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My target 450 kms

I'm Moving It this September!

This September, I'm walking around 450km in memory of my partner David John Watson who died from  pancreatic cancer in June 2019 after just 3 short weeks of diagnosis. Every step I take will be in memory of our wonderful 40 years together.

Pancreatic cancer is now the 3rd biggest cancer killer of Australians, and because early-stage pancreatic cancer rarely causes symptoms, the survival rates are devastating.

If you are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer tomorrow, there is only a 10% chance you'll be alive in 5 years.

But research can change this. Your support will fund life-saving pancreatic cancer research and improve survival rates.

So this September, I'm challenging myself to get up, get moving and walk around 450 km.

Please make a donation to support my challenge and help fund life-changing pancreatic cancer research. 


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Day 26 - Finish line Crossed

Monday 27th Sep
Drum Roll please !! 

My walking  challenge final day was completed in Sydney Park yesterday afternoon.  See attached photo when I passed through the 450 km point. I have actually completed an extra 10 km yesterday taking my final total to 460 km.

I would like to thank all of my sponsors. Without your help I would not have been able to raise so much money for this worthy cause. If anyone was holding off from donating until I completed my challenge then now would be your chance to make your donations.

Once again thanks for all your support. Now is the time to rest my poor tired feet.

Day 24 - Brighton Le Sands

Monday 27th Sep
Friday was a warm  28 degrees and I chose to walk along the Brighton Le Sands beach front around Botany Bay as part of my challenge.

Day 23 Walk with Stephen.

Thursday 23rd Sep
A big thank you to Stephen Granfield who accompanied me today on my walk. Today was a major milestone as I have now completed 401 km, passing over the 400 km mark. I now have just 49 km left to go. For those interested in statistics I have averaged 17.43 km each day. It is clear that I should be completing my challenge on Sunday.

Day 21 - Sir Joseph Banks Park

Wednesday 22nd Sep
Back to the old favourite park down near Sydney Airport. Cold windy day but knocked off a few more kilometres.

Day 20 - Kyeemagh to Dolls point and back

Monday 20th Sep
Today completed more than 75% of my 450km. I now have just 96 Kilometres left to complete. In celebration I enjoyed an iced coffee at Dolls Point before heading back to Kyeemagh beach.

Day 12 - Exceeded 200km

Sunday 12th Sep
Today I passed through the 200km mark and well on my way to the half way point of 225km which I should pass tomorrow. I needed to travel 15km per day to meet my pledge of 450 km in 30 days. I am currently averaging 17.5 km per day. 
Thanks everyone for your support for me in this challenge.

Ian xx

Day 4 - Sir Joseph Banks Park

Saturday 4th Sep
Today I walked in the Sir Joseph Banks Park. I was accopmpanied by Robert Bell. It is great to have someone to talk too whilst undertaking my challenge. Thank you Robert.

My 450km walk challenge has begun

Thursday 2nd Sep
I started my walk challenge yesterday with  the 1st 16km under my belt.

If anyone has not yet donated, please reconsider and donate some money towards this excellent cause. It doesn't matter how small the donation every dollar helps. If you have donated already why not consider a further contribution.

Attached is a photo  of myself yesterday at the start of my challenge pounding the streets of Mascot.

Challenge starts soon

Monday 30th Aug
Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that I will be starting my 450km challenge on Wednesday 1 September 2021. 
I do hope others will be able to make a contribution towards this worthy cause.

 Regards Ian

Walk Rehearsal up to 19 Aug 21.

Thursday 19th Aug
I just thought that I would update you all on my walk preparation for my Remember September walk challenge in memory of David.

Firstly thank you all so much for your generous contributions which have taken me way past my initial donation expectations. Please continue to donate the more I collect the more it will assist new people who acquire this cancer on hopefully finding ways for earlier detection.

 My 450 kilometre walk challenge means I need to walk 15 km each day in September. Whilst I frequently walk this far on some days, it will be a challenge to do this 30 days in a row. To prepare for this I have already completed 7 days in a row  of more than 15km to ensure that I dont strike any issues with sore feet etc. So far so good. I have also decided to break each days walk up into smaller more manageable walks. To this end each morning at around 8am I do a walk around my local area to cover 4-5 km before returning home for breakfast, shower and a rest. This way I am left with just 10- 11 km to complete for the rest of the day.

As Sydney is currently in a lockdown I am only allowed to go 5km from my home. This is reducing the variety of places I can go to on any one day. Fortunately I can certainly walk to Sydney Park as well as walk in Centennial park. Both of these parks have lots of flat areas. I can also reach Sir Joesph Banks Park on Botany foreshore too although that one has lots of hills. I never promised to do flights of stairs on my 50km so I will try to keep the walk as flat as possible.

Initially I think I will try to get a few days of 20km walks under my belt so that I can get a head start just in case I encounter a few rainy days.

Cheers Ian

Thank you to my Sponsors


Gary Trudeau

Great work, Ian! I know that your efforts can only help other possible victims of pancreatic cancer.


Ian Radley

Well now that my walk challenge has started, I really need to encourage myself in this 450km walk challenge don't I? Here is $450 towards this extremely worthy cause - that is $1 for each kilometre that I have challenged myself to walk in September. Lers all hope that this helps towards a quicker diagnosis for future people acquiring this insidious disease.


William Isles

Hi Ian good luck and no sore feet!


Greg & Rob

Good on you Ian! Enjoy each days walk


Colin Wilson

All my best wishes to you - Colin


Patrick & Christopher

just love your determination Ian . . . we'll be rooting for you!!


Gerry And Robina

Hope all goes well with the walk for David. You’ve been getting the training in over the last few months 😊


Kim Zegenhagen

You will be super fit by the end of the month. David would be very proud of you doing this in his memory!


Lorraine O’connor

Good for you Ian, lots of luck.


Susan Watts


Susan Treharne


Phil Carrington


Tony & Karen

David would be impressed and proud of you - as are we! All that training with Capital Walkers will surely pay off... Good luck! xx


Kim & Prashun

Good luck Ian, David would be so impressed and proud! Love from Kim and Prashun


Gary & Brian Rosevear

In memory of David, with whom we shared many wonderful moments.


Ian & Philomena

Good luck with your sponsored walk, Ian2. Little and often will get you over the line! Best wishes xx


Bryan & Rob

Wonderful idea Ian for a great cause. Good luck with the walking.


David Riordan

Well done and such a great cause


Charlie And James

Amazing Ian, such a great cause! Good luck with the walking xxx


Geoff Cassidy

Well done Ian


Simon And Michael

Good luck Ian! Lots of love from Simon and Michael xxx


Robert Bell

Good luck with the walk!


Matt & Grant

Great effort Ian, thinking of you and David


Jason Clarke

I want daily photographic evidence of your walks.


Philip Melling

Good luck Ian. I'm sure you'll walk the 450km no problem. Now that fully vaccinated people can meet outside, let me know if you want a walking companion on the weekends. Lots of love, Philip xx


Peter Huggonson


Andrew Preston

Best wishes


Paul Colin Baston

Great effort Ian, and such a positive way to honour David's memory. Break a leg........noooo...... I mean 'good luck'!! :)


Anita And Steve

David would be so proud of you as are we . A great thing to do - Good luck you will smash it - love and Hugs Anita and Steve xx


Philip Wheaton

This is brilliant. All the best with your walk during September



Good luck Ian. Hope you have some good routes planned




Greg Murphy



Rhonda Zoef

Wishing you every success with this challenge supporting such a worthy cause. Rhonda and Ian xx


Ian Seggar

Go Ian - I wish we could be waiting at the other end with some Cocktails - will have to wait till after lockdown!





Good luck Ian.


Peter Weyde

Good luck, stick with it, even dancing!


Doug, Wayne And Josie

From Dougie and Wayne (and Josie too)


Stephen Granfield

A great cause and an important way to remember David.


David Munro

Hope it all goes well.


Ian Radley



Well done Ian! Great idea (though at this rate you’ll be pacing around your apartment rather that the open roads)!


Stephen And David

Well done, Ian


Nicky Ward

Go Ian !! David would be so impressed xx


George Taylor

Good luck,Ian Our thoughts are with David


Linda Alton

Well done Ian xx


Christie Amadio

Good luck Ian,


Claire, Chris And Sienna

An amazing thing to be doing Ian - David would be so proud! Wishing you all the best for your walking!