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I'm giving up for 30 days this September! Check out my progress below.

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I'm Giving It Up this September for pancreatic cancer research...

This September, I'm taking part in the Give It Up challenge!

I'm giving up alcohol this month, and raising funds to support research into pancreatic cancer.  Many of us have  been affected by a cancer.   I feel that pancreatic cancer research is particularly worthy of support at this time.  

Because pancreatic cancer takes 63 lives every week in Australia.

Pancreatic cancer is now the 3rd biggest cancer killer of Australians, and because early-stage pancreatic cancer rarely causes symptoms, the survival rates are devastating.

If you are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer tomorrow, there is only a 10 percent chance you'll be alive in 5 years.

But research can change this. Your support will fund life saving pancreatic cancer research and improve survival rates.

So this September, I'm challenging myself to Give It Up.

Please make a donation to support my challenge and help fund life-changing pancreatic cancer research. 


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Thank you to my Sponsors



Thanks Cindy for contributing to this cause, both in bringing awareness as well as raising funds.


Peter And Joey Lee

Thanks for your good energy and invitation here Cindy. This is such a great way to be part of the solution x


Ian Cairns

Go Cindy - it's a very worthwhile cause - we've lost friends to this terrible cancer


Barry Smith


Vanessa Smith

Good on you Cindy. Research into early detection is so important along with targeted treatments and general public awareness of this devastating disease. Thankyou for your efforts. We’ll have a virtual drink together in October.


Pam & Geoff Mulhall

Thanks, Cindy, for providing us with the opportunity to support this important cause.


Carol Anderson

Good on you. Cindy. Carol A


Felicity Mueller

Well done, Cindy. A great cause.



Great idea Cindy. A very worthy cause. I'm sure you will make it to the end.


Fred Macleod

Hope to see you after lockdown


Leonie Nedeljkovic

Thanks Cindy a worthy cause.



such a worthy cause good on you Cindy


Cathy Corbin

Go Cindy



Good luck😂


Pamela Pritchett

Well done Cindy. I'm sure you'll make it through the month. Great cause too.


Carol Southwell

Already reached your goal😁Well done Cindy


Sue Cairns

Me too Cindy


Polly Pickles


Barbara Lewis Gordon

Great job Cindy!


Sue Cottee

Good luck with the challenge Cindy,


Jan Metherell

Good on you Cindy, this is a worthy cause and one that is dear to our hearts. Cheers!


Jo Millyard

A wonderful cause Cindy and brilliant way to fundraise.



Good for you Cindy, such a good cause.


Christine Mcevoy


Philippa Barrett

Keep it up Cindy, you'll be able to have a glass of wine even before next book club meeting. You're doing very well. And such a good cause.