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I'm giving up Alcohol for 30 days this September! Check out my progress below.

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Challenge days complete!

My Remembrance Ribbon

I'm remembering Richard Millinder.

I'm Giving It Up this September for pancreatic cancer research...

This September, I'm taking part in the Give It Up challenge!

Because pancreatic cancer takes 63 lives every week in Australia.

Pancreatic cancer is now the 3rd biggest cancer killer of Australians, and because early-stage pancreatic cancer rarely causes symptoms, the survival rates are devastating.

If you are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer tomorrow, there is only a 10 percent chance you'll be alive in 5 years.

But research can change this. Your support will fund life saving pancreatic cancer research and improve survival rates.

So this September, I'm challenging myself to Give It Up.

Please make a donation to support my challenge and help fund life-changing pancreatic cancer research. 


My Achievements

Thank you to my Sponsors


Zach And Jacob Nemer

Well done Mummy, your Daddy would be proud of you. Although we never met him, he gave us you so he must have been an amazing man xx


Marathon Leisure


Heather Foster

Well done darling Sending much love. HeatherX


Sara Nemer

Hey Dad, this is in memory of you. No wine for me this September to help increase survival rates of Pancreatic Cancer. Love you and miss you so much! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Rita Nemer

Proud of what you are doing.. 5 days to go... Good luck 😉 xxx


Jarrod Eckermann

This is a great cause. Your dad would be proud of you and love to see this!


Alan Millinder

A week to go - how's it been ? Great idea and good luck for the rest of it. Last time I did a no alcohol I committed to equal all sponsorships - about 30 years ago and would have cost me £1,100 +. I managed without !!. X


Katie Millinder

Good luck Sara xx


Tim And Alison

Lots of love Sara, Tim and Alison xx


Susan Waller

Well done Sara, Lots of love xx


June Sexton

Well done Sara, nearly there! Lots of love, June


Bronwen Partridge


Sally Foster

So proud of you hun, what a great cause! Xx 💕


Jenni Ma


Katie Millinder

Good luck Sara! x


Angelina Liu

Your dad would be so proud of you today, raising money for a good cause to help others. Let’s remember September and our love ones.


Deb Cidoni

Such a worthy cause that unfortunately has affected so many people! Thinking of your dad and mine who also lost his life to this awful cancer! I’m also with you not drinking! Good luck!


Kayla Alexandrou

♥️ such a good cause, you'll do great!


John Mccourt


Lisa Trigg

Such a worthy cause - well done Sara xxx Thankyou


Chrisanthe Lekatis

Great cause Sara!


Maryanne Cidoni


Jack Prance

3 0 days no alcohol! Great work Sara


Philip Thorn