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My target 63 kms

I'm Moving It this September!

This September, I'm walking 63km for the 63 Australians who die from pancreatic cancer each week. 

Pancreatic cancer is now the 3rd biggest cancer killer of Australians, and because early-stage pancreatic cancer rarely causes symptoms, the survival rates are devastating.

If you are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer tomorrow, there is only a 10% chance you'll be alive in 5 years.

But research can change this. Your support will fund life-saving pancreatic cancer research and improve survival rates.

So this September, I'm challenging myself to get up, get moving and walk 63km.

Please make a donation to support my challenge and help fund life-changing pancreatic cancer research. 


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Going super BIG now... $5000

Sunday 12th Sep
So, in just over a week this fundraiser has blown my initial aim of $600 right off the park. As I've increased the amount, so many amazing people have contributed. Having just about notched$3000, I've now increased the amount to $5000. If this fundraiser contributes to extending or better still saving 1 life, then this will be a wonderful legacy for Griff❤️

Super greedy now😂

Saturday 11th Sep
OK. So a week ago my goal was $600. I hit that & then some💪. So new goal is way up at $5000!

$2500 just about reached, so....

Friday 10th Sep
Those who encouraged me to up the fundraising to $2500....we'll, I've now increased it to $3000💵😉

Donation update

Thursday 9th Sep
OK, so we've now hit $2000 & I've got a bit greedy. So I'm increasing my target to $2500....if 63 people die each & every week in Australia from pancreatic cancer, then will continue to fundraise to help bring that number down.

Nearly cracked the $2000!

Wednesday 8th Sep
Nearly at the $2000mark....original target was $600. Hit that mark, so upped it to $1200 now target is $2000...& who knows, maybe a little more❤️. Huge thanks to friends & family for their contributions so far❤️

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rowena Thompson

Supporting Griff's legacy 🙂


Narelle And Helen Nillsen

You're a legend!! We miss Griff ❤️


Claire Skoss

for the ones we've lost this year


Danielle Lea

We are with you Lisa. Every step of the way.


Carol Edmunds

Supporting you all the way Lisa. This insidious disease has taken far too many lives of the people dear to my heart. Remembering Wayne, Griff, my Mum and my Cousin. Hoping every dollar raised to find a cure will help other families to not endure the pain we have felt.


Tony Demeijer

His lives stays in my heart


Jane Cohen



Go Lisa. Beside you in spirit every step. xx


Joe Crawford

I assume this is legit and not a Fine Cotton/Bold Personality stitch up? Good work Lisa, hopefully you raise a shed-load. Griff would be very proud.


Kaitley Bakes


Robyn Fogarty

I’m walking with you in spirit.


Carol Hines

Thinking of you, Lisa, and the very lovely Griff, who was taken from the world waaaay too soon by this B*STARD of a disease. All the best for your walk and great fundraising efforts! Lots of love, Carol xxxxx




Marist Ladies Lunch Group??


Crawf Family


Shirley Cotton


John Stirling

Good work Lisa, Think of Griff, Chunk and others every day.


Fiona Thompson

Thinking of you Lisa. Glad I can help in some way.


Tony Clarke


Rachael And Rob Lewandowski

Go well Lisa. Much love from Rachael and Rob.


Pat Gerrie


Sharon Bakes


Rebecca Venton

A cause close to my heart. Thankyou for what you are achieving.




Ngaire Abboud

Sending love Lisa Xx


Leonie Mancell


Adam Marshall

Great effort Lisa. I miss the big fella every day xxooxx


Scott Churchill


Cathy Maher

What a wonderful thing to do in Griff's memory. Im with you in spirit Lisa.


Damo Reeve

Any coin to the cause 😘


Sharee & Robbie

Love to walk some kms with you


Laurelle Shakespeare


Karen Cumming



Big warm Griff hugs!


John Beattie



Sending strength & love to you Lisa!! Remembering our Beautiful GRIFF every day. 😘. You go Girl!!😘


Lisa ‘wicksy’

You are inspiring Lisa! The lives taken per year are heartbreaking 💔 When the walk becomes tough, remember that ‘Griff’ smile. A beautiful man, taken far too soon. Your body has gone through injuries, operations and pain. I know you will do this! I’ll be thinking of you x


Billy R



Kaye D

Lisa my hope is that every dollar donated brings researchers another step closer in preventing this disease


Deb Davis


Karen & Simon Arthur

Great work Lisa. Thinking of you and the family. Take care.


Linda Hinds


Kelly Haywood

Such an important cause x Much love and support to you always x


Janet Edmunds

Much Love 💕


Richard Jacques

You continue to be an absolute champion Lisa Griffiths! Sending you a big hug and raising a glass for the great man Griff. R,M,L&H xxxx


Michael Cherry

A most worthwhile cause to fund-raise for Lisa .....


Louise Sale

Thinking of you Lisa xx


Stacey Geard


Andrew Viney


Narelle Morris

What an amazing thing for you to do 🖤


Carol Eastley


Harvey & Di Saward

You go girl - we are right behind you!


Min Sheehan

Awesome Job Old girl! 🤩


David Menzies

Great work Lisa. Thinking of you and Grif! xxo


Steven Chater

Good luck on the walk, Lisa!


Irene Poh

I will be thinking of you💓


Peter Hodel

Can't believe t's been 3 months.😪..thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you in your fundraising challenge for research into Pancreatic Cancer..💐



You are one amazing lady Lisa - raising money for research for such a horrible disease. You’ve got this 💕👍👏xo


Ruth Kilov


Amy O’connor

Amazing efforts Lisa! Big love to you


N & R

Proud of you! ❤️


Wendy Timmerman

Best wishes Lisa.


Brooke Murfet


Narelle Davis