Remember September

Remember those we've lost, and stand with those who are fighting to survive.

Give It Up or Move It this September for the 63 Australians who die from pancreatic cancer every week.

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Taking part in Remember September is a way to honour someone lost to pancreatic cancer or stand with people fighting this disease.

Choose to Give Up a vice of your choosing like caffeine or sugar, or choose to Move It and walk 63km over the month.

Whichever challenge you choose will help fund PanKind, The Australian Pancreatic Cancer Foundation’s life-saving pancreatic cancer research and improve survival rates for people fighting pancreatic cancer.

By taking part, you're joining a community of people who have been impacted by pancreatic cancer and want to ensure future generations can win the fight against this disease.

Plus you'll feel AMAZING doing something for your health!


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Give It Up and give up caffeine, sugar or alcohol or Move It and walk 63km this September for Australians living with pancreatic cancer.

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"September is definitely a time for me to remember someone special. Every time I crave a coffee, I think about my dad Danny and my cousin Danielle."

David Wilheim,
Remember September Founder

Our Community

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" To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die "

Pancreatic cancer takes 63 lives every week in Australia. So this September, we're remembering those we've lost and standing with those fighting to survive.

John Cameron McCalman

My beautiful kind sweet husband of 25 years lost his life to Pancreatic Cancer 3 weeks ago. We fought this cruel disease for a year and tried everything but nothing worked. My husband was full of life, light and happiness before being struck by this terrible cancer which took his life way to young and took the life I had loved so dearly as well. I walk in honour of my husband and all those people that have been struck by this cancer. I walk for there courage, bravery and them to never be forgotten. Let's hope for more advanced treatments better funding and a cure.

Helena my mother

Im doing this for my mother,, I miss mum so much after a 22month long battle with this horrible cancer, mum passed away 24th may 2021 the day of mum n dads 52nd wedding anniversary!! Mum was such a fighter that didn't give up!! Love u mum xx

Renee Stent

I’m walking in memory of my Dad. He fought it with everything he had x

Jann bourke

You were taken too quickly from all of us but I will always do my best to make you proud. Miss you forever mum.

Vanessa Lampre

This September i will walk for my mum Margie Watson who passed away on the 11th of July 2021 after being diagnosed for the second time in February. She was an earth angel, a beautiful kind soul, a wife, a mother, and a loving mama to her grandchildren and who was also my best friend. We miss her so much. Let's do this together and hope for early detection.

Kim Leddington-hill

I’m doing this walk for my dad I lost him in December 2020, dad was my hero my best friend my world


This September I am walking for my big sis. On Saturday 31st October 2020, she told me she had this hideous disease. Four days later she left this world. She was 56 years old. The pain is still so raw. She was so kind, loving, hard working, and very giving. She helped me find important things like smiles, hope and courage. I think of her every day and miss her profoundly.

Mardi Ruediger

This September I am walking for my Mum. On 15th March this year she was diagnosed with this horrendous disease. 29 days later on 13th April her 53rd Wedding Anniversary she lost her battle. We miss her everyday and pray for a way for early detection.


I’m walking for my Dad, Des Edwards. He was diagnosed on the 17th December 1995 and passed away a month later at 55. We miss him every day and wish he was here to enjoy his family.

Sarah Andersen

I lost my beautiful Mum almost 12 months ago to this horrendous cancer! She was diagnose at 65 and passed away 2.5 years later at 67 25/07/2020. The pain is still raw! She had no symptoms, just turned yellow! My Mum was my best friend, my councillor, my nurse when needed. We spoke everyday on the phone. She was truly my hero! It’s almost been 12 months since she left this world and I struggle everyday, everyday I yearn for her, I still wake up everyday hoping it’s a bad dream! She was the best wife to my Dad, the best Mum, Grandma and mother in law! Everyone who met her, loved her!! I’m so glad that I had a shotgun wedding so she could be apart of the special day. I pray that we find more early detection for this killer cancer, and a treatment with higher success rate. I’ll be doing all that I can to make it happen! Sending love to all that have lost a loved one or they are still fighting to beat this horrible cancer. 💜💜💜💜

Casey Dawson Siegel

I'm walking for my Mum, Sue Dawson. We lost her to 3.5 months after being diagnosed with stage 4 in February. Mum was only 62. I miss everything about her.

Casey Dawson Siegel

I'm walking for my Mum, Sue Dawson.

Dusan Car

We are doing this walk in loving memory of our beloved husband, father, son, brother, friend, cousin, uncle and godfather. We love you Dusan. You were very brave and we miss your amazing smile, laugh and personality.

Maria Curtis

I’m really praying that I can reach my target and raise more money for research into pancreatic cancer after loosing another friend with this terrible disease,please if you can did deep and Donate for this much needed course

Sandra Klein

As well as myself having had Pancreatic Cancer as my surgeon in Sydney has told me I am Cancer Free after having Chemo, Radium and the surgery to remove the Tail end of the Pancreas and the Spleen and Splenetic veins in November and my friends partner also being diagnosed, I lost my husband of 24years on 16 February 2021 to Brain Cancer 3weeks after being diagnosed. This is why I will be moving 63km or more for Remember September as I have already lost so much of what I used to eat and walking will help gain my strength back.


The person I am inspired to do this for is my journey with Pancreatic Cancer last year having the Tail end and Spleen with the Splenetic veins removed and a friend's partner having being diagnosed with it just 2 months ago after finding the love of his life not long ago.

Vicki Lonsdale

My mum, Frances Ross, bravely fought pancreatic cancer for just over 2 years. I miss you every hour of every day Mum and am so proud of you. You lived your life to the fullest and I’m so proud of you. xxx

lynda smith

I hate this disease for taking my beautiful very healthy dad Kevin farmer all his life fit healthy never can remember my dad sick in bed but in march 2019 he said he felt not well pain in his tummy he had a kidney stone while they fixed that he had scan he was diagnosed on April 1st he was gone May 7th we were hanging onto 18 months with chemo but lost him in a month then we lost our mum to lymphoma 5 months later my heart is still smashed into a million pieces xxx

Leanne Bronish

I want to remember my dad, Peter. He was 63 years of age. Mum and dad were traveling around Australia in their camper when they had to cut their trip short because of dads stomach pains. He was diagnosed in December 2018 and passed away 15 march 2019. Never complained he only ever fought to survive and said he still has too much to do in life and was determined to not let it take him. We went on a trip down the coast and as soon as we got back he was admitted to hospital and never returned home, the last week was the hardest and saddest to watch my strong dad detoriate before our eyes. But he went so brave and peacefully he was strong right to the very end. Love and miss him terribly

Gai louella Crannis

My darling daughter Cindie had just started travelling around Australia when she come home she went to the dr about a pain in her side, that was on a Friday, on the Monday she was told she had terminal pancreatic cancer,that was the day our life changed Cindie was 49 and my best friend she was my life and her sisters Belinda best friend to. Cin started chemo and for the next 18 months she went through some horrific treatment but she never complained once every week we went to Sydney for a new trial but it did not help and she succumbed to the cancer, on the 3rd of November 2020, we nursed her till the very end and it was so hard to say good by .it is a cruel cruel cancer and it seems there is no cure for the month of September i will be giving up chocolate as i love it and have a bit every day so i am sure i can do it as i remember what Cindie went through is should be easy to do in her memory

Loretta Coffey

My wonderful Father was in perfect health at age 79yo. He was on no medication at all for anything. He had perfect blood pressure, did not have high cholesterol & he had a full health test when he had just turned 79yo & the Doctor said he had the health & fitness of a person under 50yo. In May 2009 he got a pain in the stomach & the next day went to the Doctor & in short within a week was diagnosed with terminal pancreas cancer & told he had 3 to 5 months to live 😢 That was the worst day of my life.😢💔 I worked with my Dad in our small business, he was my wonderful Father & the best work mate in the world 💗 Dad loved old cars & was a fitter & Turner by trade . He fixed everything himself from the washing machine to the plumbing, including my cars over the years & when he fixed anything he always did a perfect job💗 I had the honour of caring for Dad at home and my dear Mum, they had been married 54years and were devoted to each other always so mum was of course crushed by Dad's diagnosis😢 Dad passed 8 months after diagnosis and amazingly had no more pain during the 8months💗 Pain was his worry and as a devout Christian, he prayed that God would relieve him of pain & God honoured Dad's prayers💗 My dear Mum carried a heart of grief for Dad, bur went on quite okay otherwise for 10 years & Mum went to be with Dad in Heaven 18months ago now😢 Dad asked me everyday to give up smoking as Dad watched his 2 brothers & sister all die of smoking related illnesses 😢 Dad never smoked. So I intend to now give up smoking in honour of my dear Dad's wishes 💗 Thank you all here for running this wonderful group I'm so glad to be able to share my Dad's story and be a part of this💗

Ben Wilheim

All in memory of this beautiful man