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My target 63 kms

I'm Moving It this September!

This September, I'm walking 63km for the 63 Australians who die from pancreatic cancer each week. 

Pancreatic cancer is now the 3rd biggest cancer killer of Australians, and because early-stage pancreatic cancer rarely causes symptoms, the survival rates are devastating.

If you are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer tomorrow, there is only a 10% chance you'll be alive in 5 years.

But research can change this. Your support will fund life-saving pancreatic cancer research and improve survival rates.

So this September, I'm challenging myself to get up, get moving and walk 63km.

Please make a donation to support my challenge and help fund life-changing pancreatic cancer research. 


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Day 7 walk before work

Tuesday 7th Sep
I was so tired this morning, but forced myself to get up and at least get a half hour walk in. The sun as up.. just, it’s glow was just beautiful, although the wind was strong almost giving me a push to move along. I didn’t want to do a hard walk so just a walk close to home. I have done this walk multiple times this year and also rang mum along the way, I thought about it a lot. Especially where I took this photo. I called Mum here around Mother’s Day to show her the spectacular sunrise that morning. There are always going to be spots I think of her more or things I see that I go oh mum love that. It’s a strange thing to think oh I should get that for her for her birthday/Christmas/ or just because then realised oh.. or think I should tell her about that. I guess I could still tell her just feel like I need something to focus on besides just saying out loud. Will think about this some more before I come to a decision.

Day 6 After work walk

Tuesday 7th Sep
Walked a different direction yesterday.. (a day late updating.) It was semi overcast as I walked to gate 8, which is the signalises airport side, I was going to go sit on the headland but wasn’t sure if the gates would get locked up and it was getting dark so decided it would be better another day. Ive been thinking a lot about Mum on these walks, especially when I’m on my own. Thinking about what/where she is now? Is she a butterfly or a bird, can she interchange depending where she is, is she a spirit or a ghost or does she live within the moon and the stars, that’s what Frankie believes and I think its beautiful. Who knows though, I wish I knew it would make it so much easier than letting my imagination take over. 🤔

Day 5 Night walk

Sunday 5th Sep
Had planned to walk a trail today but time got away as I was busy with life chores. I’ve done this walk in the dark a few times usually before the sun has risen rather than when the sun has gone down. When I found out about mums diagnosis I came here and sat and cried, ironic that this is where I chose to sit as I didn’t grow up religious. It took a good week for me to process it. I think my biggest struggle was then and then I became hopeful, hopeful that she would miraculously beat it, hopeful that we had time, hopeful that she would be part of that 10% that would live past 5 years. I held onto this hope for the entire time she was sick. These days I am grateful we had 7 months, grateful she saw Hannah and Thomas get married, grateful she got to see me a handful of times, grateful Tom was able to go down often and that she had precious moments with her amazing and beautiful Grandchildren. Grateful she had the best nurse in Dad and that her two sisters and her best friends from near and far and current and past were able to see her and speak with her. It meant the world to her!

Day 4 sunset walks

Saturday 4th Sep
Changed it up today and walked this afternoon after a busy day on the mainland. Counting those steps in too, as it was spent rushing around getting everything done before a boat back to the island. I forget how much beauty I get to see on this island. Right on dusk the sky and the silhouettes of the trees were just perfect. Mum loved a good sunset with a glass of wine on the verandah at home, even in the middle of winter rugged up in a blanket or dressing gown and uggs. She was forever in her pjs and never a care in the world. Most times I called her that’s exactly where I’d find her. Her memory will forever be etched there!

Day 3 done

Friday 3rd Sep
It was a windy beach walk this morning, with what is normally a calm beach, instead waves were lapping the rocky coral ledge. It brings back memories of when mum visited 2.5 years ago. The weather was windy and wet but she loved the beauty all the same, even on Whitehaven. I had hoped she could come back to visit before we knew she was sick but our timing didn’t work out. February 2020 she knew something was up, she went to see a dr about it but nothing was found. I do wonder if we had found it then where we would be now, however this is how pancreatic cancer is, doesn’t give the symptoms until it’s too far progressed. It’s the hardest part of this after journey are the what if’s, unfortunately that don’t help the outcome but make you overthink the things you can’t change. I wish I could but I know I can’t, so need to move forward to bring some light or sunrises into our lives. It’s something she would want for us all.

Second Walk

Thursday 2nd Sep
The sun rising this morning was a little bit spectacular. Considering the weather was predicting very overcast skies. Only a short walk this morning, but will try to add an extra one in this afternoon. This chapel is across from work, I see it everyday and the views from it are stunning. Before mum passed away I would send her photos from my walks especially from sunrise to bring some hope and positivity in. Pancreatic cancer is exhausting, painful and gives you symptoms around the body you wouldn’t think you would have. Mum would spend 70/80% of her time in bed in her last 7 months, because sitting upright was so uncomfortable. With research there is hope that we can change some or all of these things!

First walk done.

Wednesday 1st Sep
What a beautiful sunrise to start this important and beautiful challenge in the fight against pancreatic cancer. Thought of Mum along the walk along the sand, she would be proud at what we are doing to help others not to go through what she had too. Love you Mum!


Thursday 5th Aug
My heart is so full! 
Thank you all so much for donating. Can’t believe I reached my original goal in less than 24 hours! 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Andrew Morrissey


Don Wickens


Catherine O'reilly

Wonderful cause Alice. I will be walking in spirit and thinking of your Mum. Xx


Thomas Blanch


Susan Abbott

I'm in darling xxxxxxxxx



Your mum would be so proud of you Alice x


Sue Morrissey

This is for your team. Well done Alice, Hannah and Tom. My Andrew was 63 when he lost his battle with Pancreatic C too. All the best xox


Roger Hart

Go Alice!


Sam Facchin

So sorry for your loss Alice but you are amazing for doing this walk.


Wayne Bird Building

Great work Alice you are so inspiring xx Monique bird


Frankie & Remy

So proud of you aunty alla


Hannah Morrissey

So proud of you! X


Liz & Gary Zikan


Josh And Biddy Easter

Good stuff Alice! ❤️


Kylie Phillips

Dear Alice, well done on this effort. I hope my small contribution can help. In memory of your lovely mum. I am so sad for your loss, but she would be very proud! Love from K and M x


Geoff Nattrass



What a beautiful way to honour your Mum and Sarah.



What a lovely way to honour your mum Alice. ❤



What an awesome thing to do, lady! ❤️ I’ll be cheering you on xx



Go Alice … Mum would be so proud ….. I will be cheering you on xx


Hayley And Evelyn

Proud of you Alice!


Alice Morrissey


Kylie E

Awesome work Alice, you can do this! Sending big hugs x


Sam Brady

Super proud of you Alice!!! Sending all my love and support ❤️


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Thinking of you guys x



Sending my love. Super proud of you Alice :) xx


Deb And Tim Parry

Your mum will be the breath of wind behind you helping you reach your goal




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Awesome Alice! x



So proud of you honey. So sorry for your loss ❤️


Kathryn Easter


Jenny Philp.


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You go girl! 😊 x


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Go girl!


Joan Hunter

Forever with you