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To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die

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My target 200 kms

I'm Moving It this September!

This September, I'm walking 200km for the 68 Australians who die from pancreatic cancer each week. 

Pancreatic cancer is now the 3rd biggest cancer killer of Australians, and because early-stage pancreatic cancer rarely causes symptoms, the survival rates are devastating.

If you are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer tomorrow, there is only an 12.2% chance you'll be alive in 5 years.

But research can change this. Your support will fund life-saving pancreatic cancer research and improve survival rates.

So this September, I'm challenging myself to get up, get moving and walk 68km.

Please make a donation to support my challenge and help fund life-changing pancreatic cancer research. 


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Jane Joubert


Jaiden Joubert



Francois & Yvette Hoffmann

Vir Koos, eendag sal ons weer saam pret hê!


Shani, Gary, Theo

For Koosie - Forever in our hearts ❤️


Jason Kockjeu

Van die Fam in SA ons is lief vir julle en sterkte


Arleen Hatton

Sharing in your sadness, we all miss Koos


Charles & Mariette


Cailain Joubert


Courtney Humphrey & Your Appcast Team

So sorry for your loss! So proud & impressed by your drive to raise money for this valuable cause.


Dr Elna Fourie


Ouboet En Yvette

Vir Koos


Ansa Fourie


Thomas Nati


Jofie Dique

Sterkte Jane. Trost op jou vordering. Jy behoort nou op 3800 te wees. Groot erkenning wat jy verdien. Nog 200 oor 7 dae. You go girl 🥰


Pauline Mckay


Nina Romero


Jaiden Joubert


Aneesa Paulsen

My heart and thoughts are with you


Phil Skrzekut


Matt Molinari

Good luck and thank you!


Chantelle Hoffmann


Eben Venter



You’re one determined lady and can do anything you set your mind to!! Sending you much love 🥰


Annie Robinson


Ben B

Whatever I can do to support this cause I will. Love you Jane xo


Madeline Hasek

Love you Cailain! Good luck to Jane and Luna!


Phoebe Price



Koos Will be so proud of you Jane. You are such a strong woman❤️


Regina Vargas

Love the Joubert family 🩷


Mia Whittingham

Love you <3


Hallie Euerle


Jenni Gover


Alex Goss


Samantha Fantauzzi


Beth Plentl

Supporting you from america!