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We will remember them. We will honour them. We will fight for them.

Pancreatic cancer takes 71 lives every week in Australia. So this September, we're remembering those we've lost and standing with those fighting to survive.

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Hi Bubby it’s Remember September once again I am raising money so what you suffered wth this diseases ,in the future no one else will.Love you miss you 💜💜💜💜

For the love of my life, who is only 37 years old. This is his 4th year with pancreatic cancer. I hope he lives long enough to see our baby grow up. 🥺🥺🥺

Mandy McKinnon

In memory of our beautiful Mother Glenice who will continue to live with us in our hearts every minute of every day forever 🩷🩷🩷


Will miss Lori at Ulladulla ❤️

Judi Adams

This September join me in the challenge to walk 71 kms during the month of September and make a difference while honouring the 71 Australians dying each month from pancreatic cancer

Heather Rowe

It’s nearly 12 months since my dear Robyn was taken by this insidious disease.

Always remembered

Char Llamas

I’m walking 71km in September with my team Gorgeous Tess Lovely Tess in memory of my sister “Tess” . We miss her so much, I know she will be right beside me every step I take 💜 Forever in our hearts ♥️ 💜🌹

Linda french

I’m doing this walk for my courageous sister Mandy, her strength and determination simply inspires me daily, I’m also doing this walk for my mum, that unfortunately lost her battle with pancreatic cancer.


Gorgeous Tess Lovely Tess As I walk with my bestie we pay tribute to her sister 71+71 142 kms GTLT team


In loving memory of Mum and Nan - forever in our hearts!

Adam Johnson

Mum..... Always Loved Never Forgotten Forever Missed ❤️🌹


Love you the best, better than all the rest, miss you so much.. Big hugs 😘🌟😘🌟😘🌟

Cherry Pearce

Remember a wonderful husband and father. No longer with us but always in our hearts and memories, David xo


You are always on my mind Genevieve!

Matthew Long

A tribute to Philip Long. My Dad. My friend. Taken at age 79 by this disease. Love you Dad

John briggs

My dad lost him in 2004 miss him everyday doing this to get it down to no lives losted


I am taking part this year because my dear friend Alison has been fighting with everything she has for the past 12 months. Now, there are no more options and not many days or hours left. I hope that the research can improve early detection, it is so critical to get help early. I am sorry for all the families that are navigating this right now, and for all the people who have been taken too early.

Mark Tennant

Dear darling Sue who passed away in January 2023. She was running 5K every second day including the day she was diagnosed with cancer. Always loved by her family and friends.


Always in our hearts, miss you ever day. Love you always Dad 💜💜

Errol Grace

Miss him every day, his laughter, his commitment to keep politicians honest. his love of family and friends

Melanie McMahon

We sadly lost our father 23/04/2023 after an 8 month battle with pancreatic cancer. He was a great man, who is missed every day.

Miss your mischief dad 💜


My mum, my hero, my best friend. I can't believe this time last year you didn't even know you were sick. F...king pancreatic cancer, it's so cruel and so fast! I miss you so much, everyday, but setting goals like doing the Cape to Cape Walk for Remember September will drive me to keep on going like I know you'd want.


Forever missed 💔


My dear friend Lori lost her short brutal battle with Pancreatic Cancer earlier this year.. it’s a cruel disease and needs a cure.. Walking in memory of Lori


Missing you more and more as each day passes

Kayla Fraser

Missing you more and more as each day passes

Bree Packman

My Dad, Keith Waters, diagnosed on my birthday, 26th April 2023 and passed away on my daughter’s birthday, 24th February 2024. I am so grateful for the time we had together since diagnosis. We did a family getaway, got together regularly and had Sunday night picnics by the river near their home.

I am walking for my Husband, who passed away 5/9/23. I miss you every single day 💔


Even though you are no longer with us, I can still feel your love guiding me.

Cara George

We are walking in memorial of my late mum beryl Lee who lost her battle in 2019. She fought for 14 months with pure determination and all the while never to complain. She was such an amazing human all the way to her core and she is missed everyday by the four of her children and added broods. We love you BERYL XXXXX


Hi mum, you inspire me to do a little better every day, this September, lots will remember and raise much needed funding for the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

For my Dad; Les Cauchi. Taken too young. Missed Everyday.

Errol Grace

A special man in my life for over 50 years. It happened so fast; cancer of any sort is devastating. I have friends who are fighting different types of cancer. He fought so hard to be here for milestones like Christmas. His family and large circle of friends all miss his love of life.

Alan and Janelle Edwards

Our dearly loved son Craig, amazing husband of Sarah and father of Holly and Archie. Missed every day.

Auds Mcinnes

My beautiful husband Geoff who I loved so very much lost his six and a half year fight in April this year. I want to do this because I feel it’s the least I can do to honour his memory. ❤️

When a life shines this bright

Linda Slee

I am not doing this for anyone in particular but for everyone who is fighting this horrible disease or for those that have lost someone. We support you.

For Drew who died too young…;


Last year my husband and l walked together, this year l will do it again in his memory, as he passed away in January. We all miss him so much and l know he will be right beside me every step l take.


Love you mum, talk with you every day


Ann Beautiful mum (gran) 💜 ……your humongous gorgeous smile, that cheeky sparkle in your eyes, blowing kisses… slowly waving goodbye as silently a tear escapes….. Love Janine and everyone. xxx

Leanne Maxwell

It stills seems surreal. Cancer only takes the good ones. Life continues on, but the pain of loss remains, Love you always, Glen xxx


Gone from our sights but not from our hearts

Fiona Sutcliffe

In loving memory of my beautiful Mum 💜 It's been 9 months without you 💔 Everyday I think of you and miss you more 😢 😭 I love you I miss you so much 💟💜

Auds Mcinnes

My beautiful husband lost his 6+ year fight in April this year. He was so brave and his positive attitude was what made him fight on. He will always be with me in my heart ♥️

Janelle and Alan Edwards

Our son, Craig, the most amazing father and husband to his family. The most gentle of man that we are proud to call our son, who showed amazing courage during his short fight with PC.

Kerry Celona

I'm walking to honour my beautiful mum. Mum passed away 12 days short of 5 years battling pancreatic cancer. Together we can make a difference.

Janelle and Alan Edwards

To honour our son Craig, the most wonderful father and husband, and the most gentle man you could wish for in a son. May his loss not be in vain for those who follow with this insidious disease.

I miss my beautiful mum who was taken from this horrible disease. She was an incredible woman with so much to learn from. I love you mum 💜

Bronwyn Smith

In honour of my beautiful Mum, Gwennie who was taken by this insidious and sneaky disease. 6 weeks from diagnosis to death. I walk in her honour and also to raise much needed funds to stop other families going through the absolute hell that we did.

Brittany Edwards

Forever loving you, always missing you Mum

Cassandra Neave

Walking again this year in honor of my mum Jennifer Ilkiw💜 My mum was taken by this horrible disease at 27yrs young, leaving behind 3young children, myself 9, my brother 8 and my 2yr old sister. It’s been 41 years but not a day goes by where I don’t think about or miss my mum. Wishing everyone the best of luck throughout the challenge!

Bree Packman

Remembering, loving and honouring my dad, Keith, who we lost 24 Feb 2024 at age 74. This is the last photo taken of him with myself and my sister, 7 days before he passed. He has left a huge void in all of our lives.

Ben Wilheim

All in memory of this beautiful man 💜