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I'm giving up chocolate for 30 days this September! Check out my progress below.

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Challenge days complete!

I'm Giving It Up this September for pancreatic cancer research...

This September, I'm taking part in the Give It Up challenge!

Because pancreatic cancer takes 63 lives every week in Australia.

Pancreatic cancer is now the 3rd biggest cancer killer of Australians, and because early-stage pancreatic cancer rarely causes symptoms, the survival rates are devastating.

If you are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer tomorrow, there is only a 10 percent chance you'll be alive in 5 years.

But research can change this. Your support will fund life saving pancreatic cancer research and improve survival rates.

So this September, I'm challenging myself to Give It Up.

Please make a donation to support my challenge and help fund life-changing pancreatic cancer research. 


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Peter Crawford


Graeme Adams


Sophie Adams


Graeme Adams


Nevena Mackic


Judith And David

Awesome, Graeme. Good to see retirement is not slowing you down!


Jess Tat

Good luck Graeme!


Raj Kanhai

Give it up for the GA!


Ray Williams


Michael Dhuna

All the best for your brother in defying the odds. You could of made it a little easier on yourself though by giving up the ironing or washing up rather than chocolate...


Yvette Adams

Well done Dad! Just 25 (and a half) days to go! Happy Father's Day. Love Yvette, Marco & Harry x


Carolyn Butler


Jonathan Morris


Alicia Adams

Thank you for making such a huge sacrifice this month! 🍫


The Winsens

A worthy cause! I''ll be impressed if you can go the whole month including your birthday and father's day without chocolate. wow!


George Peponis


Danielle Elliot