Remember September

Remember those we've lost, and stand with those who are fighting to survive.

Give It Up or Move It this September for the 63 Australians who die from pancreatic cancer every week.

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Taking part in Remember September is a way to honour someone lost to pancreatic cancer or stand with people fighting this disease.

Choose to Give Up a vice of your choosing like caffeine or sugar, or choose to Move It and walk 63km over the month.

Whichever challenge you choose will help fund PanKind, The Australian Pancreatic Cancer Foundation’s life-saving pancreatic cancer research and improve survival rates for people fighting pancreatic cancer.

By taking part, you're joining a community of people who have been impacted by pancreatic cancer and want to ensure future generations can win the fight against this disease.

Plus you'll feel AMAZING doing something for your health!


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"September is definitely a time for me to remember someone special. Every time I crave a coffee, I think about my dad Danny and my cousin Danielle."

David Wilheim,
Remember September Co-Founder

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" To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die "

Pancreatic cancer takes 63 lives every week in Australia. So this September, we're remembering those we've lost and standing with those fighting to survive.

Kylie edwards

Rip Mum lost her life to this horrible disease diagnosed 2017 died 2018 not a day goes by I don't think about you xx

Gail, Gay, Doreen, Warren & Terry

Our brother passed away 23rd September 2021 from this terrible Cancer. His 76th Birthday is 23rd April we miss him everyday xxxx


Thinking of you. Always in our hearts.

Merrill Rollins

My beautiful Mum, Judy Willis passed away from this terrible cancer in October, 2020. She was a loving,caring,talkative, friendly, helpful person who enjoyed being with others. This is my tribute to honour her & help others who suffer through this terrible cancer xxx❤❤

Liz Begg

Mum, not a day goes by that I don't think of you. You have left a huge hole in our lives and in our hearts, I miss you so much, till we meet again, I love you. Liz x


To Susie, Tanya and Ron always in our hearts 💕

Kerie and Drew

Bec.... I miss you every day x

Tracie Armatage

Sorry we lost you beautiful!! We will remember you and Love you forever!!!!! God speed to heaven

Belinda Grant

This September I have been walking in memory for my amazing husband Frank who we lost on 17th June this year after is short battle. Our world turned upside down when he was diagnosed on 20th August 2020 but Frank was confident he would survive to reach the 5 year mark. We were hopeful when this first treatment plan began to work and we saw some shrinkage however this did not last long as the tumours began to grow again. We changed treatment but unfortunately it did not work. He was so strong throughout the journey and fought hard. He always made sure he was able to show so much love to our children and family. Everyone that knew Frank only had good memories and words to speak of him. At 47 years old he was too young to go. I miss him every second of each day.

Pip Else

Remembering Cheryl. A dearly loved wife, Mum, Grandma , Daughter, Aunty and friend

Krissy / Didee / Georgie

Missing our gorgeous Nainee who bought love, laughter and light to each of us everyday. The three sisters are walking 189 ks in her memory and wish with all of our hearts that a cure can be found.


Miss you so much, Mum. Walking 63km this month in your honour and to help save lives!

Matthew Brain

I was watching the Front Bar last night on Ch7 and they interviewed past player Paul Dear who played for Hawthorn. He spoke of how he had pancreatic cancer and it had come out of nowhere. I learnt that you could have it and not even know until it was too late which is really scary. It made me realise how quickly your life can change, and the life you thought you were going to have can change. It prompted me to donate this morning.

Bronwyn Hopkins

I lost my nana and my best friend on the 3/11/2019 , she only had 6 months from being diagnosed :( I miss her more then words can describe. She was the kindest person I’ve ever met , with a heart of goal and a smile that would light up a room . She was always there for me and was my go to person when I had anything I wanted to share happy or sad .. or to just chat for hours and stay up late watching movies or crime shows until we were laughing because we were tired :) I have so many fond memories of of her. She was lucky enough to be at my wedding and spend the first 8 months of my little boys life . But unfortunately didn’t get to meet our baby girl who was born in July . To honour her our little girls middle name is my nanas . We miss her so much and just wish she was still here laughing and smiling with us x Rest In Peace my beautiful nana Rona Lynne Gibson 1/2/42-3/11/19

Annie Kukola

This September I'm giving it up and moving it all in my Dads honor. Dad showed the world how much strength he had and until the end never stopped caring about his family, his world. This disease takes people so quickly, it breaks my heart seeing people loosing their family members within weeks and months. Dad fought for himself and his family for 921 days. I am so proud to say that he is my dad. I miss you more than words can say. This is all for you Papa, and to help prevent other families from feeling our pain 💜😇 fly high my Hercules

For Glen Robert Duffin who died in 2018

Nicole Sargant

Sandra Rumbel peacefully left us on the 14th July 2021, only 9 weeks after being diagnosed. Our team ‘Sandra loves cows’ is walking for mum and all of our friends and family that we have lost to pancreatic cancer. We hope and pray that the amazing people in research will find a cure. 🙏💕❤️😘

My brother was a great man . Always remember Ed ❤️

Narelle Millis

I want to do Remember September to honour my beautiful mother in law who beat pancreatic cancer for 5 years, but succumbed to stomach cancer in March 2019! She was so strong and determined and adored her grandchildren. She was such an inspiration and so loved 💞🌸

Karen Neumeyer

To one of the most amazing humans too have ever walked this planet . Leo my father-in-law passed away 10 years ago and I still miss him dearly. Our team "Team Leo" is doing this for him. You will be forever in our hearts.


Philip lost his battle with pancreatic cancer after surviving a liver transplant for more than 30 years. He was an inspiration to everyone for the courage he displayed during his battle. It wasn't the liver that took him away 10 years ago but contines to watch over us and help us along. I like to bring awareness to this illness, whilst raising funds for a cure.

John Hallett

Remembering Eileen Dent - loving daughter, sister, aunt and great-aunt - who left this World on 6 October, 2006 due to pancreatic cancer. Greatly loved and missed.

My sisters and I suffered the devastating loss of our treasured Dad Terry Pappas to pancreatic cancer almost 2 years ago. We heard about the Remember September challenge and wanted to get involved to honour our Dad and help fund life-changing cancer research, as we know first hand just how devastating this disease can be.

Georgina Tiller

One year ago we had to say goodbye. Thank you for continuing to watch over us and help us along. Love you Ducks xx


Frances lost her battle with pancreatic cancer but is still an inspiration to her family for the courage she displayed during her battle.

Veronica Byrne

Oh the places you’ll go

Maureen Ayton

Today on Father's day I was immersed in memories of the people special to me in my story. My brother wasn't a dad himself, but he showed great kindness and love to others just like our dad did to us and others around him. Bernard's death last August, only 2 wks after his pancreatic cancer diagnosis, left another huge loss in my family. I walked for him and all my lost loved eldest brother Terry who died only the year before in 2019..also only 67, of a cerebral hemorage, my dad who lost hiss battle with brain cancer/Melanoma and my mum who died of Ovarian cancer. As I walked this afternoon I witnessed such joy and hope in a magnificent sunset ofter the rain today....It inspired me more to keep walking every make a difference with every step for others still suffering this terrible disease 🙏🤗💚💙💜💝

Veronica Byrne

Legend....oh the places you took people...😎👍🏻💜

Tahlia Pauls

Remembering my Mother who passed away 4 months ago on the 31st of August after losing her battle with Pancreatic Cancer 🤍


i wish to all the fathers happy father day to all

Kim Williams

I am walking in honour of my wonderful husband. This hideous disease took him way too soon. Not a man to complain and to the end was always thinking about me. I miss you more every day xxxx

Papa Ioane Vitaliano

First Fathers Day without you this month we walk in loving memory of our Guardian Angel who passed away on the 11th June 2021 🕊🤍 We love and miss you so much dad Happy Heavenly Fathers day 💜


Remembering my beautiful brother Phil who was taken too soon . Sometimes there is never enough time to tell people who much they mean to you and how much you will miss them when their gone .


Every Father's Day I remember my Mum and her sister. From the time I was 5 years old these 2 amazing women were both mother and father to my brother and me. Mum was only 63 when she developed pancreatic cancer. We had 2 weeks from time of diagnosis to time of her release from pain. My Aunt managed to see in her 80th birthday before it was her turn to succumb to this insidious cancer. Both Mum and Auntie were incredibly nurturing women. They shared a wicked sense of humour. Family was their number one priority. I miss them both in ways I can't express. They were my inspiration.


all good i know its very hard losing a love one

Marisa Pjanic

Alfredo, the amazing father of our three children, we miss your presence, hugs, love and laughter as we journey without you on earth. Not a moment goes by that you are not in our thoughts. We will always carry your heart in ours 💜

Jacqui Nash

I was inspired to take on this challenge as we found out this year that our 2 children have hereditary pancreatitis, unfortunately this means they have a much higher chance of getting pancreatic cancer, I want to help fight this disease now so the odds are much better if they are ever diagnosed 💜

Christine Bitzios

Missing you so much Kon, Wishing you were here with us, your memories will always be eternal! 🤍🕊👼

Marg Sainty

Remembering my beautiful husband, Stan… Thinking of my kids today, their Dad was so very proud of them both, adoring grandfather to four amazing grandchildren… I’m truly grateful for having such a great man in our lives wonderful memories to cherish…


Wishing you were hear. Happy father's day Con. We miss your cheeky, beautiful, kind heart. 💜 You were one in a million. Your legacy will live in our thoughts and hearts forever. Love you big much

Belinda Whiddon

Happy heavenly Father's Day Darrell Whiddon. It's the first year your kids have had no father for father's Day. Hopefully the money raised will help other families keep their Dad's a little longer

Sian Baldock

I lost my beautiful father in law of pancreatic cancer on Fathers Day 7 years ago. I loved him so much and still miss him. He was such a special man and the greatest grandfather to my kids. His wisdom and strength lives on in his grandchildren. I'll never forget you my beautiful father in law. Happy fathers day Colin .💜💜💜


Happy father's day to all and especially to those dearly lost. Happy father's day Tony. Hope you are dancing around and being cheeky as always. We all dearly miss you but i know you are always with us. So today we celebrate you. xo

Lisa Phillips

Happy heavenly fathers day. Miss your love and support. This is why I'm doing this challenge to raise awareness for you , Joanne and Barry. Happy heavenly fathers day to you too.


Miss you today and everyday Dad. Wish I could see you big grin and listen to you play the guitar.

Donna schryver

Happy Father’s Day to all our dads in heaven who was taken from us from this horrible cancer

Leanne Bronish

Happy Fathers day dad love you and miss you so much….

Roman Wieczorek


Ashley Michailaros

Miss you Dad. My first Fathers Day without you this year. A man that never hurt anyone doesn’t deserve to go this way. Love you

Remembering my amazing Dad Wayne. I miss you so very much and think about you everyday. I thank you for being such a kind and loving father and for all of the wonderful memories. I’m so sorry this awful disease took you away from us. You fought so hard to stay with us. My deepest sympathies to everyone who has lost someone to this cancer.

Liz Berg

I have taken the challenge Remember September for my very dear Dad Lawrence Berg . He was 63 years old when he died of Pancreatic cancer . 16 years today . Its also fathers days today .. So today I will have an extra long walk and remember him ( and have a little chat ) xxx

Lindy Richardson,

Lindy was always calm, friendly and so helpful, and with the most beautiful smile, everyone loved Lindy


On September 11 it will be one year since I lost the love of my life ! The most beautiful kind gentle and loving man in the world ❤️ Taken too soon at 61 I still think of you every moment of every day


I smile because you were here.


Mum - diagnosed too late, you faced your diagnosis with amazing calm and courage. But you would want others to have a chance to survive by being diagnosed earlier. So I am doing this to help make this a reality.


My husband David was an amazing man who fought incredibly hard to overcome ampullary cancer. When he was diagnosed in 2015 he convinced me to get a caravan so that we could make the most of every day that we had together. In between ongoing chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, we had some unbelievable experiences whilst travelling around the country. Thank goodness for his phenomenal tenacity and strength I have fabulous memories of our last few years together. But the fact that he had to go through cancer treatment was horrific; no one should have to go through that. So I'm going to walk 250km and bring awareness to this illness, whilst raising funds for a cure.

Maria Carlino

In loving memory of Maria Carlino who in February this year was taken away in weeks from diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. She was a beloved Wife, Mother, Grandmother, GreatGrandmother, Sister, Daughter and Friend. She was loved by all who knew her & will be dearly missed but she will live on in our hearts for generations. May this beautiful soul Rest In Peace and the fight against Pancreatic cancer ♋️ be won !

Julie Barry

Last year a gorgeous girl with her life in front of her died within 30days of diagnosis. This year my lovely Mother in law is fighting this same battle. This needs to stop , the pain, the suffering & the grieving the loss of wonderful people 💖💖

Raymond Falkner

Missing you Dad. Walking 63km this month in your honour X

Louise Bowen

Louise was a fantastic sister, daughter and wife and a fabulous friend to many people.


Missing you everyday Mum. This is to remember my beautiful mum, Lourdes, and the other souls lost and stand with those fighting to survive.

Fortunée Cantrell

Remembering you this September and always Dad. Not a day goes by that you are not thought of or missed. Love you forever and always. In loving memory and in honour of Kevin ❤💋

Emma elliott

Remembering my mum, Annie. Vivacious, warm and full of energy. Always with us xxx

Claire McCarthy

This is for you dad….I know your with me every day! I love you and miss you so much 💜


Thank you for loving us & being the best Nanny a little boy could ask for 💜

Remembering our beautiful mum ❤, Susanna Grace Wells 15/3/44 - 12/1/21, only lived 2 very short months after diagnosed with this terrible cancer. Totally devastating with no time to even suggest the diagnosis and she was gone. Loved forever ❤💙❤💙❤

Robert John Campbell

This is in memory of my darling husband Robert. We had 26 years almost 27 years together. Four beautiful children and many wonderful memories! We love and miss him everyday. He would’ve loved being a Poppy to his 5 grandchildren.

Remembering my beautiful Mother (Mavis Bourke) this September & hoping to raise as many $$$ as I can to support research into this disease that takes far too many people so quickly. Forever a hole in your heart when loved ones or friends are taken from us. I hope there is a future cure out there that one of our amazing researchers can tap in to & stop this disease in its tracks 💞

Over the Rainbow💜💚💛❤

Walking for Ouma

Remembering my beautiful Mom & Ouma Julie. A kind, caring and compassionate woman who was taken to soon. You touched the lives of so many and we miss you every day. Over the rainbow xxx


Remembering my beautiful mum Ann, taken way to young. Missed by her husband, daughters and grandchildren immensely. Doing this for you mum xxxx

Palaivete Pasisi

Hello friends/family This is my first time 'moving it' with Remember September, and I am participating to remember all those affected by pancreatic cancer, but especially to honour my beautiful Dad, AKA Private Pasisi [Patiti], who was diagnosed earlier this year. Within 5 weeks, Dad passed away on 11th March from an internal bleed related directly to this cancer. Dad was 72, and leaves behind his wife Mata, 5 children, 10 grand-children and 5 great-grandchildren. This small contribution of walking/running/biking will be easy compared to what we've been through, and it will help spread awareness of this insidious disease - that HITS everyone so hard. I'm in awe reading the sad yet loving stories on this wall, and am humbled to share this healing space with you. Thank you Team Remember September. Much love and grace, Marie & Team Pasisi 💋Xx [Miss you Dad - pic taken during our last family holiday in Niue Dec 2018. Who will catch our uga (coconut crab) when we shake down the coconut tree now? Xx]

Karen Buckley

Gone too soon. karen was talented, organised, caring, articulate, smart, loving, and so courageous in her battle with pancreatic cancer. So many of us miss you and we are coming together at this time to raise much needed funds to put an end to this cancer for us too come.

Lozzie Hughes

What an extraordinary hubby, dad & pop. We said goodbye on 2 May 2019, only 4.5 months from the start of your fight to that sad day. Your love of music, family & your wicked sense of humour keeps your memory alive for us. Miss you my mate of 40 years. Not long enough. ❤️❤️❤️


I call her Braveheart. My sister in law has fought tenaciously for 6 years and inspires her family and friends every day. The photo is Jill and her oldest brother.

crystal black

I am participating in Remember September in memory of my beloved Dad. Its been three years since we lost him to pancreatic cancer and i miss him every single day. The most amazing man i've ever known. The best Father, greatest Poppa and love of my Mother's life. Life will never ever be the same without him.

Cassandra D

September is Mum’s birthday month. This time last year, I took her out for a birthday brunch. She seemed a bit distracted, and eventually said, ‘I’ve got something I need to tell you.’ When she told me she had pancreatic cancer, I was completely floored. But then I thought, ‘this is the 21st Century, and advances in medical research and practice have been phenomenal.’ I told her we would get her through it - I genuinely believed we could. I was oblivious to the fact that pancreatic cancer has such a poor prognosis. After she had surgery (Whipple procedure), she took my hand and said, ‘If I have five more years left, it will be a gift.’ She passed away less than five months after being diagnosed. Mum was intent on those she loved living as fully as possible. I’ll be walking, swimming (and quitting sugar), for her, and to help raise some funds for pancreatic cancer research this September; Mum would have been turning 68 in a few weeks. A vibrant, funny, empathetic soul who cared deeply about life and the people in it. The world is a dimmer place without her here.


Lost my Dad and best friend in 2016 after he fought this horrid disease for way too long I am doing the walk as Dad used to love his walks. Life is nit the same without him

Natasha Obad

My beautiful mother, Pam fought like a warrior for 4.5 years. She inspired everyone around her with her positivity, strength and determination but sadly she was taken too soon. We miss her everyday.

Libby Perks

Remembering a dear sister

Jacqueline Roser

This is for my beautiful mother, gone since 31 January 2020. Not just a mother, she was my best friend, my person, and my soul mate. My greatest wish is that no one would ever have to endure this disease; and that those of us left behind were not broken because of it. Five other friends of mine have also lost a parent to this, and that is something that is terrible to have a bond because of, but having that bond and support is also priceless. Here’s to you mummy, Zlata, Omi, may I grow to be half the woman you were ❤️ I love you more, I love you most, I love you mostest. Loved eternally ❤️❤️❤️ I miss your laugh, your smile and your cuddles


The month of September I will be walking 63kms to raise awareness for those whose journey involves someone going through Pancreatic Cancer. My Partner Peter was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer on the 2nd Feb 2021 and 11 weeks later passed away. What I can only describe as utter disbelief as he had no symptoms or warning signs before this time. To be a part of this fund-raiser in his memory and raise awareness I can only hope that the research will help someone's loved ones from the heartache of loosing someone you love so quickly. Peter was a humble man who loved life and always had a helping caring hand on offer to anyone who needed it. For you my love..❣💜❣


My cousin and friend who was taken far too quickly leaving her 3 daughters, 3 grandchildren, her mum and sister. Bronnie never complained throughout her entire illness. She was still making plans the last time I saw her. Charlie her beloved, faithful dog went to heaven 1 week before Bronnie died. I know they are together forever in heaven.


This September we are walking 63kms or giving up something for the month to honour are beautiful Mum and Nana who is living with pancreatic cancer. Mum was diagnosed in December last year and although she started Chemo it made her extremely ill and therefore she opted to stop all treatment. Mum inspires us everyday especially during these hard covid lockdowns, she is a fighter who never gives up ❤

Christina Henry

I'm doing this challenge in my dad's memory. Cyril Norris was 84 when he passed away from pancreatic cancer 3 years ago. He had had many health battles, including a battle with prostate cancer, but once he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer he only survived another 7 months. I inherited the BRCA2 gene mutation from him, which increases our risk of several different cancers including pancreatic, prostate, breast, ovarian cancers and melanoma. Unfortunately cancer has affected our family through multiple generations. There isn't a way to screen for pancreatic cancer so fund raising is vital to support research into this deadly disease.

Simone Helene Thomson

Walking for my cousin Bronnie. We were great friends and I miss our catch-ups. Bronnie left behind her 3 girls and 3 young grandchildren a Mum and a beloved sister.

Krystal Drapaniotis

In loving memory of our Mum Melanie. An incredible woman who touched the lives of everyone she passed. Missing you more and more each day

Walking with our family to remember a much loved husband, father, grandpa, son, brother and friend

Michelle Ireland

Walking with our family remembering our dear Uncle Joe and brother in law who loved walking x

Michelle Ireland

Walking with my family to remember our sweet Granny, Mum, Great Granny and GGG x


In memory of Howard, Joan & Terry.

Paul Williams

Paul I will get up, get moving this September in memory of you. You were such a kind and caring man with the funniest sense of humour and was always there lending a hand in time of need or raising money for so many different charities. This 63km is for you our dear friend. Miss you heaps!

Sarah Wakerley

We lost our Mum to pancreatic cancer when she was 65 in 2016, and we lost our Nan when she was 67 to this cancer too in 1991. They were strong women, who did not deserve to go through this awful disease. No one does. I think of you both every day... You're beautiful, cheeky and loving grandkids and great grand kids hear about you often. They love to hear your stories. Your memories will live on through them xxx


In memory of Penny, our dear friend, Mum and Granny. 💗

Brenda Robertson

I'm participating in this fund-raiser in memory of my sister Gai Keaton. Gai was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 2 days before Christmas 2020. I knew after reading her medical report that her time with us wasn't going to be a long journey...Gai passed away 2 June 2021...she loved walking, listeming to great music and just having fun..miss her so much..I'm sure she will get walking with me.

Darren Hamilton-Scott

I’ll be walking for Tracey this September. What a brave woman. Five years on and greatly missed.

Julie sclosa

We are walking for remember September to honour my beautiful mum and best friend who passed away suddenly from pancreatic cancer. She was a breast cancer survivor and we were so proud of her. She never complained about anything. This was so sudden that she didn’t even get a a chance to fight this horrible disease. I miss her as a friend and mum everyday. Love you always


I’m walking with my family to remember our beautiful mum who was taken too soon at 70 years young. Mum loved life & her family very much & we’ll never forget her


I’m walking with my family to remember our beautiful mum who was taken too soon at 70 years young. Mum loved life & her family very much & we’ll never forget her ❤️😇

Ron and Beryl Hancock

Ryan Verge , You were an inspiration to all who knew you . We miss your friendship , your enthusiasm for life and your unswerving Christian faith .

Tracey Pye

In remembrance of my beautiful mum who passed away Sept 2019 after being diagnosed in Feb 2019. She was an inspiration to our family in her courageous battle and we miss her everyday


I am walking for my second Mum Jilly who died from pancreatic cancer 11/9/2001. It was a sad day for the world and a double sad day for our family. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of her passing. Sending much love to Dad, I know Jilly will always be in your heart xxxxx


My big sister is walking this September to remember our dear Mumma who we lost this year to pancreatic cancer in March. She was an amazing strong willed woman who only had 11 weeks from her diagnosis. I’ll be giving up coffee for the month!! We love & miss her dearly. Here we go Felicia Xxx

Matthew Potter

I'm walking this month in memory of my beautiful mum Suzanne, who lost her battle with pancreatic cancer on 2nd December, 2014, only one week before her 58th birthday. She meant the world to me. I love and miss you so much! xo


I am walking 63 klms in September in memory of my dad Pete. Passed away 2017 after a battle wirh Pancreatic Cancer. Missed every day xx

The Gibsons

We are walking in honour of our dear husband, dad, and pa, Peter Gibson who passed away on his 61st birthday, 7th June 2021. He was the most wonderful, fun-loving, generous person and it was a privilege to know and love him.

Tamara and Evan Cunningham

Dad and I are walking 63km this September to honour my beautiful mum Carol Cunningham and the love of dad’s life. Mum and Dad were married for 43.5 years until she lost her battle just nine weeks after being diagnosed. Mum was 63 years of age and we will walk and run 63 km to honour her memory. We all miss and love her so much. 💜

Joanne Read-Shaw

I'm walking 63km to honour my late grandfather, who we lost almost a year ago! He was one of the best people I knew, and I know he'll be walking with me as I move to help raise funds to help others with this disease.


For all the people with pancreas cancer that I have shared a treatment journey with

Lorraine Gibson

Carol and myself are taking the challenge of Remember them in September and walking the 63kms in support of our dear friend Norm Henderson who is in the middle of his chemo treatment and fighting this horrid disease Pancreatic Cancer. We're all here supporting you and all your fellow sufferers, Norm xx

Andrea Hawkins

I am walking in honour of my dear Dads who lost his battle 5 weeks after he finally got a diagnosis. I miss his support and humour everyday and want to honour his memory by raising funds to help us know more about this awful disease.


I am walking in honour of my wonderful husband. This hideous disease took him way too soon. Not a man to complain and to the end was always thinking about me. I miss you more every day xxxx

Sarah Ibbotson

I'm participating in the Remember September 'give it up challenge', in memory of my dad Pasquale (Pat) Ruotolo, who we lost to pancreatic cancer in October 2020, after being diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in late January 2020.

Ben Caldwell

I am walking to remember my wife, a day doesn't go by when she isn't on my mind. If I can help make it so others don't have to go thru the pain our families have gone thru it is all worth it

Jayme Lobban

I am walking to honour my Father-in-Law, Jerry Lobban, more affectionately known as Poppy Boomba. We lost Jerry in February 2021, shortly after diagnosis. Taken too soon and missed terribly xo

Melissa Cefai

In memory of my hero, my first and truest love, my dad Paul Cefai. An amazing husband, father, grandfather, and human! There wasn’t a person who knew dad that wasn’t touched by his fun loving and cheeky nature. As a family we have been devastated by this terrible disease and the loss we have had to endure. Dad was diagnosed on April 30 and passed away only 3 and a half short months later, on August 10, 2021. There wasn’t anything Dad wouldn’t do for me or my children, so I’m doing this for him. May his smile live on in the hearts of all who knew him forever! Love you dad x

Hey friends, I’m joining Remember September to support my dearest friend Lynn who has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Our lives have been turned upside down with this news and Lynn is up for the fight of her life. My beautiful friend is the strongest person I know and is going to give this fight everything she has….and more. The least I can do is show my love by doing this challenge for her. If you would care to help, you can join me and Lynn’s daughter Melanie in giving up your favourite “vice” or walk 63 kilometres during the month of September. If you don’t want to join the challenge, we would be very grateful if you would donate to this very worthwhile cause. I’m only being nice for the next 2 days……after that it might not be pretty as I’m giving up alcohol 🥴😬

Belinda Whiddon

I am we walking to honour my mother Ann Shirley Maytom, who lost her fight with pancreatic cancer in 1993.

Sue Dias

To our very special friend Tony Caracoglia, who was taken so soon from us. You were always there for all of us. Your cheeky laugh was infectious and the gatherings was never dull when you were around. You were truely a gentleman. God bless, we all miss you and you will always be in our hearts

Sue Swanton

Never stop missing you Sharyn 😥

Michelle Campbell

In memory of my husband Jarrett. Taken too soon, age 30. FISH ON xx

Sally Fell

I am doing this challenge in memory of my beautiful Mum, my everything. My heart was broken the day of diagnosis and remains broken now that I only have memories. My Mum left behind a husband, 2 daughters, son in laws, 3 gorgeous Grandchildren, brothers and friends. We all miss her terribly everyday. Let's get together to find a cure for this horrible disease that destroys the lives of far too many 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Patricia May Nairn (Bawden)

There was no routine testing for pancreatic or thyroid cancer for mum - although breast and bowel cancer checks are more common now

Arthur Nezis

My dad was my hero and he is always remembered for the beautiful gentleman he was. It’s fitting for me to do ‘Remember September’ as it’s my dad’s 10 year anniversary since he passed on 30th Sep, 2011.. This is a cause very close to my heart and my family & I have been supporting it since he was diagnosed back in 2010. That photo of him was taken at the first PanKind walk held in Melbourne back in 2011. His smile could light up a room. 💜


I am doing this for Anne Reeves affectionately known as Da. We lost Da in 2019 after a long battle and all miss her so much. I want my daughter, Darla, to know how amazing her great grandma was.


My mother in law Clare, my cousin Jean, and my husband Patrick all passed away due to Pancreatic cancer. My husband died 2 days short of his 59th birthday, 3 months after diagnosis. This cancer is insidious and diagnosis is generally too late.

Susan Onley

In memory of Iris Evans. She was my best friend, my rock and my Guardian Angel and I will miss her always. Iris was one of a kind and no one can ever fill the void she has left

Rachel David

To my much loved sister Sally, miss you and think about you every day.

Maureen Ayton

I will be walking this September in honour of my dear brother Bernard, who passed away from Pancreatic Cancer in August last year, just 12 months ago, at the age of 67. He was only diagnosed 2 weeks before his death, and never got to return home from RPA Hospital Sydney after his initial diagnosis. He will always be remembered as a kind and loving man, and his memory is forever etched in my heart. I will be walking 63 km to raise awareness about this silent killer, and to raise much needed funds for research and treatment of those 63 people affected each week, from this 3rd highest cancer killer in Australia. I am so grateful for your support for this campaign that is so close to my heart.

Elena Rossi

In memory of my beautiful brother, Barney, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer at the age of 59. He was only given months to live but managed to stay with us for another 2 1/2 years. A beautiful man taken way way too early. I think of you everyday and miss you heaps. Always in my thoughts and heart. XX

Narelle Barber

I’m taking part in the challenge for my beautiful friend who has been diagnosed with this terrible disease

Shari Campbell

My big brother Christopher Dale Thoresen died due to pancreatic cancer a year ago on the 15th September. Just 60 and 10mths after our mum it was a loss keenly felt. An accomplished man, a career pilot with a wealth of experience. Calm under pressure, a pilot most loved to soar with. And funny! Such a sense of humour. A fellow who loved animals and gardens, fish and chips and his homes in many parts of the globe. He was devoted to his wife and daughters and was too deeply loved to have left them so quickly after diagnosis. A man of faith who took his terminal illness in his stride, planned for the future of all he loved and faced his demise with a calm trust in his Lord. He showed us all the meaning of dignity even in the midst of great pain. A good guy!

Dannielle Jackson

I will be donating in Memory of my amazing Brother Dale.

Cheryll Roach

I will be walking this September in the memory of my loving husband and father. Dale was diagnosed in July 2021 and passed away just 3 weeks after his diagnosis. He was only 54 and will be forever loved and missed.

Marisa Pjanic

My late husband Alfredo Pjanic. The kindest, loving man and father of our three children . He was selfless beyond measure and lived for only us. He fought hard stay with us every day of the 22months we were blessed to hold him close. He did not complain even one day for the burden he carried, he lived each day with gratitude in his heart and no regrets for a life well lived 💜 we carry him in our hearts each day.

Sam Hilty

For my dear mum, who battled with breast cancer, Lieomyosarcoma, and lung cancer and won. But the pancreatic cancer was her final battle. We miss you mum / Annie / Nangi / Granny Annie

Sonda Mitchell

In late October 2013 my wonderful Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. He died just 3 weeks later. You can imagine the shock when my Mum was also diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in April 2016. She died in December that same year. Remember September provides me with an opportunity to do something both practical and beneficial in their memory. Pancreatic Cancer is an insidious and savage disease. I want to support research that helps with early diagnosis. Remember September is to

Robyn Waghorne

I would walk for ever to have you back. Never forgotten.

Lee-Ann Mitchell

In memory of our beautiful wife / mum who lost her brave battle with Pacreatic Cancer nearly 7 years ago on 30th Sep 2014. Forever missed , loved and in our thoughts and hearts every second Love Adam Brodie and Jesse XXX


My heart still aches every day without you mum but the memories of you make it a little easier. You were taken so young at 51 yrs by this horrible cancer 6 weeks after diagnosis and missed getting to meet all of your grandchildren I know you would be proud of everyone of them. I tell Sophie every day what an amazing women, mother and grandmother you were. You are always in our hearts and thoughts. We all miss you so much our beautiful Angel ❤️❤️❤️

Briony Glackner

In memory of my Beautiful Mum, who lost her battle with Pancreatic Cancer on the 23 Rd November , 2006 . Six short weeks after diagnosis. At the age of 52 years. 💜You are always on my mind💜


Hi lost my sister and my best friend in Nov 2020, each day is a struggle not being able to talk to her. She was 49 and so young to be taken, she put up a tough fight for 2 years and still only worried how mum and I were going to live without her xxx

We have joined Pankind to raise awareness for Mum/Nan Pamela Laing, Mum was at work seemed fit and healthy with only complaint pain in the back, that was Sept 2020, Mum passed away October 2020, around 4weeks from Diagnosis. It was too quick but thankful was not in a lot of pain. We all miss her very much. xxx

Kristi Smith

Mate! Miss you so bloody much xx I know you’ll be cheering us on from the best seat in the stands xx

Dianne Membery

Missing my amazing, strong, independent, deal friend Barbara Cook. Your were such an inspiration to us all, always there for your family and friends, we miss you so much. Rest peacefully dear friend.


In loving memory of my dear Mother in law Joy, who passed away 18 / 9 / 2003. Always Loved and Sadly missed.


This is a huge message of support to anyone out there suffering, who had suffered and continues to fight. You are all amazing.

Karen Adams

I am walking in memory of my cousin and best friend, she was diagnosed early December 2020 and passed away late January 2021 at the age of 53 a wonderful selfless mother and nanna 💜💜💜

Christine Jones

My amazing husband lost his battle 32 days after being diagnosed. He hadn't been suck nor had he lost weight, it was and still is the most horrific time for us and if raising money helps stop this disease and the suffering then it's the least I can do.

Bec Sheppherd

I’m walking for my beloved dad Bill Sheppherd. He was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer Christmas Eve 2019 and valiantly fought until 5 November 2020 aged 77. Always thinking of you! Love you Dad 💜

Our beautiful Trace

The kindest, most generous , special lady I know

Our Trace

The nicest, kindest most generous person I know.

Gemma Doyle

I am walking in the Month of September in memory of my beautiful mum. She was diagnosed in September 2016 & unfortunately passed away March 2017. Mum was an amazing women, loved by all, so full of life & I miss her every day. Please help me raise some much needed funds to help increase the survival rate of pancreatic cancer.

Vitaliano Family

We will be walking in the month of September in loving memory of our beloved Father and Papā Vaifale Talo Ioane Vitaliano. Dad was well and always made sure to have his tablets, after having an ischemic stroke in 2018. He loved going for his long walks in the mornings and evenings around the neighbourhood or at the beach. He would always go to the doctors when he wasn't feeling well and knew how important it was for him to stay healthy. On the 17th May 2021 we received devasting news that dad had pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, dad didn't get a chance to fight this battle because by the time he was diagnosed, it had already spread to his liver and within 4 weeks dad passed away on the 11th June 2021. Dad was taken away so fast, it's still hard to believe how quick this all happened. We had many plans in place for the year and now every milestone and special event will be so hard, not having our prayer warrior and hearing his many wise words of wisdom and encouragement. Our lives will never be the same, we miss him so much, his grandbabies miss their papa's spoiling them and our mum misses her soulmate. But we know God needed him more and that he will forever be our Guardian Angel. Rest in Love Dad forever in our hearts ❤️

This is for my late husband, he passed from Kidney Cancer at 48. Any action against All Cancer is worth supporting. A message of hope for our 4 Kids x

Emma Lacey

I will be walking in memory of my beautiful mum and best friend, Kathy Watkiss, who passed away in 2018 at age 57, 14 months after her diagnosis. She put up an amazing fight, and was desperate to meet my first born child but devastatingly fell 3 months short. My now 3 year old told me a few days ago that we can use our superpowers to rescue Nan from the sky. She honestly just would've adored him. Not a day goes by that I'm not heartbroken by what she went through and the fact that she's no longer here. If I can contribute towards someone else not going through the same, I'll be very happy. Let's bring that survival rate up! 💜

Fiona Burgueno (Roumeliotis)

This September I will be walking 150km and will be aiming to raise $5,000 to help expand Pancreatic cancer research. This will be in honour of my beautiful father who lost his 17 month battle of pancreatic cancer on August 3rd, 2021. If there was one thing my Dad taught me in life, it was strength. He was always my hero from day one, but through his journey of battling pancreatic cancer he became my super hero. The heart ache of missing Dad will always be present but I will continue each day living life the way he best taught me. Go #TEAMKON 💜

Mel McGilvray

Remembering Scotty 💜 who fought so hard for 10 months following his diagnosis. He left us in October 2020 aged 54, always loved, never forgotten, missed every day.

Hannah Vernon

In loving memory and to honour our mum Sue Wells who was always there for us. She was resilient, loving, loyal and strong and I miss her every day. Mum died January 2021 just short of 2 months after her pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Hoping research will lead to earlier detection and better outcomes for others. Love you mum.

Anna Whipp

In memory of my Dad, John Griffiths, who passed away on 4 August this year at the age of 74 only 13 days after receiving a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Dad always looked after his health and was very fit. It came as such a shock to all of us that he was sick and left us so quickly. His first symptoms only appeared 7 weeks before his passing and it was well and truly too late for any intervention by the time a diagnosis was given. We will miss him always.


Remembering my beautiful Mum Joy who lost her life to Pancreatic Cancer on March 5 2009. This disease robbed my mum of the life she had. No longer could she enjoy the freedom of the life she once had, spending month on end in and out of hospital. She would joke that she couldn't go without her best friend, a bucket. The experience I had watching my mum go through the battle was life changing. Watching someone so full of life diminish and fade away not only physically but mentally as well is the hardest thing in my life I have ever had to endure. She was more than a Mum she was my best friend, my saviour and someone who drove me to be the best I can be. She was only 56 when I had to say my last goodbye. Not a day goes by that I don't miss her and I continue to strive to be the type of women she wanted me to be and hope that she would be proud of the person I have become.

Ian Radley

In loving memory of David John Watson, my partner of 40 years who lost his life to pancreatic cancer on 23 June 2019 at the age of 66. David was late to be diagnosed despite many tests in the prior 6 months. He died just 3 short weeks after his diagnosis. Thank you David for a wonderful and loving life. You are sadly missed by myself, family and so many friends. Sleep well my boy. I do hope that my walk of 450km this September will raise as much money as possible to help others fight pancreatic cancer and hopefully help lengthen and improve life quality of others who encounter this cancer in the years ahead. Here’s to the ability to detect this illness sooner and hopefully allow people to fully recover.

Donna Langford

I am walking this September to Honour my Dad who succumbed to this horrible disease he was diagnosed on 13th June 2017and passed away on the 11th September 2017. I am going to walk 200km and I know he will be walking along beside me e was an inspiration to me always putting other people before himself 74 was to young he never got to see his Grandchildren get married or to meet his Great Grandson Jasper Michael who was named in honour of him.

Helen Mandalas

Such a gorgeous person who was taken too early! Will never forget her beautiful energy, big heart & always there for her family & friends! So blessed to have known you!

I am walking 63kms in September to raise awareness and funds to fight Pancreatic Cancer. This is very close to my heart as we lost our beautiful Nana to this cancer. She is always loved and forever in my heart xx

Sharyn McNamara

In memory of my mum Betty, who lost her 5 week short battle wth pancreatic cancer on 15th August 2018.

Please help support those suffering .


I lost my Dad on the 27th July this year after he passed away from pancreatic cancer. By the time they diagnosed it was to late, he only lived for 3 months after finding out. He went way to soon and to young only 63. I’m walking to raise much needed funds for research into a a cure for this cruel cancer. Dad is already so very missed.

Maree Pollock

My Dad and best friend died from this terrible disease. I cannot believe that 63 people die a week from this disease. It is heartbreaking. I miss you every day Dad . Life is just not the same without you xxx.


My Dad was the most amazing person ever. He became ill in Oct 2018 and finally in Feb 2019 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. 9 weeks later he passed away. It was the hardest time of my life and there isn't a moment I am not thinking about him. I am walking for you Dad!

Rachel Chrisopoulos

My late husband Steve lost his fight with pancreatic cancer in October 2011, so almost 10 years ago. We had a very full and adventurous life together, but his life was cut short in the matter of weeks! He will always be remembered and loved by those who new him. This challenge is all him!

Helena Maloney

Shane, my love, my hero, my rock, father of our children, poppy to our grandies, my reason to smile, my reason to cry. The man behind the driving wheel. A fighter, a traveller, a guardian angel. Too loved to ever be forgotten ❤💔

Unfortunately my mum lost her battle less than 2 months ago, after a tough 8 month battle, unfortunately she also watched her youngest sister go through this same cancer too, her fight only 6 weeks after diagnosed. It’s a scary thought it could potentially be genetic. We are thankfully getting genetic testing sorted to hopefully not carry a gene mutations. I’m walking in this challenge to hopefully find a cure or at least a better life outcome. 63 people a week is too high and it not being a cancer that is detected early makes the whole experience of loosing such loved people so incredibly heartbreaking. Doing this for you Mum- Jane Morrissey and Sarah Henny. Forever loved and missed

Jane Morrissey

In June 2021 after an 8 month long battle with Pancreatic cancer I lost the strongest, most caring, welcoming and loving woman in my life. The one who gave me life and raised me to be who I am today and my best friend. My mum. I will always remember her ❤️


I’m walking to very my beautiful friend Madie. She had the most beautiful soul always seeing the best in everyone. Her light blew out 12 months ago and l miss her terribly, she was an amazing friend, mother, daughter, wife and nurse.

Lindy Richardson

Lindy was a friend to so many, loved by all, she never complained , but too young to have left .


In memory of my mum the best mum anyone could have dreamt of. Sge was my mum but also my friend and so much more. Never a day goes by when I don't think of her.

Jenny Roumelitois

I’m doing this challenge for my love who I lost 2 weeks ago from this horrendous Cancer. He was not only the best husband to me but the best father to our beautiful daughters and best papouli (grandfather) to our precious granddaughter Analia. I wake up everyday hoping it’s a dream, but will always cherish the beautiful memories that will never fade away. Sending my love to all that have lost a loved one ❤️🕊

Aimee Dawson

This September I am walking to pay tribute to an amazing man. My step-dad, our Poppy Paul. Pancreatic Cancer stole him from us in March 2020. An experimental treatment trial option helped to ease his pain and extend his life for a short time. So I am passionate about continued research on new treatment options, as unfortunately the current survival rates are alarmingly low. We will always remember the wonderful man Poppy Paul was and how valiantly he fought his battle. He will be forever missed, and always loved and remembered.


I am taking part in Remember September this year for the first time. The reason I’m taking part is because of my husband Gary, 2 years ago he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. This cancer needs more funding into research and early detection. Any money raised will go a long way to help achieve this and have better outcomes for our loved ones that are diagnosed with PC.

Ayla Adamson

Recently lost my poor grandmother 3 months ago 😢 She was so strong and fought all she could until her last breath. That’s who i’m doing this challenge for ❤️


I’m doing this challenge for my mum Rita. This year marks 10 years since she left us. Once her official diagnosis came in, she passed in six weeks. I miss you mum.

Tracey Stark

My Dad was my superhero and now he is my Guardian Angel...


I am doing this challenge in memory of my mum, Rita, who passed 12 weeks after her diagnosis Love you my beautiful Mumma 💜


I'm taking part in memory of my mum Debbie who passed 6 months after her pancreatic cancer diagnosis in 2014. She was 59 when diagnosed and turned 60 a few weeks before passing. She missed meeting her first grandchildren by months and now has 8 beautiful little ones to look down on! Gosh our childhood was so full of fun and adventure thanks to her! Hope you're proud of us! Miss you energy single day mum xx

Chanel Vettori

Doing this challenge for my dad whose had a hard start to treatment and fighting his fight strong. He was diagnosed June 2021. Love you dad, this is for you x

Debbie Eastwood

Doing something and challenging to support my Dad, diagnosed October 2019. Fighting the fight.

Catherine Midson

Mum was a strong and fierce woman who loved her children more than anything. She was so proud of us. We are walking in her honour. Finding out she had Stage 4 metastatic Pancreatic Cancer before Christmas was a devastating shock for everyone. Mum lived for 83 days after her diagnosis. Every step of the way she was more concerned about us than she was for herself! We are so proud of her strength and courage during the tough times. Raising money so other's don't have to lose their Mum's and Grandma's from this horrible disease. We love you Mum xo


My sister and I will walk for Remember September to support my sisters beautiful father-in-law and my friend Bar. He should know that his whole family is surrounding him with their love and support in his fight against pancreatic cancer. We are team Bar.

Benjamin King

Miss you mum!


Mum we miss you and love you unconditionally we are forever greatful for everything you have done for us. Sad that you left this world way to soon. But our family have our very own Angel family looking after us.


Missing you every day

Tami Bass

This September I remember my strength, my rock, my grandfather. He meant everything to me and sadly passed away earlier this year after a few short weeks diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in his mid 90's. Grandad lived life to the fullest and lived a fairytale 75+ years with my grandmother (still alive) meeting as teens prior to going off to war. Survived by two children, 4 grand children and 4 great grandchildren grandad will always be remembered for his humour, his smile, his fascination with time and directions and always being their to support his family always. Will always be in my heart xoxo


Mum you were robbed from us….gone here but never to be forgotten! Forever in all our hearts ♥️ I miss you every second, minute, hour and day as time passes by. Your spiritual faith knowing that their is Hope promised to us through Jesus brings me comfort and joy! My beautiful Mum, we will be reunited once again in a place where their will be no more suffering (Revelation 21:4) It’s not goodbye my dear Peggy, it’s always been see you soon! Xo

Uncle Rob donated $100 plus.

For Daniel - who would appreciate support to prevent other young people dying from this insidious disease...🍕🍺

Sharyn Beswick

Remembering you with sorrow and joy. My hero 🥰 my Dad Geoffrey Campbell

Debra Rillo

Beautiful Lina passed away Dec 2017 - only 10 weeks after being diagnosed. Her team - daughters Debra, Nellie and Gand daughters Stephanie, Izabella and Alexia are remembering her this September for the amazing person she was. Missed terribly everyday.

Jan Kemble

To my brother by another Mother.Bob,I wish you were still here to walk with me.❤

Phillip Elder

Forget young and always on our hearts ❤️

Paula Thurston

forever in our hearts

Samantha Williams

Missing you way too early Mum & Nana Always remembered…. Both in the arms of the angels 👼 👼


Remembering my beautiful Dad ! 😘

Mariana Arceri

For my beautiful dad Tony Arceri and other courageous fighters xoxo 💜💜💜

Tracey wilkinson

Miss you everyday Bret. I'm walking in memory of my best friend,Soulmate and the love of my life. Bret was taken on the 22nd June2021 After been diagnosed on the 19th April.

Rebecca Wiggins

Raising money in memory of my darling mother Angela Fraser who I miss every day. To grieve is to have lived.


Miss you everyday


We miss you every day Max.

Syd Reinhardt

Medical Science has made great strides, but a prognosis of Pancreatic Cancer remains a probable death sentence for most people. It was for Nicki, a gentle kind soul who suffered greatly but in silence and without complaining even though she knew what the outcome would be. It needn't be like that forever, let's make a contribution together.

Peter Stevens

Remembering my big brother Joe Stevens who was taken from us way to soon by this insidious disease. Joe had so much more to give the world. Together we can help find ways for early diagnosis, treatments and future cures. Please support this worthy cause. Xv

Bradee Fleay

In memory of my Dad, Brian. Still can't believe your gone. It gets harder and harder each day but we will soldier on and fight in your memory. Until we meet again.. love you with every piece of my heart. 💛💛💛🌻

John Cameron McCalman

My beautiful kind sweet husband of 25 years lost his life to Pancreatic Cancer 3 weeks ago. We fought this cruel disease for a year and tried everything but nothing worked. My husband was full of life, light and happiness before being struck by this terrible cancer which took his life way to young and took the life I had loved so dearly as well. I walk in honour of my husband and all those people that have been struck by this cancer. I walk for there courage, bravery and them to never be forgotten. Let's hope for more advanced treatments better funding and a cure.

Helena my mother

Im doing this for my mother,, I miss mum so much after a 22month long battle with this horrible cancer, mum passed away 24th may 2021 the day of mum n dads 52nd wedding anniversary!! Mum was such a fighter that didn't give up!! Love u mum xx

Renee Stent

I’m walking in memory of my Dad. He fought it with everything he had x

Jann bourke

You were taken too quickly from all of us but I will always do my best to make you proud. Miss you forever mum.

Vanessa Lampre

This September i will walk for my mum Margie Watson who passed away on the 11th of July 2021 after being diagnosed for the second time in February. She was an earth angel, a beautiful kind soul, a wife, a mother, and a loving mama to her grandchildren and who was also my best friend. We miss her so much. Let's do this together and hope for early detection.

Kim Leddington-hill

I’m doing this walk for my dad I lost him in December 2020, dad was my hero my best friend my world


This September I am walking for my big sis. On Saturday 31st October 2020, she told me she had this hideous disease. Four days later she left this world. She was 56 years old. The pain is still so raw. She was so kind, loving, hard working, and very giving. She helped me find important things like smiles, hope and courage. I think of her every day and miss her profoundly.

Mardi Ruediger

This September I am walking for my Mum. On 15th March this year she was diagnosed with this horrendous disease. 29 days later on 13th April her 53rd Wedding Anniversary she lost her battle. We miss her everyday and pray for a way for early detection.


I’m walking for my Dad, Des Edwards. He was diagnosed on the 17th December 1995 and passed away a month later at 55. We miss him every day and wish he was here to enjoy his family.

Sarah Andersen

I lost my beautiful Mum almost 12 months ago to this horrendous cancer! She was diagnose at 65 and passed away 2.5 years later at 67 25/07/2020. The pain is still raw! She had no symptoms, just turned yellow! My Mum was my best friend, my councillor, my nurse when needed. We spoke everyday on the phone. She was truly my hero! It’s almost been 12 months since she left this world and I struggle everyday, everyday I yearn for her, I still wake up everyday hoping it’s a bad dream! She was the best wife to my Dad, the best Mum, Grandma and mother in law! Everyone who met her, loved her!! I’m so glad that I had a shotgun wedding so she could be apart of the special day. I pray that we find more early detection for this killer cancer, and a treatment with higher success rate. I’ll be doing all that I can to make it happen! Sending love to all that have lost a loved one or they are still fighting to beat this horrible cancer. 💜💜💜💜

Casey Dawson Siegel

I'm walking for my Mum, Sue Dawson. We lost her to 3.5 months after being diagnosed with stage 4 in February. Mum was only 62. I miss everything about her.

Casey Dawson Siegel

I'm walking for my Mum, Sue Dawson.

Dusan Car

We are doing this walk in loving memory of our beloved husband, father, son, brother, friend, cousin, uncle and godfather. We love you Dusan. You were very brave and we miss your amazing smile, laugh and personality.

Maria Curtis

I’m really praying that I can reach my target and raise more money for research into pancreatic cancer after loosing another friend with this terrible disease,please if you can did deep and Donate for this much needed course

Sandra Klein

As well as myself having had Pancreatic Cancer as my surgeon in Sydney has told me I am Cancer Free after having Chemo, Radium and the surgery to remove the Tail end of the Pancreas and the Spleen and Splenetic veins in November and my friends partner also being diagnosed, I lost my husband of 24years on 16 February 2021 to Brain Cancer 3weeks after being diagnosed. This is why I will be moving 63km or more for Remember September as I have already lost so much of what I used to eat and walking will help gain my strength back.


The person I am inspired to do this for is my journey with Pancreatic Cancer last year having the Tail end and Spleen with the Splenetic veins removed and a friend's partner having being diagnosed with it just 2 months ago after finding the love of his life not long ago.

Vicki Lonsdale

My mum, Frances Ross, bravely fought pancreatic cancer for just over 2 years. I miss you every hour of every day Mum and am so proud of you. You lived your life to the fullest and I’m so proud of you. xxx

lynda smith

I hate this disease for taking my beautiful very healthy dad Kevin farmer all his life fit healthy never can remember my dad sick in bed but in march 2019 he said he felt not well pain in his tummy he had a kidney stone while they fixed that he had scan he was diagnosed on April 1st he was gone May 7th we were hanging onto 18 months with chemo but lost him in a month then we lost our mum to lymphoma 5 months later my heart is still smashed into a million pieces xxx

Leanne Bronish

I want to remember my dad, Peter. He was 63 years of age. Mum and dad were traveling around Australia in their camper when they had to cut their trip short because of dads stomach pains. He was diagnosed in December 2018 and passed away 15 march 2019. Never complained he only ever fought to survive and said he still has too much to do in life and was determined to not let it take him. We went on a trip down the coast and as soon as we got back he was admitted to hospital and never returned home, the last week was the hardest and saddest to watch my strong dad detoriate before our eyes. But he went so brave and peacefully he was strong right to the very end. Love and miss him terribly

Gai louella Crannis

My darling daughter Cindie had just started travelling around Australia when she come home she went to the dr about a pain in her side, that was on a Friday, on the Monday she was told she had terminal pancreatic cancer,that was the day our life changed Cindie was 49 and my best friend she was my life and her sisters Belinda best friend to. Cin started chemo and for the next 18 months she went through some horrific treatment but she never complained once every week we went to Sydney for a new trial but it did not help and she succumbed to the cancer, on the 3rd of November 2020, we nursed her till the very end and it was so hard to say good by .it is a cruel cruel cancer and it seems there is no cure for the month of September i will be giving up chocolate as i love it and have a bit every day so i am sure i can do it as i remember what Cindie went through is should be easy to do in her memory

Loretta Coffey

My wonderful Father was in perfect health at age 79yo. He was on no medication at all for anything. He had perfect blood pressure, did not have high cholesterol & he had a full health test when he had just turned 79yo & the Doctor said he had the health & fitness of a person under 50yo. In May 2009 he got a pain in the stomach & the next day went to the Doctor & in short within a week was diagnosed with terminal pancreas cancer & told he had 3 to 5 months to live 😢 That was the worst day of my life.😢💔 I worked with my Dad in our small business, he was my wonderful Father & the best work mate in the world 💗 Dad loved old cars & was a fitter & Turner by trade . He fixed everything himself from the washing machine to the plumbing, including my cars over the years & when he fixed anything he always did a perfect job💗 I had the honour of caring for Dad at home and my dear Mum, they had been married 54years and were devoted to each other always so mum was of course crushed by Dad's diagnosis😢 Dad passed 8 months after diagnosis and amazingly had no more pain during the 8months💗 Pain was his worry and as a devout Christian, he prayed that God would relieve him of pain & God honoured Dad's prayers💗 My dear Mum carried a heart of grief for Dad, bur went on quite okay otherwise for 10 years & Mum went to be with Dad in Heaven 18months ago now😢 Dad asked me everyday to give up smoking as Dad watched his 2 brothers & sister all die of smoking related illnesses 😢 Dad never smoked. So I intend to now give up smoking in honour of my dear Dad's wishes 💗 Thank you all here for running this wonderful group I'm so glad to be able to share my Dad's story and be a part of this💗

Ben Wilheim

All in memory of this beautiful man