even a small amount of money to help fund research to find a cure for this horrible disease, then I will take this challenge in my stride no matter how hard it is. I know you would want me to do this and that you would be very proud of me. This September is going to be another hard one. It’s Father’s Day on Sunday, and the anniversary of your passing on Monday. I will continue to honour your legacy in every way possible and I will keep your memory alive. I love you dad. Thank you for all that you did for me and for all that you taught me. Forever in my heart 💜💜💜💜


Remembering my beautiful Dad who lost his battle in January this year xx


I miss you mum. All for you!! 🌈💜

Sally Macdonald

I am walking to raise money and awareness in honour of my friend Damien. We met over 30 yrs ago and although we hadn't seen each other for years, he had a special place in my heart. Thanks to social media we had been in touch however sadly he lost his battle to pancreatic cancer 12/08/23. I wanted to do this to honour Damo.

Angie Kayser

I'm going without sweets this month to remember my Mum (I get my sweet tooth from her). She was undiagnosed when she passed away 22 years ago after a short 5 month illness. Missed everyday since xx

Franca Savio

I’m walking for the first time in honour of my husband Gino Savio. Gino passed away 30th July 2020 after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer late January 2020 at the age of 64. Gino was my soul mate, my rock and my best friend. He left 2 daughters both married and become a Nonno a month before he died. He never complained and right to very end he was worried about everyone else. He is in our hearts and mind everyday, he is so missed and it still doesn’t feel real that he is not here. He adored me and the girls and was respected by his friends and workmates. I hope my support with this walk will find a way to crush this horrible disease. I’m proud I can do this walk and thank everyone who is and has supported me.

Samantha Wickes

As Father's Day looms this Sunday - Jason ( my brother ) and I will mark this day as the 1st Father's Day without my Dad. I am comforted in the knowledge that he is not in pain anymore and is enjoying time with his beloved Iris in Heaven. My Dad fought for it hard for 4 years and 7months xxx He left us in Jan 2023. Last year before he died and while he was well enough - I asked him what he wanted to do - anything left he wanted to do. He said he wanted to go home one more time. My Dad migrated from Belfast Ireland in 1956 and wanted to have a " Farewell Tour " and I was lucky enough to accompany him as his daughter and carer back to Ireland - one last time. It was a very special time for us. He would of been 80 this year. I know he is with my Mum now xx

Jude Baguley

Walking to remember the loss of my Dad! My confidant who always kept me going and he was always there for me and my family. He was always supporting me and loved his Grandchildren dearly. We loved spending time with you and we miss you dearly. You are always in our hearts and will always be in our hearts. I miss you so much especially when I can’t celebrate successes or call you for my whinge. Gone but not forgotten .

Kerry Pearce

In memory of a beautiful soul taken in the prime of her life at only 72 years of age. The most kindest gentle person that gave so much to everyone she knew and loved. I was asked by a little girl once the relationship I had with Wendy and I said well she is like a second Mum to me and this little girl said with a big smile on her face "your Fairy Godmother" and I said yes. That stuck forever and she will be forever in my heart. Our mind holds the memories, our heart keeps the love and our faith lets us know we will meet again.

Penny Clewett

I’m walking this year for the first time to honour my late mum who passed away from pancreatic cancer 2020. My mum was my rock and I miss her everyday. I’m proud to support fundraising for pancreatic cancer

Robert John Donnell( Rocket)

This year was one of our worse, John ( Rocket) had even unwell but did not complain …he thought it was his diabetes and yes easy for the Doctor to throw another pill his way but as the year went on he ate less and loss weight. It was one night when everything went to shit and was rushed to hospital where they picked up that he had Pancreatic Cancer, from that day till the day he died was 11 weeks …..He was my “Rock” he was my husband a Father a friend and he is so missed it breaks my heart and that of his children……I am walking this year for him with my 2 daughters and hopefully we can find a way to pick up this Insidious disease to help others


For my beautiful mum , and all the other beautiful people who have suffered this horrendous cancer .


Doing it for Shane

Neale McCullough

I'm doing this for my brother who we lost earlier this year taken way too soon.

Raelene Cameron

Doing this for our father grandfather and great grandfather

Chick Elliott

Walking This September in memory of a great mate who passed away last week from Prostate Cancer

Sally McEwan

My mum was the strongest person I know. She fought so hard at the age of 80 to beat this. She never complained always saying there is people worse off. Unfortunately she grew wing on the 10th February this year and joined the angels. She was a superstar and I was so privileged that she was my mum 🧡

Fiona Burgueno (ROUMEL)

My beautiful and ever so amazing Dad. September has come around once again and it feels like only just yesterday I was raising funds & participating in Remember September 2021 just before you sadly lost your battle with this terrible disease at the young age of 54. I am doing this for you Dad, because of the strength you showed throughout your battle and because you always taught me to make a difference in the world by helping in any way I possibly could. I love you and miss you terribly with all of my heart ❤️

Sandra Jenner

My beautiful Mumma, we lost her just 3 weeks after her diagnosis in jan this year. Miss her so much, she was the most amazing woman and my best friend. Il be taking every single step For you my beautiful Mumma xxxx

In memory of my Mum

I hope to raise a little more awareness around this awful disease that took my Mum Shirley from me way too quickly. 💔Mum was my best friend, my life changed forever when she passed. I miss you everyday. 😢 See you again somewhere over the rainbow 🌈

Julie Joy

I’m walking this year for my dad, Brian. Hoping to help towards a cure from this dreadful, heartbreaking disease ❤️

Mario Dator

My Dad, Mario had the kindest soul who taught me what it meant to be a genuine and good human being all through example. He'd go out of his way to make anyone feel better, more comfortable, make them laugh. He was the life of the party but not through being the loudest, but slowly making his way around the room, making everyone feel special no matter who they were. So I'm walking 68km this September to remember and honour my Dad because although he's not with us anymore, he left such an impact on me, his loved ones and friends just by being his gentle, kind and funny self.

My dear brother passed away in July 2022 following a 17 month journey with pancreatic cancer. He had turned 60 just 3 months earlier. I was privileged to be very involved in his care and travelled each week from Brisbane North to Coolangatta to attend appointments or to provide care and company. He was incredibly strong throughout his journey and never complained. Such a nasty disease that seems to target only the beautiful human beings. I will never forget him and still miss him every day. Cheers to you my brother, forever in my heart x

Judi Adams

Wonderful Lou- in respect for your wishes, we will not forget you and we will keep on making memories!


In loving memory of my mom Sandi MacGowan who we lost to this horrible disease 8 years ago. She was loved by all that had the good fortune to know her. I miss her more than I can ever put into words, she simply was the best ♥️


For my grandma, there is so much I wish I could tell you! I wish you could have met our youngest child, and I wish you could have been there to celebrate at least one birthday with our eldest. Thank you for being there, even though I didn’t always appreciate it.

Rosemary Cutting

Always remembered and Always loved Jeff Demczuk ❤️

Rosemary Cutting

You will always be in our hearts Jeff


Lost my best friend in July this year. You put up a good fight Sandy will never forget you 💜

Peter John Shoemark

In memory of my brother - a life cut too short by this insidious cancer!

Jenny Fenton

Tony you loved life and embraced allit had to offer especially when we were travelling. Your life was tragically and unfairly cut short by pancreatic cancer in 2022. Miranda and I will continue to strive to support research into this terrible cancer which affects 68 people each week.

Charley Andersen

We sadly lost my Nanna to this disease a few years ago. its a horrible illness to go through but also extremely hard to watch someone you love go through. She was stubborn with a heart of gold always ready to tell you that you were washing your clothes wrong haha. I miss you nan everyday

To remember our beautiful Mum who was diagnosed only 4 short weeks before we said goodbye in June. I truly hope research can find some answers to making earlier diagnoses for those affected.


Just under 2 years ago my dad passed away from pancreatic cancer he is missed ever day by so many. He would walk into a room and leave having made at least one friend any where he went. When he left a bright light went out. Until we meet again 💕

Antonio Cicchino

My nonna maria i used to call her nonna mia in italian meaning my grandmother. Cause she was my world and was taken from me and my family when i was 16yrs old. She was the most loving, beautiful and kind hearted woman i ever knew and miss her so very much woth every thought. Holding back a blibbering mess just writing this 😅 anyways she was the one and only woman that made anything better judt by being there and miss her so much.

Sue Stibbard

I am walking to remember a dear friend Neil Maclean who passed away from pancreatic cancer.

4 years ago my family lost a loving father and husband to this horrible disease! He was diagnosed 3 days before he left us to fly with the angels. He had no signs of cancer detected, the three days before he had been admitted to hospital for stomach pain then three days later he was gone.

Nikkeala Murphy

I am taking this challenge as remembrance of my mother who I lost the cancer in April. 💜💜💜 purple rocks. Love you mumzy to the moon & back.

Shellie Roberts

I’m doing Remember September in memory of my Grandfather and in support of my biggest hero. My Dad who now has this horrible disease. Please consider donating, even just a few dollars, because every little bit goes towards research for better treatment options which will, hopefully, increase survival rates.

Phillipa Biggs

Inspired by that special person who walked into my life over 30 years ago was the man l married Donald Biggs better known as Biggsy. He died from Pancreatic Cancer that took me by surprise and left a big hole in my heart with the question l ask Why. Many days, hours, minutes and seconds goes by and still waiting for Biggsy to walk back through that door and say hello. This man was one of a kind which l walked beside through his life to see whom he become. When the announcement about the pancreatic cancer was told we both knew what we had to do and that was a challenge on its own, but now at times l realised the one thing above all this was that we fell in love all over again. This is a beautiful gift l will hold dear to my heart, until we meet again

Kellie Dearlove

In honour of the most amazing man ever, my dad, John Herbert Harris, who was cruelly taken from us in July 2015 because of this terrible disease. Fought hard for 7 1/2 months. Forever 68 years old - way too young.

Kylie 💜 daughter of Gary 💜

We said our goodbyes in September 2022 and not a day goes by without a thought of you. You left behind a beautiful legacy and we will continue the fight in honour of you.


Tanya Ferrari

My beautiful Mum - Thelma Wilson - lost her 2 month battle with Pancreatic Cancer in 2014. My Mum was simply the best - everyone loved her - and she always put her family first. There is nobody else like her. Miss her everyday xxx


In loving memory of 3 dear friends,Shirley who passed in May 2022 after only 3 weeks and 3 days. Bernie in January 2023 and Deb in March 2023 all who fought courageously. Hopping my contribution in September will help towards this terrible disease.

Hayden Thebridge

To my grandfather Jack: One of the idols of mine as I was growing up, my grandparents but in this case my late grandfather Jack. Always there to be my support and always gave me his words of wisdom which I still carry with me to today. A quiet man but also stood by his family and always strived for what was right along with always knowing how to put a smile on my face as well as my grandmother Margaret. Jack always made the most out of his time with boating out on the Harbour, his darts, golfing and with his cars. Despite selling his Jag before he passed as I was too young. He gave me the key to it and said "this is as close as I can get you to it for now" fast track a few years later to my 18th and I looked online, his exact car was up for sale and I jumped at it. I hold that very dearly to me. He was one of my rocks in the hard times of my early teenage life and so grateful for the times I had with him. You are dearly missed Jack! In his honour, I’ll be driving my special car down to the water to do the walk/run


Ron took me under his wing as a daughter, made me laugh and was great with our kids. Taken too soon - we still had many things to talk and laugh about.

Tenille Rickards

We miss you every day. Taken way too soon.

Barbara Ross

Always thinking of you mum Safe may we sleep beneath thy care xxx

Always thinking of you, Mum/ Nanny Barb Safe may we sleep beneath thy care Xxxx

Sonia Seeger

In loving memory of my dad Anton (Tony) who fought all the way until the very end. Life has not and never will be the same without you. You are in our thoughts and conversations every day, we miss you more than ever. I will never forget 4.44am on the 2/2/22, the day you went ‘home’. It’s not goodbye dad, it’s until we meet again 💜💜


In loving memory of Tess my partner and wife for over 50 years. Missing you always and you are forever in my heart

Eliza Beer

Inspired by my beautiful Mum who has been bravely fighting Pancreatic Cancer for the last 2 years. It's been an absolute rollercoaster of a journey! She continues to inspire me every day with her strength, kindness and grounded outlook on life. Love you more than all the stars in the sky Mum xxx

Missing my soulmate and husband of 34 years Battled for 2 years with cancer. Was a very unwell husband but he had the willpower to fight this disease but unfortunately the disease overtook him 2/11/22.


I'm doing this walk in the memory of my mum (stepmum) who passed away on the 7th of march 23 this year to this crazy cancer this cancer is definitely a killer it got mum so God damn quick so I need to do this for her and I'm going to do it for her and make her proud of me missing mum every day I know she is watching ova us love u mum R.I.P 😭💔😇 LIFE IS NOT THE SAME WITH OUT U IT SUCKS BAD

Caroline Lovell

I miss my best friend, Sofia every day. Taken away from her young family far too soon. Life is just a bit less fun without you. I’ll continue our chats as I walk this September in memory of you. Loved always.

Jane O’Shea

This is for you Mum - missed every single day. And for everyone else diagnosed or affected by this disease. Let’s work together to find a cure.

Garry Sharp

My mum passed away 2007 after a nine year period of poor health initially from an aneurysm but eventually dying from pancreatic cancer. We miss her each day but do not begrudge her that she left us she has been at peace for 16 years no longer suffering. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


I walk this September for my beautiful mumma. She was my best friend and my life changed when i lost her to this cancer. I miss her every day. I hope one day a cure can be found for this terrible cancer that takes our loved ones so quickly.

Walking for Trish My mum is in every sunrise and sunset. I miss her everyday. 💕 I am walking to help researchers find a cure for this terrible cancer.

I miss you mum 💜 every hour of every day 💜 Gayle Neuss 1957 - 2022

Rachel Bruce

I’m walking to remember my best mate Steve Johnston. Best friend, ex husband and father to our 3 beautiful girls. Nearly 18 months on from losing you and life just isn’t the same. Your cheeky jokes and all round goodness is really missed. Our hearts are broken but we will walk in September and remember you always.


Doing this for my Mum who made it through. Remembering those who haven’t.

Julia Trinidad

Remembering my brother in law Scott and a very dear friend Margaret who I’ve lost in the last two years . They will both be with me every step of the way . Miss you both 💙💛


Bob was loving, kind and caring who went out of his way to help others. Not only was Bob a loving family man Bob was very much a community man. Such a shock to see him swallowed up with this awful disease. Still full of love for those around him as he passed. Bob is well remembered.

Emma Costello

I’m walking for my Mum who we lost 5 years ago . She would do anything for anyone so I’m doing this for her . We all miss her so much ❤️

Cara George

My beautiful daughter Hayley and I are walking this year to Remember my late mother who fought this disease with such grace, dignity and strength that it inspires me to improve myself everyday. She fought this fight for 14 months and one thing that lingers with my daughter is how hard it was to not be able to fix it so we pledge our time and hopefully our goal of $1200 to help erase this disease forever

Dear Dad, (To the Man on the Moon and the Boss of Potatoes! ) This is for you and everyone else who is hurt with this terrible disease. I know you would be proud of me. I promise I will push to get the word out hit my walking target, I won't give up!! I love you and miss you so much!

Edith Preyser (Nanna, Mum)

We are doing this walk in remembrance of my mum who fought the good fight for 15 months when, at 88 could not anymore. This is a small token of appreciation for the pain and suffering you endured to ensure your family was ok. It's been 5 months since you left us and yes, we are ok but miss you terribly. ❤❤

Tanya Lovell

I am walking to honour and remember our best friend Tony. Life is just not the same without you. We are so proud of you and the fight and determination you had and for always remaining positive throughout your short 5 month battle. You were taken from us too soon. Lets hope and pray research soon finds a cure for this awful and cruel cancer. We miss you so very much every day and you will remain in our hearts always, til we meet again. We love you buddy xxxx

Doris Dunstall

My dear friend of over 20 years has been fighting pancreatic cancer for over 3 years. I feel helpless, but I want to do something. Hopefully all the money raised will make a difference and reduce the incidence of this horrible disease.

Sally Watson

My heart is full from the generous donations given to support my goal. To be able to support the research into this dreadful disease is rewarding and I hope we can, together, raise more money and awareness. A cause close to my heart.

Gayle Bunce

I am walking for my mum who has been recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Chris Johnson

What a fantastic way to bring attention to such a terrible topic. After losing my father to Pancreatic, I have participated in Remember September every year. It doesn't make the loss any easier to deal with, but I can only do my bit, try raise money and awareness, be part of the solution I guess. Love you dad

All of my grandparents have been affected by some sort of cancer and its such a vicious disease that no one deserves.

Jo Potts (nanna jo) 💜

A dear mother, grandmother, and friend to so many, provided so many laughs and so many happy memories. we miss you xoxo

Sheryll Williams

I am challenging myself to walk the 68kms in honour of a very dear friend, Dale Weston who sadly passed from pancreatic cancer in June 2023 after suffering for only a few months. Her sudden passing has brought much awareness to me how cruel and sudden it can affect our loved ones. I know the funds raised will sadly not bring her back but I hope by walking my 68km challenge I can help others and save lives. Bless each and everyone of you for wanting to help others. And a big thank you to our sponsors - we couldn't raise the money without your support.

Kathleen Chandler

I’m doing this for you dad 💖

Rachel Bills

It’s been just over two years since we lost you from this earth, Mum. I miss you every day.

Taryn Day

This time last year only a month after we lost our beautiful Mum, Wife & Nan I embarked on my walk of 63kms to raise money for Pankind in loving memory of my beautiful Mum. Last year I raised $3106 & This year I have decided to do it again to raise much needed funds and awareness for the terrible disease pancreatic cancer. I am so proud to be walking 68kms this year over the month of September for my darling Mum that we love and miss every single day. . If you are able too I would massively appreciate your support & am so grateful for the love and support our family has received over the last 12 months 💜thank you… 🙏🏽

Honoring a much loved Uncle. Always remembered

To my beautiful grandfather who was taken too young by this disease, this is all for you 🫶🏼


My sister inspires me everyday on how strong she is in fighting this horrible disease. I really hope there’s a cure soon with all the research that is taking place. Keeping the faith and hope 🙏🏻


Walking to remember my lovely Dad who passed away last October and for all the others that have passed from this horrible disease

My grandmother that I never got the chance to meet but I hear stories about and know she is looking over me

Nana 💜

Doing this challenge in remembrance of my nana. You will always hold a special place in my heart. I miss you everyday and always thinking of you. Until we meet again. Love you always.

Leah Timms

Missing you yesterday, today and always Dad 💜 You gave of yourself selflessly and fought this horrible cancer with dignity and bravery beyond my comprehension. Mum, myself , Mick and Chris cherish every memory and know you are looking after us from above. Till we meet again. Love you Raymond Baillie your loving daughter forever ❤️


I miss you everyday....until we meet again I love you forever

Dad 💜

I miss you everyday dad. You are so dearly loved , the wonderful memories are never forgotten.


I lost my wonderful Mum last month after a brief 5 week battle with Pancreatic Cancer (aged 66). I miss her so very very much and my world has changed forever. I'd give anything for just 24 more hours together.... Miss you Mum and love you beyond any words I can share xxx


For my amazing dad who lost his battle August 2022. We'll see you in every sunset.


In memory of my beautiful dad who sadly was taken by pancreatic cancer this last January. It will be a very tough fathers day. The photo was taken on a daddy daughter trip to Lake Eildon age 5


I am going to be walking 68km this September (along with my parents) in honour of my late grandfather ❤️ I only knew him a short while but I know that he loved and cared for me with all he could!! This is my first Remember September and I hope that it won’t be my last!

Trudy Bryer

My beautiful Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last month. This has absolutely rocked my family's world. My dad is a fit healthy, happy 74yr old. He had absolutely NO symptoms that anything was wrong. He just had his yearly blood test and his GP noticed his ferritin was high and a scan was ordered. Cancer was found in his pancreas and second stage into his liver and was stage 4 already 💔 again NO symptoms. My dad is about to have his second round of chemo and this will continue for the rest of his life. He remains positive but knows this is a fight he won't be able to win. We are loving on him so hard and surrounding him with his favourite things which is his family and friends. I can't imagine a world without my Dad in it he is my first love and my absolute forever hero. 🥹💕


I always thought dad was invincible. Loved his grandkids and would always be there to over order at yum cha everytime we returned to Sydney for a visit. Always telling me, life is short, be happy, a bit of germs is good for the kids and when the kids cry to just imagine them as singing. I stil cherish the Barbie birthday card he wrote to my daughter but never quite made it to pass to her. Rest well dad, we miss you more than you know. Xxxxxxxoooo

Lexie Lond

I'm here to support my Aunt who's fighting this disease. Aunty Lexie, I know it's a tough fight, but your family is here fighting with you. We're with you all the way. ❤️

Kerry Butters

Walking to remember my dad David who past away from pancreatic cancer in April 2022

Deborah Wise

After fighting, and beating neck cancer, my husband Trevor was on the road to recovery. He was fitter than he had been for years, was exercising daily and generally getting his life back on track when sudden bouts of vomiting led to a pancreatic cancer diagnosis and 10 month prognosis. To the end he had no intention of dying! What a champion He was such a loving man and although physically he was half the man he had been , in every other way he grew in the eyes of those who loved him. He showed strength I never thought possible. He passed in May 2009. Walking 68kms in September might be the end of me (not at all fit!!😁😁), but if the funds raised help to ease the way for just one person, the effort will have been worth it. Thank you for your support

Sylvia Newman

My amazing, courageous mum, always there for me and our whole family. Fighting hard and overcoming the biggest challenge of her life! Go girl go!


In November 2021 Julia lost her battle to pancreatic cancer. Julia you were one of a kind 💜 Often in our minds but forever in our hearts!

Larry James Deblaquiere

Don’t Remember Me With Sadness, Don’t Remember Me With Tears, Remember All The Laughter, We’ve Shared Throughout The Years. Now I Am Contented That My Life It Was Worthwhile, Knowing As I Passed Along The Way I Made Somebody Smile. When You Are Walking Down The Street And You’ve Got Me On Your Mind, I’m Walking In Your Footsteps Only Half A Step Behind. So Please Don’t Be Unhappy.💗🕊️

Pam Karaolis

For mum

In Memory of Pam Karaolis

It's been a year since Mum passed away. Diagnosed 3rd Sept 2021 Passed away 31th July 2022 She was 77 years of age. It was her second time dancing with cancer. She fought advanced ovarian cancer at age 49 and went into remission at 51. Many surgeries, many treatments She event spent her retirement giving back at St George Hospital cancer centre as a volunteer with the cancer council. We did many relay for lives. She lived her life to the fullest She so wanted to see her grand kids get older and achieve their goals. We miss you so much Mum Love you always and you'll never be forgotten.


Gone, but always remembered. May your legacy live on in your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Tanamera Goldspink

I wish I knew my uncle tiger better before he died of many complications, one of them was pancreatic cancer, I miss him so much. Gone but not forgotten in September I will remember Anthony "tiger" Harrison


Remembering dear Temerity Jane... your friends in Tassie and Melbourne were all very sad last year. Taken way too soon. A beautiful soul. Rest In Peace.

India Robertson and I’m doing this to remember Mark Robertson

I’m doing this for my dad mark Robertson he lost his battle early June 2010 two weeks before I was born so I am doing this for him and so no other people need to go though the hard time of losing someone and for everyone fighting or have have a love one fighting you can do it and don’t give up.

Elizabeth Thompson

Your grit, guts and determination to fight this awful disease left us in awe of you. The void your passing left is unfathomable; I love you Mumma


In memory of my mum who lost her battle in August. I wish things were different mum, I love you so much. Hopefully we can change the future for other people ❤️


In memory of Karen who lost her battle this year and in honour of Ken and Pete who are still fighting


I’m doing this for my Grandma. Who was taken from our family in 2016 far too quickly from this disease. She is remembered by her five surviving children, many grandchildren and now great grandchildren.

Gary Athanitis

I am raising awareness for my beautiful mum who died of this insidious disease in 2010

Tracey Woods

My September went, Father’s Day, My 31st Birthday, My Dad died, all with a week. The shittiest week of my life. #wakemeupwhenseptemberends You didn’t let on how sick you were until it was too late. We miss you 💜

Give him courage I wish by some miracle His cancer would disappear And we could have my brother back And there would be no fear. Eyes fill with tears, cancer is stealing my brother swiftly away from us he says there is little pain so sad to see the light inside him fading every day Feeling helpless now I can see it in his eyes I sit and think and think until my head wants to explode Always the same question - why him? But the answer is still untold.


To my beautiful mum, Your strength and courage during your fight with this horrible disease is empowering. We know you don’t have long left but you’re doing your absolute best to try and fight. I love you beyond words.


In honour of the strongest woman to live, my mum, Angela! Missed everyday and never forgotten x I love you forever.

Merilyn Di-Blasio

I miss you every single day. You have left behind an amazing legacy and inspire me each and every day to keep moving forward, head held high. 3 weeks from diagnosis to death was cruel but you were so strong through it all and giving to others until the end. This is fir you my beautiful mum. RIP Muriel Riley. Xx

Doing this for a colleague currently fighting this! Stay strong!

Gillian Gould

Remembering my Aunty Raizel Pink who was the first in our family to die from pancreatic cancer. Sadly followed by two of her siblings from the same cancer. She was an extraordinary person who lived a lively and intriguing life.

Pat Allwood

Mum I miss you every day. You lost your battle at a young age and it’s so not fair that you can not be apart of the future with your kids and grandchildren and great grandchildren. You would have been so proud. I wish they could have found some thing to help and save you. Never forgotten.


The main man I will be remembering this September will be be my DAD, David Connolly, a true gentlemen, a best mate, a grand father and the best dad anyone could ever ask for!!! Always There when you needed him, and would give anyone anything they needed when they needed it. The best and most genuine bloke I’ve ever met and will have ever met in my life!!! Love you dad, miss you everyday, wish I could have one chat and cuddle mate!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


My beautiful lady, Janese, passed recently after being diagnosed with this hideous affliction in November 2022. Her strength throughout the time since her diagnosis was just awe inspiring, thinking more of others than herself. She is so dearly missed by everyone who knew her. I will honour her by walking in September but I will love and miss her every single day. 💜

Krystal Bryson

In loving memory of my dad, Richard Harris and Grandmother Wilma Harris who both succumbed to pancreatic cancer.

Erin Fitzpatrick

My beautiful mum

Wendy Dunstan

Another year of missing you

Leon Chick

I want to support the funding of research, in honour of the battles fought by Mum and more recently Louise Jarvis. Both are now Angels, who have been taken too soon.

Therese Donato

This September I am walking to remember my brother-in-law, Frank who passed away in early July after a very short battle with pancreatic cancer. I am not only walking for Frank but all of our family and friends who have lost their lives to some form of cancer in recent times or who are recovering.

Roslyn Deakin

Mum recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She is my inspiration my purpose for this challenge. I do this for her and for my family. I hope that this money raised will continue in the research and help to fight this disease.


Tanya was only given 3 months when first diagnosed but like many others she wasn't going down without a fight. She fought for 4 years. Legends never die 💜

Jen Burgoyne

So I'm here walking for the 2nd year to try to help raise awareness & money for pancreatic cancer research. And I'm walking the 68km (hopefully more) in memory of my husband, Lyle. I find that I'm a member of an ever growing group of those who have been left behind, a group of wonderful supportive people, some of whom I wouldn't have met had it not been for this insidious disease. I want to thank all those who are with me in this walk this year.

Biddy Adams

My walk is inspired by the courage and strength of my friend, Helen Sheppard, who has been battling pancreatic cancer for over a year. Helen’s positivity and loving spirit are a blessing to all who love her and a lesson in dignity and grace.

Rhonda Wason

Doing this walk as a tribute to my loving husband Russell who lost his battle to this horrific disease on 21 July 2023. He was diagnosed in March 2022 . Two different Drs said 3 months with out chemo,possibly 5 months with. He did do chemo for 12 months. His love for his family and the land he worked for most of his 75 years gave him the determination to push through as long as he could. By doing this walk and raising money for research, hopefully pancreatic cancer will be able to be diagnosed earlier giving people more hope of beating this incidious disease.

To remember my step mum who fought so hard over the last 14 months

Doing this for my beautiful best friend who is fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Every day we have her earthside is a blessing.


#REMEMBERSEPTEMBER 💜 Walking for the first time this year in memory My dad, RON. the strongest man I have ever known. Taken from us back on 1/4/2021, So by me taking part in Remember September will be a way for me to honor someone lost to Pancreatic Cancer and to stand with the people still fighting this disease. Pan Kind has a mission to triple the pancreatic cancer survival rate by 2030 and I will be on their side supporting them 100% We all miss you. 🤍💜DAD💜🤍 from your family and also to your family at Fire and Rescue NSW.


I’m walking for my very brave brother Neil ( on the right) who lost his battle Like all these beautiful souls who had so much to live for

Doing this for my pop who passed away 8/2/2022 who lasted 9 years with this horrible disease

Lauren Bugeja

Doing this for my dad who fought this horrible disease for nearly 3 years. I know he will be with me all the way.

Mike Chapman

So far I'm the only person I know in person that has been through the process of diagnosis, Whipple operation and recovery. I've met similar people in the on-line support groups but nobody in the same town as myself. This fundraising is an opportunity to thank the surgical team and other doctors who basically saved my life - on more than on occasion. I might try use Remember September to bring about awareness of pancreatic cancer in my local town by organising a bicycle rise event.

Tom Crook

I am participating in Remember September for my Mum, Therese, who passed away in 2022 at age 52 from Pancreatic Cancer. Her courage and determination was inspiring. She will be with me along every step of my 272km journey. I am hoping to raise some money to help everyone fighting this horrible disease!

Nita Hoffman

A tribute to my motivation for September- My grandmother. Shes suffered from pancreatic cancer and has been kicking its butt for years,even on her bad days she's never given up.

Lynda Conlon

Remembering Michael this September. Taken far too soon. Doesn’t seem fair. Let’s get behind the research into Pancreatic Cancer to make this something treatable!

Jason Kendall

I recently had a cancer test come back positive, although it wasn't pancreatic cancer it's still a scary thing to find out, I want to give my support as best as I can for all types of cancer while I can and hopefully I can help make a difference, giving up alcohol for one month is a small price for me to pay for a cause that's so important and I'm happy to do so, just hope I can raise some funds for the cause, everyone should get involved cancer can hit home when your not expecting it anywhere, any person any home any time, anyone want to help please do so!

Danielle Steuer

My dad Graham was the bravest man I know. I will walk for him


My mum passed away 9 years ago 7 weeks after her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. It was such a shock to us all. I hope & pray that one day they might find a cure to help someone else survive this. Miss my mum everyday.


Forever in my heart mum

Melanie Bullman

I’m walking in memory of my Mum, Yvonne, who lost her battle back in 2009.

To remember my Husband Troy who gave his best fight.

Rachel Bruce

I’ll be walking for my best mate Stevo. It’s been 18 months without you but we remember you every day in so many ways. 💜💜 Let’s kick this cancer in the butt

David Butters

In loving memory of the best father ever

Rebecca Farrell

I am walking so nobody one day will never have to watch there loved ones die, my Dad was very fit and active until he got this terrible cancer. He past away within 6 months. He was only 71 and had lots of living to do.


Am doing this to basically help all Australians stuffer this terrible cancer , and I had to watch first hand a close friend suffer this it was a cruel and nasty way to die and iam hoping we get enough finds to help those going through this and their families thank you .

Amber Rowland

Walking everyday to honour those lost to this horrible cancer. So many friends have lost family and loved ones so fast.


I hope each day brings a little more strength, determination, and healing your way.

My Mum, Joan

I am walking to help raise much needed funds to find a cure.

Susanna Grilli

I’m walking for my beautiful friend, Agnes and grandmother in law. I hope that the money raised will help contribute towards fighting Pancreatic Cancer.

Sandra Schroder

I'm walking to honour my beautiful husband Rob. I miss you everyday 💜 You were taken so quickly by this horrible cancer and I hope my fundraising efforts raise more awareness and help research for early detection and better survival rates.


I’m doing this in honour of my mother in law, we miss you everyday 💜 hopefully my fundraising efforts can also raise more awareness about this horrible disease and bring a little hope to others going through the same thing

My Dad went through surgery for a blockage but after coming out of surgery he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer & three months later he died. He was a quiet family man who worked hard his entire life. If only he’d been diagnosed in the early stages of the disease, he might’ve had a chance. He was 69 years old when he died. I hope to raise money to bring more awareness to this disease & to give those suffering hope. You’re always in my heart 💜 dad 💜💜💜

Jake and Lucy

We are taking part to remember Jake's beautiful mum Kristi


I am walking 10km a day for every day of September in loving memory of my Dad, Terry Ryan, who we lost in May 2023 - 6.5 months after he was diagnosed. Love you Dad xx

my dad Kevin

my dad a farmer all his life and the hardest working man i knew i can never dad sick in bed ever but he was diagnosed on the 1-4 2019 and was given 18months to 2 years we clung on to that but lost him 7-5-2019 4 weeks this cancer is cruel

I’m walking to honour my beautiful cousin, Karen. It’s only been 3 months since you left but not a single has passed where I have not missed you. It still feels like you haven’t left, just on an extended holiday. You will always be remembered for your hearty contagious laugh.

Jenny Mains

As an Oncology nurse, I’ve seen first hand the devastating impact that not only pancreatic cancer, but all cancers have on patients and their families. My clinic conducts clinical trials to try and find new treatments for several different cancers, including pancreatic but more funds are needed to ensure these trials can continue and that hopefully an effective treatment regime can be discovered.

Kodei Mulcahy

I’m walking to honour my grandfather Every day that I spoke to him he always left me with the feeling of being someone anyone I wanted to be Those conversations I had with him are some of the most cherished memories of my life and I know he would want me to be like that

Marie Pasisi

12-8-23 - as part of the healing process after my father passing away from pancreatic cancer stage 4, 29mths and 1 day ago, this challenge has become a wonderful release and a great reason and time to reflect while walking, to realise who and what has passed, and strive always to what is ahead. Every single day Dad is missed, however, looking at pictures of his life-line memories are a lovely way to pass time in private with him. I honour and remember my Dad, but at this time I also get to stand by those who currently live with pc, those who are looking after a loved one with pc, and especially standing next to those who have just been diagnosed. Let’s all stand up and support each other by walking together. Sending love and grace. 🧡Xx ps: cover page pic is Dad taken during a Msgr chat less than 2 weeks before he passed away, this pic is of my Mum and Dad and the other pic beautifully captured Dad throwing a 'sika' during a sika-throwing competition. A fun day held in the village of Lakepa, Niue Island in Dec 2018, being the last time we travelled to the island nation and Dad's birthplace

Corrina Hibbert

On October 10th 2008 I lost my mum to Pancreatic Cancer 😢 she was 56 years old 💔 My mum had overcome a brain aneurysm that had happened 27th August 2006, Drs said she would die or best case scenario she would be bedridden in a nursing home for the rest of her life. They didn't know my mum ☺️ she overcame that, it was a horrific time and triggers me as I write this 😢 but she lived. In July 2008 she was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, told to go home, sit out on the verandah, enjoy a brandy..... she had three months to live 😭 and 3 months it was 😭 those who were there know how horrible it was but she just kept smiling (well most of the time haha) my mum was an incredibly strong woman she organised her funeral and choose where she wanted to be buried (she wouldn't choose the plot though) but that's just how strong she was. It was not pleasant at all 🥺 and as I write this the tears are rolling down my face 😭 in true Corrina fashion I saw an advertisement come up to raise money and thought I can do that and now look.....bawling Haha big girl 😆 The limited knowledge i have about Pancreatic Cancer is that it is hard to detect and the survival rate is not wonderful. This September I will be walking to raise money for research into Pancreatic Cancer ♋️ please support this journey if you can, even if just words of encouragement because I know times are tough for everyone. But most of all....look after yourself! There is only one of you 🩷 Much love 😘

Krystal Meacham

I want to honour and remember any parent who has battled cancer and left behind their loved ones-children.

Leanne Williams

Remembering my beautiful Mum, Muriel 💕 Always loved, never forgotten.

I would like my family and people that know people battling any type of cancer to raise money to support them and hopefully one day have a cure for all cancer

Tammy Downey

Remembering Nan during September

This Disease took you after battling for 2 years. You fought to survive and beat this but you didn’t . You never gave up. Missing you my beautiful soulmate husband and best friend. It’s been 10 months since you’ve left this world. Hope you are happy now and that you’re pain free.


I am walking to honour my beautiful dad, Robert, also known as big hearted Bob. He was a son, a brother, a husband, a dad, a father inlaw, a grandfather and a great grandfather. He volunteered with a local charity, cooking for the needy, he helped pack hundreds of hampers every Christmas fot those doing it tough. He was a hard worker and good provider for his family, an honest man, full of integrity and loved a good laugh. He was diagnosed in March 2021, with the rare and aggressive small cell pancreatic cancer, it was in the neck of the pancreas, in the lymph nodes around the liver and lymph nodes in the chest, He underwent double dose chemo and by September 2021, he was cancer free. In December 2021, it was back. This time, only in the pancreas, so in January 2022, he had 10 rounds of radiation, he was given the all clear again at the end of February. By late March 2022 it was back once again, this time in the liver. He started double dose chemo once again but by August treatment was stopped early as it was effecting his bone marrow. In October it had spread, back into the pancreas, still in the liver and in the lymph nodes around the spine. Dad wanted to keep fighting, so they tried a different chemo. In January 2023, a stent was put in to unblock the bile duct and he spent his birthday 3rd February 2023 in surgery as they needed to put in another 2 stents. He knew the treatment was no longer working but kept trying for us. In March this year, we were told there was nothing more they could do, the cancer was in the lymph nodes in his neck and also going into one of his kidneys. He was exhausted all the time and was struggling mentally also. In June this year he was vomiting blood so we took him to emergency, the cancer had spread into his stomach and he was bleeding internally. They gave him just 2 weeks to live. We were heartbroken but he was ready, he was tired and even still had his wicked sense of humour, joking with the nurses and doctors. On July 14th 2023 my dad passed away peacefully, he and mum fell asleep holding each others hands the night before and he left this world at 2.30am. I find peace knowing he had my mum, the love of his life with him right until the end. I know with the type of pancreatic cancer my dad had it made no difference if he was diagnosed earlier or not but I want to raise money in hopes others don't have to go through what we have gone through, this disease is horrible and if a cure could be found for all the different types of pancreatic cancer, how wonderful that would be.

Tanisha Ahuja

In Loving Memory and Tribute to Those Affected by Pancreatic Cancer 💜 Today, we gather to honor the brave souls who faced the challenges of pancreatic cancer with unwavering strength and grace. Your journey was one of courage, determination, and the power to fight against all odds.

Fi McIntyre

Robbed of my beautiful mum for over 15.5yrs from this cruel disease. Miss her more than imaginable. Sending love and strength to those who are still fighting 💜

Connie Errington

Forever missing you mumma, You are missed by so many

Courtney Gomes

In loving memory of my Nan! The disease got her fast but she lived a full life, was loved by many and loved many more. I know you'd be proud of us up there, hope you're looking down on us everyday and cheering on the Rabbitohs with Pop!


In your honour 💜 always

💜 Maxine 💜


My beautiful mum ❤️

Linda Stenning

This walk is dedicated to my late mother, who lost her life to Pancreatic cancer 4 years ago. Gone, but not forgotten. Always in my heart ❤️


Sadly we never got to meet x But you gave me life and I was very fortunate to have a truly amazing Mum & Dad and now a family of my own ♥️ Matilda 💕 May you be resting in peace 🤍


I'm doing this challenge in memory of my husband - gone too soon. It's been 6 years and not a day goes by that I don't miss him and if I can help in some small way so that someone else doesn't have to lose someone they love... then I've achieved a milestone.

Liz Munro

This is my 2nd year doing this after losing my BEAUTIFUL MIL to this dreadful cancer


In Loving memory of my Mum who lost her battle with this cancer in 2017. Loved and still missed by many. I hope this helps other families in the future who have to endure this journey.

Tegan Griffiths

This September im walking for my Dad who passed away from this horrible and painful cancer just last year. From the moment he was diagnosed, we only had him for 1 month til he passed. Miss him so much everyday. DAD I will honour you by doing this fundraiser to help others.


I'm supporting this fundraising drive in the hope that in the future this cancer can be found and treated before it metastasises so that those who develop it have an easier journey than the one my husband is enduring.


I miss you every day mum. I hope you are now pain free and watching down on all of us. The girls miss you and Emilia is always looking for you up in the sky. You'll always be in our hearts 💕

Ajay Prakash

Remembering my wife’s Aunty whom we lost due to pancreatic cancer and whose presence is missed deeply by her family & the hollow that she has left in my wife’s heart

Sandra Klein

I am walking 136km (double the number of people who die from this painful and debilitating disease and trying to raise as much money as I can for research for treatments, cure, education and support for not only the patient but for families and carers too just like me as I have had Pancreatic Cancer in 2020 and then it came back in my Liver in 2022. I am still in the fight of my life having Chemo 1 day a week for 3 weeks and the 4th week I have off since April 2022. It also sounds like I will be having it for the rest of my life due to it being inoperable, so far so good with my markers coming back to normal and I am doing well. I will see what the future holds in a few weeks time in my next scan.

Pam Macleod

I am so pleased I heard about Remember September. I will be walking for the first time this year as a tribute to and in memory of my beautiful husband John who passed away after battling this awful disease in March 2018. I miss him every single day. He was a loving husband, a terrific father to our children and an adored Pop & Grandfather to our Grandchildren. We couldn’t save him but by joining in Remember September maybe I can help in some small way so that others don’t have to lose a cherished member of their family.

Terry Ryan

We lost my husband and soul mate, Terry Ryan to pancreatic cancer in May this year, six and a half months after diagnosis. I am walking 136 km in September to help raise money for more research into better treatment for this terrible cancer

Renee Hayne

Hello everyone I know a few people that have PANCREATIC CANCER. So this September I'm doing it for them and everyone else


This challenge is for my friend Jen and my dad who have both passed as a result of this insidious disease. And for everyone else going through it.

Shelley Curran

Matilda 💕

John Marshall

Looking forward to doing my bit to support those who are suffering from Pancreatic Cancer as well as those who are supporting them. Let’s don’t forget the wonderful medical researchers who are working to find a way to overcome the consequences of this dreaded disease.

Carol Crowe

I'm remembering Cliff who passed away last year. He was a wonderful person and the world is a little less bright for his loss. He had a well developed sense of humour and a heart full of love.

Shelley Curran

Matilda 💕

Julie Sebalj / Previvor BRCA1+

This one goes out to all the Previvor’s and Survivor’s and to you, the families, friends and supporters for much needed support XO

Emma Munnings

I’m taking part in Remember September for my husband Josh who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at 52 years old. Josh is currently undergoing chemotherapy and is inspiring us with his strength and unfailing sense of humour. Watching him battle this horrible disease is incredibly hard. I want to raise some money to help research and survival rates so that others don’t have to go through this in the future. 💜


We lost my amazing Dad just 8 months after his Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis and on Friday it will be one year since he passed. He was incredibly brave and strong and I will spend the rest of my life telling my young nephews stories about their Pa and doing everything we can to make him proud.


This is my first year doing this after wanting to do it for a number of years. I'll be walking for my Aunty, who passed away from pancreatic cancer back in September 2014. I'm doing this for the strong, brave woman she was who helped shaped me into who I am today.


I’m walking for my Dad. Edward Barnes. He never been sick in his life and at the age of 81 he got this cancer. We as a family are very lucky we had him for 16 months before we said goodbye. ❤️

Charleen To'o

This is my second year in doing the Remember September Fundraiser for Pancreatic Cancer and my reason for doing this is for in remembrance of my handsome dad Percy who sadly passed away from this horrible cancer. He was diagnosed in January 2022 and passed away February 2022. I miss my dad every day but I'm so grateful for the many memories I have with him 💜

Matilda Jones

8 years ago i lost my grandmother to pancreatic cancer, it come suddenly and it was a shock to my whole family , this once health women was knocked down and with in three month was taken from all of us , my mum and her best friend that both work in the health system look after her and gave her all the love and care she needed leading up to her departing this world, it was scary to see her whole body slowly disappear from what was so healthy to barely nothing , she tryed to fight but knowing that she had stage 4 there was not much she could do to fight it , so she spent what she had left with her family , my grandmother was my best friend and a roll model to all that new her and thats why its so important to raise money for them in need of this terrible cancer. I love you gmm and i know you are always here with me my little butterfly in the sky !


Though you've embarked on heavens' flight so high, your love, energy, and grace will never die. A mother's smile iIsee in stars' embrace, her laughter whispers through time and space.


This challenge is to remember my dad who was diagnosed and passed in 2021 it was so quick and so difficult to witness. September is my dad’s birthday month so this is in honour of him 💜

Madi Coleman

In loving memory of my beautiful Nana, Sandra Coleman 💌💌

In loving memory of our beloved sister Dale💜💜💜💜💜💜

Ingrid Zoebe

My beautiful Goddaughter Andrea died on 30 July after a 7 year battle with pancreatic cancer. I am walking to remember her and all the other loved ones who fall victim to this awful illness. Lets hope we can contribute in a small way to more research and hopefully improvements in diagnosis and treatment.


I'm walking for my Beautiful, strong courageous 💜 Mum 💜 who lost her short battle to this horrible awful disease. 30/08/2022 at the age of 65 Now my angel in heaven , forever in my heart, always walks beside me. Love you and miss you heaps Mum Xx💜xX


Forever in my heart Renee and safe in the arms of Jesus. Look forward to spending eternity with you one day.

Adele Carlile

I lost my sister and BFF to this awful disease and honour her by taking on a 68km in September. Her birthday is in September which makes this fundraiser even more special. I miss you big Sis.

My Uncle Charlie

He was my uncle, a pillar of strength when I needed him most, cheeky, a teacher, a mad keen fishman, a dad, a husband and most importantly a good person who was stolen way too soon from this awful disease.

Amanda Akers

I am doing this challenge for my dear friend Lea, who has just received her diagnosis. She has always been that friend who made me laugh, wiped away my tears, and was up for any challenge! Lea, I stand beside you in this, charging ahead in September to raise funds for a cause I wish we didn't have to know about.

Olivia Marks

Honouring My Aunty Jojo, She Passed Of Pancreatic Cancer In September 2022 After A Long Hard Battle She Grew Her Beautiful Purple Wings And The Big Man Opened His Gates For Her. She Was An Incredible Woman Who Was A Devoted Wife And Mother To 2 Amazing Young Boys. My Aunty Jojo Was A Mother Hen To Everyone She Met And Always Encourage Everyone To Strive For The Best No Matter The Circumstances.

Lynette 🫶🏻🕊️

Lynette was a loving and caring mother, nanna, aunt, sister and friend. She was always there for those who needed her and always offered a helping hand to those who asked. Sadly Lyn lost the battle almost a year after her diagnosis and passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2019. She is forever loved and never forgotten. We all miss you everyday Nanna 🕊️

Angela Sorger

Pancreatic cancer took my husband, father and grandfather too quickly, hoping remember September will help in identifying pancreatic cancer in the very early stages, so people have a better chance at beating it.

Craig Geddes

We are walking in tribute to my beautiful sister Sharlene Rozitis (age 55) who passed away on Tuesday 1 August 2023. Such a beautiful soul and my best friend. We are happy that you fought hard and are no longer in pain. We will all pull together to honour and celebrate your life. Your family is safe and looked after forever. RIP - my sister and friend. Love you XXXX


We lost my dear Aunty to pancreatic cancer. She was love, light and everything good in the world. Walking and raising funds for you Teta.


To my best freind,soulmate,and late wife you mean the world to me you are my beating heart miss you and love and I REMEMBER YOU IN SEPTEMBER

Dale Maree Weston - You are so dearly missed!!

After a short 3 month battle our beautiful mother unfortunately succumb to this horrible disease at age 65. Heartbreaking to say the least for us to lose someone so close, so young and so precious to our family. It devastates many peoples lives each year so if we can provide a little hope for other families out there then we know mum would be so proud. Miss ya mum - Always on our minds, Forever in our hearts!


"Grief, I've learned, is really just love. It's all the love you want to give, but cannot. All of that unspent love gathers in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in the hollow part of your chest. Grief is just love with no place to go" - Jamie Anderson Not a day goes by where I don't miss you mum.

My beautiful mum loving you always

For my friend 💜 I am shattered with her diagnosis


I lost my husband Mark on December 2nd 2022. He had two consecutive strokes and also had pancreatic, lung and liver cancer. He lived 3 months from diagnosis till his death.

Tamara Eisen

My dearest Grandpa has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Growing up with a single mother and no contact to my biological fathers side of the family, my Grandpa was like my dad. He's been there for all the milestones, highs and lows and everything in between. My love and gratitude for this man is second to none. We even have a matching popeye tattoos.


For all those warriors fighting their battles and in memory of those taken from their loved ones.

We miss u dad 💔


I am doing remember Septemner this year as it was September last year that I lost my amazing partner Brian to this horrible and painful cancer. Let's raise much needed funds so that others in the future don't need to go through this!

Vanessa Morrison

The zaniest, funniest, enthuastic, loving, supportive, nurtuing, caring and selfless auntie I could have ever wished for. We all miss you more than you will ever know. I hope you and Molly are having a blast up there and keeping everyone on their toes xxxxxx

Jon Brook

For my mate


in loving memory of my amazing Mother-In-Law who we lost in January 2005, after a 9 month battle. Pat left us, and got to where she was going, then sent us her first grandchild, as 2 weeks later we found out I was pregnant.

Keia McIntyre

missing you so much love u mum

Keia McIntyre

Mum It’s been 3 months today since u left us to go on to your next journey, I miss u so much and just wish I could bring u back, so much I need to talk to u about feels strange not picking the phone up and calling u every couple of hours. So heartbroken and shattered that I have to try and move on living my life without u by my side. Hope your resting easy and give everyone a kiss up there for me. Love u mum forever and always xoxo😭💜

Susan Evans

My darling Roger lost his corageous battle with this cruel disease 7 years ago just short of three years after diagnosis. He fought with such a positive attitude no matter what was thrown at him, he kept his Yorkshire sense of humour right to the end. He was just 3 days short of turning 75 I miss him every day 😢💗

Victoria Waddell

I'm walking to remember my dear Dad who lost his battle 4 years ago. 💜

Phillip Woolf

My dear dad lost his battle with Pancreatic Cancer on the 11/11/2018 after an amazing 3 year and 3 month battle and he was an inspiration to us all. We miss him very much after almost 5 years but his love an guidance will live on thru me and the family! Love you and miss you so much mate!!

Kellie Dearlove

8 years ago today we lost the most amazing man ever to this horrible disease. Forever in our hearts Dad 💜

To my special friends and family who have donated on my behalf- The special people that you are

Thank you to each and every one of you who have donated to this very worthy cause on my behalf. Thank you all for having faith and believing we can help to fight this disease. I know some of you have lost loved ones through this and I personally know a wonderful young English lady, my daughter’s friend, who is fighting this disease at this very moment. It is because of her, I decided to participate in this special event. Thank you all so very much. It truly means so very much . Love to you all xxx


My beautiful friend whom I miss daily


I was only 11 years old when I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I didn't have a high survival rate a 1.999999~% chance. My mother was a single mother of 4 kids and had to plan my funeral as I wasn't going to make it. I had 2/3rds of my pancreas removed do to the extent of the cancer. I can say that having cancer is extremely painful and not fun for anyone involved. I'm just lucky enough that I did survive as not many can. I'm now 22 years old, and I'm thriving.

I’m fundraising to Remember my Mum Val. Pancreatic cancer took her in Feb 2009 and we still miss her every day.

Suellen Wilson

Suellen was the most generous caring soul I have ever met A special nurse, the very best friend and a constant support for my son Todd once he was diagnosed as well

Samantha Barratt

In 2016 God said "Hallelujah you're home" when an angel, my mum grew her wings after a short battle with Pancreatic Cancer. As her grave says, To know her was to love her. She never saw the bad in anyone. Every day she is missed, but every day her memory lives on in those who knew her and loved her.


Remembering my beautiful brave Mum who we lost far too young at age 64 after a hard fought 2 year battle. She was the most generous kind hearted person and such a wonderful Nan to her grandchildren. Loved and missed every day 💜

Briony Thompson

We lost my Beautiful Mum on the 23 November 2006 a week shy of her 53 Birthday . Mum passed away 6 short weeks after diagnosis. I am walking in her memory and will continue to walk every year until I physically can’t. We miss and love her everyday day 🕊️💜🕊️💜🕊️💜

Felicity Crowe

My mother who try her hardest to defeat this disease however was sadly taken from myself a little too early. R.I.P mum I love you xoxo


FOR MY DAD 🕊#REMEMBERSEPTEMBER 💜 Next month { 21-08-2021 } marks 2 years since My dad, the strongest man I have ever known was sadly one of those 63 Australians who lost there battle to this cruel sickness. So by me taking part in Remember September will be a way for me to honour someone lost to Pancreatic Cancer and to stand with the people still fighting this disease. PanKind has a mission to triple the pancreatic cancer survival rate by 2030 and I will be on there side supporting them 100% We all miss you so much 🤍💜DAD💜🤍

Mark Tippett Mitchell

To our dad, Taught us great values to have through life. Made sure we remembered our please, thank you and manners always. Was cheeky, played by the rule book when necessary. Wasn’t the biggest morning person. Fought his battle with pancreatic cancer right through. Our dad was unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with TWO primary cancers which his oncologist said was rare. Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and pancreatic, unfortunately the pancreatic was very aggressive as per dads oncologist. Dr Ratnesh Srivastav was dad’s oncologist and was respectful to dad throughout his treatment. Our dad is missed each day and is spoken about every day. Dad leaves behind 4 children and 6 grandchildren who miss him more than words can say. Love you dad, poppy 💗💗💗💜


I’m walking to remember my Nana, and to support a friend who is still fighting so hard

Trish Webber

In loving memory of Bernie a wonderful friend and work colleague gone to soon.


My sister Danielle inspires me to take on this challenge. She currently has stage 3 pancreatic cancer and is such a strong person. She’s been through so much in her life and I’m so proud of her and how far she’s come today. I’m walking for her in September and raising funds so we can keep the research going and in turn find a cure for this horrible disease 😢

I shall give up one of my hardest things for September to honor and remember both my grandmother who passed away in 2014 and my uncle who passed away in 2018 from this cancer. Both people played a significant role in my life so I see it fitting that I do this to honor their memories and the lives they lived.


Hoping to help research so that people’s loved ones with pancreatic cancer can live long lives.

Our family walks because of this legend! She is one of the few lucky ones, who is currently 4 years clear and able to walk with us! To those battling - keep fighting, To those that have lost loved ones - we walk with you x

Graham Waghorn

We lost our husband & Dad on 23rd Jan, 22. We will do this walk in honour of him, forever in our hearts 💜💜


We lost Mum in April 2017, after finding out the previous June long weekend. So 10 months, and I miss her everyday. And always will xxx

Kylie Pacey

My mum deb was only diagnosed 10days before she passed. I am still in shock we didn’t even know she had cancer. We miss her every day she will always be remembered.

Lina (aka Lilly)

Beautiful mum taken 10 weeks after being diagnosed. Miss and love you so much Lilly. Death leaves a heart ache that no one can heal. Love leaves a memory that no one can steal.


Maria Dominica Munut, In Honour of our Beloved Mother and Nonna, who battled pancreatic cancer with courage and dignity for 10 months. Forever in our hearts, Impossible to Forget.

Jill Van Der Ross

To honour my beautiful mother Who is so loved and missed everyday and most definitely taken far too soon!

Pam Graham

In loving memory of the love of my life Vince miss him every moment of every day

Todd Osmond-Dreyer

I see signs of you everywhere- I miss you more than words can say, My Superman

Kellie Neagle

Miss my beautiful Mum everyday, such strength and so amazingly brave, fought 2 years. Love you speckle❤️

Sally Glass

In 7 weeks we lost you …. Not a day goes by we don’t think of you!

Genene Binskin

In memory of Genene Binskin, who passed at age 68 in 2022 - just 6 weeks after diagnosis. Loving wife to Trevor, sister to Robert & Narelle. Mum, best friend, cheerleader & closest confidante to daughters Erin, Alex & Elle. The best Meme to Zali, Kaia, Odette, Cove (plus Angus & Willa who arrived only a few months after she left us). She made everyone feel like they were her favourite. So in turn, she was everyone’s favourite person


I'm taking this challenge in memory of my beloved Dad. Dads pancreatic cancer diagnosis was unfortunately delayed due to multiple complications & a major stroke. He sadly passed away 48hrs after they discovered the cancer. He quietly slipped into a coma & peacefully took his last breath. He was only 62. Forever loved, greatly missed, always in our hearts 💕

Joanne Stone

I along with my family and friends lost am amazing husband,father,son,brother,uncle & Friend in May of 2021 after a two year battle with Pancreatic Cancer. Geoff had fought the fight of his life and we could of not been prouder of him. His courage and resilience beyond words.So lets continue to support the whole network of people that this disease encompasses and get walking

My grandparents inspire me to take on this challenge plus all the other fighters and survivors who are going through this. You are no alone and you are supported. I’ll be giving up Sugar and Alcohol while also doing the 68km of walking to help support you all.

Connie Errington

Missing you everyday mumma, I still have a big piece of my heart missing.

Charlie (Dad) Battaglia

I am taking on this challenge in remembrance of my father who passed away December 14, 2022. The first time I completed remember September, my dad passed the 68km mark with me, this year I upped the km to 150 to be there even more for the cause and raise more money for dad. Dad fought pancreatic cancer for just under 2 years, we all miss him so much & we are so proud of how much he fought- always and forever in our hearts. We love you Dad.

For Grandma

For Grandma

Connie Errington

Forever missing you mum, miss you so very much. XXx


I’m walking in support of my cousin Kathy who is battling this horrible disease

Rad Youngman

This is for my Dad John Youngman who we sadly lost in January this year to a short 3.5 month battle with pancreatic cancer . Taken so quickly 😞. He was brave and uncomplaining to the end . We miss him like crazy


I am walking for my Mother In law Marion who passed away from this horrible disease in 2018. We love and remember her always.

Paige Deblaquiere

Don’t Remember Me With Sadness, Don’t Remember Me With Tears, Remember All The Laughter, We’ve Shared Throughout The Years. Now I Am Contented That My Life It Was Worthwhile, Knowing As I Passed Along The Way I Made Somebody Smile. When You Are Walking Down The Street And You’ve Got Me On Your Mind, I’m Walking In Your Footsteps Only Half A Step Behind. So Please Don’t Be Unhappy.💜

Paige Deblaquiere

Remembering Larry Deblaquiere💜

Pam Graham

"Vince" Vincent Matthew Graham The love of my life , we had 53 wonderful years together before this cancer took you to heaven. I miss you every day, till we meet again my wee Scot. Xx

I lost my mum in April of 2021 to stage 4 Pancreatic cancer, I miss her everyday.

Miss you everyday Mum💜 Elizabeth "BETH" Bell

Cherry Pearce

Remembering a loving husband and fantastic father who at the age of 59 passed away from this terrible disease. Our lives changed so much on the 12th June 2022 , he may be no longer here with us but he is still loved and remembered every day xoxo


Miss you every day

Fortunee Cantrell

Remembering my Dear Dad, Kevin in September who lost his battle with Pancreatic Cancer 26 years ago in September. Love you forever Dad 💜

Deborah briggs

Lost my dad in 2004 miss him everyday I doing this to remember my dad and also doing for people who are fighting this and for the ones who have lost to it let’s get 69 down to 0 lives lost to this

Debbie Hare

I’m walking for my best friend, husband and father of our wonderful children. Dave was diagnosed just before Christmas last year and has been having chemotherapy for the last 6 months and is responding well. It took so long to get a diagnosis that it is now stage 4. We need to raise much more awareness of this silent cancer !

Julie Lindsay

I’m remembering my beautiful Dad who fought this terrible battle for 9 months passed away peacefully 10/11/21 . Dad meant the world to me . If I can help save someone else I know he would be proud he will be looking down on me everyday

Cheryl Allen

I’m remembering my gergeous Dad, who sadly passed away in May this year after a 6 year battle with Stomach Cancer, and also after terribly missing his Wife who sadly died of Brain Cancer in November 2017


This is my pop James in 2018 he lost his fight to pancreatic cancer. he meant everything to me and i’m happy i can do something to hopefully help find a cure to fight this horrible cancer. i know he would be so proud

Gail Brennan

Walking in memory of my darling mum who passed away from Pancreatic cancer 1984 aged 62. Always in my heart

Julia Trinidad

Last year I did this walk for my brother-in-law Scott whom we lost after 6 weeks of diagnosis, this year unfortunately I have lost a very special friend Margaret , 12 weeks after diagnosis. I hope I don’t have to keep adding family or friends to this list each year. I will be walking to raise money to help find a better outcome for anybody that is diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. I know they both will be with me every step of the way .


My mother-in-law was the most generous and kind person that I have met. She passed away only 2 months after getting the diagnosis. I want to walk in tribute to her and prevent other families to lose their loved ones because of this silent disease. I will remember her this September doing what she always did. Caring and helping everyone.

Ben Wilheim

All in memory of this beautiful man 💜